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Trae Tha Truth Launches an Innovative bilingual learning tool “Zoli” Part of the “Cubby Love Bear”

Trae Tha Truth is a recording artist and humanitarian. He is also the co owner of Cubby Love Bears, which is an educational, English and Spanish speaking line of teddy bears. The Cubby Love Bears allows kids to click the teddy bear’s paw to learn words in both English and Spanish. The bears allow children to learn a new language during early childhood development.

Creator and co-owner Tameka Maiden and Trae announced the “Zoli Tablet & Smart Phone Holder” right in time for the holidays. The “Zoli Tablet & Smart Phone Holder” can cradle a tablet or phone in both portrait and landscape giving kids a handsfree experience when watching shows, Youtube and/or apps.

The Cubby Love Bear products have vast variation. There are products that teach the months of the year, colors and words both in English and Spanish. There is also a Teddy Bear for children with special needs.

According to Cubby Love Bear creator Tameka Maiden, “We also have a special edition that was created for the nonprofit organization U’Neek & Gifted named after Trae’s son D’Neeko, that will help special needs kids, if they have challenges communicating they can press different parts of the bear’s body to learn and express.”

The newest edition of the Cubby Love Bears line retails for $34.99. Visit to purchase today.


Fashinnovation 3rd Edition (Summer Inaugural NYFW 2019)

Fashinnovation Summer Edition inaugural NYFW conference took place September 4, 2019 at FIT. The conference was filled with panels, live performances, red carpet interviews, innovative technology and fashion brands. The panel topics included were manufacturing, sustainability, WearableTech and more.

The theme of Fashinnovation is:

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There were many powerful speakers at the event including:

Bill Wackermann, CEO, Wilhelmina Models | Jessica Andrews, Deputy Fashion Director, Refinery29 | Enid Hwang, Culture & Community Manager, Pinterest |  Michael Savarie, Sustainability Enterprise Catalyst, Hemp Black | Lilly Berelovich, President, Chief Innovation Officer, FS Fashion Snoops Ryann Richardson, Tech Founder, Activist, and Miss Black America.

I had the opportunity to interview several innovative technology and fashion brands including Iliana Cogan, Founder of Wordscount & Kindness ATM, Helen, Helaz Beauty and Camille Jaillant, Founder Olistic The Label.

Visual Tutorials

Yazan Malkosh, Founder & CEO, Swatch book and Estylar tutorial videos are below.

Fashinnovation is one event you do not want to miss out on.

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Check out the Winter edition below.

FASHINNOVATION 2019 Featuring Keynote speaker Ryan Leslie at the Tribeca Rooftop

Ryan Leslie – Superphone Presentation

Ryan Leslie held a presentation last week introducing SuperPhone. SuperPhone gives individuals the opportunity to connect with their fans through direct conversations. The alternative to social media is SuperPhone because people can text their fans anytime they want without worrying about dm’s.

One point that really stood out to me, is what would you do if Instagram disappeared today? SuperPhone created independence because now social media users do not need to rely on the success of social media platforms to stay connected with fans and followers. 

The best part about SuperPhone is it allows you to track how much others have spent on your brand and it organizes your text messages for you.

Along with Ryan Leslie’s SuperPhone presentation, he presented his documentary showcasing his various levels of success.

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Instagram: @ryanleslie