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Jac Ross – “It’s Ok To Be Black”

Jac Ross is the voice of the culture addressing political and social issues in his breathtaking lyricism. Jac Ross reminds people “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK”  with his latest single, a message so many people need to hear.

Reinforcement and positive words from Jac Ross couldn’t have come at a better time. The news headlines over the past couple years prove to be disheartening and unfortunate and made many people question if progress was heading in the wrong direction.

The visual for “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK” show multiple iconic African Americans who changed the narrative and led people to freedom. Next to the icons and legendary heroes are the lyrics to Jac Ross’s electrifying and powerful song, “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK.”

“Rise Up, Don’t You Know You Can Fly.”

Three must hear songs from Jac Ross to accompany “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK” are “Change is Gonna Come”, “Fight The Power” and “The Blacker The Berry”.

Jac Ross is a motivational artist with a powerful message. He opened the Urban One Honors television special and earned a standing ovation from icons such as Missy Eliiot, Anita Baker, Brandy and more.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for new music from Jac Ross.

Tik Tok Viral Interview featuring Tony : Lightskintonyy

Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps being utilized during the quarantine. I had the opportunity to interview a Tik Tok user, Tony that has successfully mastered the Tik Tok app.

Tony goes by the name of lightskintonyy on Tik Tok and several of his videos have went viral. Tony makes videos that share weed tips and put his followers onto New York music.

Some of the artists we talk about in the interview are Fivio Foreign and the late Pop Smoke.

If you don’t have a Tik Tok account, create an account and make sure you check out lightskintonyy’s profile. I am sure you will love it.

Big shoutout to @trini_.boi for the link!

Harloe Releases The “Rivers Run Dry” EP

Harloe uses her Soothing and melodic voice as an instrument to deliver music to her fans on her latest EP “River Runs Dry.” 

Harloe is Roc Nation’s newest star next in line to take over. Her music is relaxing and smooth. 

The jazz like and smooth rnb beats on “River Runs Dry” take your mind to a peaceful place. 

If you love, LOVE make sure you listen to crush on you. 

Harloe has a unique sound that the industry is missing.

Below is the music video to “Rivers Run Dry.”

Nasty C – There They Go


Nasty C released a music video for his single, “There They Go” and it’s one video you don’t want to miss. 

Nasty C is a South African superstar signed to Def Jam. I love the Hip Hop bass and instruments within “There They Go.” 

The music video was shot in Durban, South Africa and the visuals  tell a story. “There They Go” is beyond interesting to watch with the numerous scenes in the video. 

Nasty C has swag, confidence, flow and skillful lyrics. 

“Me versus me that’s ghost and goat, I sign deals but I own my soul.” 

When you watch the video you’ll notice it starts off in the day time and ends in the night. “There They Go” is such a creative music video from watching Nasty C shop for suits to ending the night with a bunch of ladies in the pool. It’s like spending a day with Nasty C in under 4 minutes.

Nasty C is beyond talented. Stay tuned you’ll be reading more about him on 

Ether Da Connect Waka (Remix) Music Video Out Now featuring Waka Flocka and Mr. Swipey

Ether Da Connect released the Waka remix music video featuring Waka Flocka and Mr. Swipey this week. The original Waka music video received millions of views so it was only right to have Waka Flocka on the remix.

Ether Da Connect, Mr. Swipey and Waka Flocka is super special collaboration.  Mr. Swipey is known for his Latin drill approach to music.

If I could describe the Waka remix music video with just one word it would be ENERGY. The Waka remix music video is full of high energy movement that includes twerking, Brooklyn dance styles, and a great party visual.

I am very happy to see Brooklyn artists continuing the movement. Press play above to enjoy the fun time in the Waka remix.


Da Baby Releases “Find My Way” Short Film Starring B Simone

Da Baby just released a short film titled, “Find My Way.”  This modern day Bonnie and Clyde couple, played by Da Baby and B. Simone rob local stores and diners in a rural area.

“Find My Way” is a hit song by Da Baby but the story line is what really got me hooked. Da Baby’s character is robbing local businesses because his grandmother is ill and he needs to send her money.

The best part about the short film to me was the love and ride or die qualities displayed by B. Simone.  She was willing to shoot for her man and do whatever it took to make sure they were good.

Everything went left at the end of the short film when Da Baby ended up shooting and killing the management of the hotel he was staying at.

“Sometimes when we try to do the right thing we just end up doing more wrong.”

That was the ending line of the short film.

It was great content, press play above and let me know what you think.

Dave East Shittin Me (East Mix)

Dave East just released “Shittin’ Me” (East Mix) giving listeners much needed nostalgia. This song is such a vibe and the lyrics give me life.

Tell Me Your Name

“What car do you drive?

How much money do you make?

Dave East is known for his bars and I can really appreciate his rnb and hip hop collaboration.

Dave East always speaks the truth.

“When you get famous its hard to stop the rumors they focused on the shit you didn’t do not what you doing.”

Check out his latest music video, “Really Wit Me” below.

Lewi B Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Lewi B from Yonkers, New York and ask him in depth questions about his latest project, Lewi Season 2.

During the interview we discuss the song titles and concepts on Lewi Season 2. We discuss different experiences and personalities that inspired Lewi B to create Lewi Season 2.

Check out the interview above and below tune into his latest music video “Not So Bad” featuring Styles P and PJay Johnson.

Casanova releases a new music video featuring Jeremih titled, “Woah”

Casanova makes hard hitting records that normally get you super hyped especially in a club atmosphere. On this record, Casanova takes a different approach on his new single, “Woah” featuring Jeremih.

Rnb and Hip Hop collaborations is literally a combination of the best of both worlds.

Casanova’s hit song “Don’t Run” had several people on the remix including Young M.A and Fabolous. Casanova also collaborated with Chris Brown on his hit single, “Left, Right.”

Check out his latest music video above for his new single, “Woah” featuring Jeremih.

Casanova Celebrates “Free At Last” EP – Casanova x Roc Nation

Her In Mind Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Her In Mind and explore his lyrics and romantic view on life. He revealed the “Her In Mind” can be any women he comes across from family, friends or girlfriends.

I mentioned specific songs and lyrics and got in depth commentary. This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

Her In Mind’s new song “Quarantine” is out now. Press play below!

Instagram: @HERINMIND