Meek Mill “Early Mornings” 

Originally posted in 2022

Meek Mill drops bar after bar on his new song Early Mornings. The music video reminds me of a vlog and it allows us to see him in different parts of the country such as New York and Philadelphia. 

The music video has a rawness to it and the lyrics are heartfelt and centered around both truth and pain. 

From the start of the music video viewers are taken to Kensington Philadelphia on a street with substance users. 

In the “Early Mornings” lyrics you can expect to hear Meek Mill rap about honest topics that don’t get enough attention such as losing friends and knowing who and who not to trust. 

“Said I’d pay the cost to be the boss, so I expect to pay the bill.”

I like how Meek stays connected to Philly no matter how rich he gets. Its also nice to have an artist tell the truth about the limelight.

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