Don Pablo “ChampzPaine” Music Video

Don Pablo is a music artist who spits the real truth from his life experiences. He recently released a project tiled, “Who Woulda Thought” featuring 7 tracks. The first record, “ChampzPaine” gives a celebration vibe but the record also details trials and tribulations. 

“This Sh*t real we was treating noodles like a big deal, no water no lights you don’t know how this sh*t feel.”

His music is catchy and his bars definitely stand out. Several lyrics will stand out to artists and people in general who grew up in tough circumstances. 

“All they see is the champagne they don’t see the champz paine.”

Don Pablo features one artist on “Who Woulda Thought,” Anthony Kannon on his track “Strap Season.” On this record Don Pablo really shows off his flow on the beat. 

“Without a trace I push weight like I bench press cops on my body I switch plates.” 

He ends the project with “Welcome to the Function” which mentions some details of his lifestyle, crew and females that be around. 

Don Pablo has the pen to put several hits on paper and the tone of voice that will catch your attention. 

To stay tuned to his music, follow him on instagram @donpeterroll.