Dreams Worth More Than Money Freestyle by Meek Mill : Review

If you haven’t heard the Dreams Worth More Than Money Freestyle and you’re a fan of hip-hop – get ready ! It’s straight fire, the song starts out with a sweet melody then the beat drops – its something crazy. If you are a fan of Meek Mill you know everything he spits is real and straight to the point. The first line is “My man got booked with a stone of white.” Many rappers talk about selling drugs and they friends getting locked up but delivery is key. Meek Mill is so hype that you can’t help but to nod your head back and forth when the beat drop and he spit his first bar.

“Niggas p***y in the dark lets turn the lights on“ this lyric stands out because it’s true back to the point of Meek Mill being real. If there’s no spotlight on people, it’s easy for them to fall back and pretend to be something their not. If you want to know who will be there for you when things get ill turn the lights on lol. “Got these rappers scared see them shaking like its Parkinson’s if they said my name then they got flamed I’m an arsonist.” That last sentence was all imagery and anything that can be easily visualized is easily remembered leading to a hit record.

I love the lyrical content because it matches the theme of the song. Meek Mill discusses the things he seen, and the struggle he overcame and then fast-forwards to the fancy things he’s now indulging in. “I used to sleep on the same floor the mice on now its Italian marble moon walk like Mike doing.” “Now he champagne gargling everything is marvelous.” He refers to his neighborhood as the jungle, which gives us listeners, an insight into the lifestyle he saw coming up.

If he didn’t have dreams nor believe in them, where would he be? Records like this are inspirational because they remind listeners, it’s not just about the hustle but the point is to make it out of the hood. He followed his dreams and now he has more money than he ever could of had as a dope dealer. He chose his own path and remained dedicated, which are key ingredients to accomplishing anyone’s dream.

From ages 21- 23 he talks about what he wanted in his life and the fact he got them is proof – hard work pays off! He came from nothing and now he’s stunting getting out of Maybach’s – trust that isn’t luck. He chases his dreams – “Hurricane first week I still killed the shit!” No excuses you got a dream, listen to Meek Mill! It’s not just about money, cars, and girls you could choose to focus on one of the other main messages which is to chase your dreams. Dreams Worth More Than Money knock to it!

Justin Timberlake Performance of the Year


What a burst of energy when Justin Timberlake began his performance backstage at the VMA’s. “Take back the night” was the starter of a thriller performance & boy did he own the night! No one was ready for the stellar performance Justin would provide for the audience and fans around the world. One moment he’s backstage and the next the crowd is before him. He’s such an eminent musician! The collaborative efforts between the key players in the performance were apparent from the live band down to the lighting. It seem like everything and everyone around him were “N’SYNC.”

Although, his performance seemed unusually long, I didn’t want him to stop. I’m sure you wondered how he was able to sing and dance for so long without passing out! However, I’m sure long hours of rehearsals prepared him for a great show.

He remixed one of his songs by singing his lyrics to “Sexy back” with the beat of Jay-Z ‘s “F**k With Me You Know I Got It” from his latest album. The collaboration was excellent; just when your mind is satisfied he jumps into a full fledge dance number to the beat of “Sexy Back!”

His dedication to his audience was surely on point. His ability to hit high notes, and incorporating his fans into the performance further made it even more memorable than any other performer that night.

As anyone would expect he played some of his hits such as “My Love” and “Cry me a River” but no one knew what would be next. “Cry me a river” is and will always be a fave but this part of the performance was nothing compared to what happens next.

Suddenly you see these bright flashing lights & N’SYNC appears on the stage right behind Justin Timberlake & the crowd went crazy! N’SYNC haven’t performed together since the 2003 Grammy awards. I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye”, those are just songs that bring back childhood memories.

To top it off, Justin doesn’t stop he actually goes on to perform his latest songs. There were several moments in his performance that seemed like great stopping points but impressively he didn’t seem tired until the very last song. Justin Timberlake VMA’s performance will definitely go down in VMA’s history. That night showed that he’s reach self-actualization showing his growth, and endurance in the spotlight. He’s simply nothing more than a bundle of pure talent in the 21st century.

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