Her In Mind Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Her In Mind and explore his lyrics and romantic view on life. He revealed the “Her In Mind” can be any women he comes across from family, friends or girlfriends.

I mentioned specific songs and lyrics and got in depth commentary. This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

Her In Mind’s new song “Quarantine” is out now. Press play below!

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Chelo Exclusive Music Interview


Chelo is an incredible music artist from Peru known for making both love and breakup records that resonate with all.

He began making music at the age of 10 writing lyrics to express how he felt. Chelo has a few music collaborations coming soon featuring American recording artists.

I had a chance to sit down with Chelo and his team of photographers and videographers to discuss his music journey and exclusive surprises he has for his fans.

Both of his talented team members talked about their inspiration behind their creativity and how everyone met each other.

Stay tuned, you will be hearing more from Chelo.

You can follow the team on Instagram.

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Legend Dirt Bike James

Legend Dirt Bike James

James Cedric Hayden, affectionately known as “ Dirtbike James” was born January 9,1971 in East Harlem , New York.

Dirtbike James was a legend in the streets but most importantly in the Bike World.

Growing up in Harlem around the 80s era money was the most important thing on every hustler’s mind and unfortunately for James who was only 23 as a result he was sentenced to 48 years in federal prison for drug charges. Of course the FBI tried their hardest to convince James to cooperate so he can receive a lighter sentence. But James was an honorable man and deeply believed in DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.

But his story doesn’t end there. Thanks to our FOREVER President Barack Obama James was able to come home earlier. Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 into law that dramatically reduced a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between powder and crack cocaine, which disproportionately affected minorities. His administration also advocated for, and the U.S. Sentencing Commission approved, the retroactive application of these sentencing guidelines which became effective

Thankfully for this new law Dirtbike James returned home on time served after completing 19 years and KEEPING HIS MOUTH SHUT!

While James was away a childhood friend would tell him stories of a bike club Go Hard Boys and he would also share his vision with James , a vision to gather the best riders and supporters to make the GHB family. Celebrities such as Fetty Wap, Kirk Frost, and Ronnie Faisst are also members and major supporters of the bike organization. But GHB is bigger than bikes.  GHB is heavily involved into the community . GHB 100 day is a day where the organization gave  the homeless sandwiches,water, and socks sponsored by Vans. For the past 8 years GHB has also hosted turkey giveaway drives for the less fortunate sponsored by Jim Jones, Fetty Wap and Saucey Extracts. Dirtbike James would soon be renamed and internationally known as “The General” of Go hard Boys.

Unfortunately James passed away March 3, 2020 due to a heart attack.

James is survived by his only daughter Jasmine Jones. Jasmine received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Barry University , a major she pursued inspired by her father’s love for sports. Years later Jasmine would open up her own Sports and Entertainment firm where she worked closely with the NBA,NFL,WNBA , Showtime Sports, and much more! Carriyng her father’s legacy for his love for sports and especially the Dirtbike Culture, Jasmine was able to gather over 100 riders from NYC,Philadelphia,DC and other cities to ride through the streets of Harlem to show love and respect to the one and only  LEGEND DIRTBIKE JAMES.

SEE VIDEO BELOW : https://www.instagram.com/p/B9xyr1tFqKE/


Tashanee “Uncovered.” EP Release Party


Tashanee is an incredible recording music artist who recently released an EP titled, “Uncovered.”

Above is exclusive footage from Tashanee’s EP release party for her latest project “Uncovered.”

The EP features 6 tracks by Tashanee including 2 records featuring music artists Eddy I. and Tyrone Briggs.

Tashanee’s heaven sent voice is one of a kind. Check out the full EP and let me know which song is your favorite. 


What are 3 lessons you can learn from listening to Jadakiss’s Ignatius album?

Hey did you ever wonder what makes Jadakiss so legendary? Let’s go on this journey of lessons with me into the Ignatius album.

  1. Always Pay tribute to those who mean the most to you.

In life everyone has someone to look up to and guide them when they need it most. This album is a result of words and ideas given to Jadakiss from Ignatius Maurice Jackson who was not only Jadakiss’s manager but best friend as well. Jadakiss figured the best way to get his feelings out and in the open was to create music applying all pieces of advices handed to him from Ignatius. In the breakfast club interview you can hear more about the importance behind this album to Jadakiss.

“Before you pick up speed, you gotta get traction
To see yourself bleed is a different reaction
What you want and what you need is a different attraction
End of the day, long as you gettin’ your backend
Before we split the profit, we puttin’ it back in
In the name of Ignatius Maurice Jackson.”

2. Keep It 100

Sometimes people will lie to keep from disappointing or hurting who they love but Jadakiss dedicated track 3 to keeping it real. He breaks down scenarios in this song just to give an example of what happens when people around you don’t keep it 100. On the flipside he raps about the bond that’s created when you have loyalty with a person.

“Friends turn into brothers when they been with you the longest.”

3. When you put out an album, collaborate with other artists who possess legendary lyric ability and provide quality.

Jadakiss is a legendary artist out of Yonkers, NY who released his fifth studio album, Ignatius this March but has been in the game since the 1990’s. He can literally work with any music artist he chooses therefore his music features say a lot. On Ignatius you will find features from Pusha T, John Legend, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, Dej Loaf and more.


This is the Jadakiss all his fans were waiting for. This album is a classic and this music is going to last. Two of my favorite records are “Angels Getting Pedicured” and “Gov’t Cheese.”

Thank Me Later.

Below is the music video to “Kisses To The Sky.”

Lady Radikal Exclusive Fashion Interview


I had the chance to interview the owner of Clothing Brand, Lady Radikal. The owner, Yur Majesty and I discussed the origin of his designs and upcoming goals.

Yur majesty started his clothing brand to create clothes for all individuals including tall individuals that had difficulty finding clothes that fit them properly.

His designs are original and creative and most importantly custom made. Some of his hoodies have circle cuts in the chest area to allow hoodies to be worn for not only comfort but sexiness as well.

He also has a veil design that allows women to wear a hoody and put their veil down if they would like some form of privacy. It provides a mysterious look for the person wearing the hoody.

If you see someone with a Lady Radikal piece of clothing don’t expect the same shirt or hoody to be sold to you because he makes one of everything making everyone’s clothes unique.

To keep up with new designs and purchase the right custom order follow the brand on instagram @radikalyfe_clothing_! 


G Herbo Releases New Album, “PTSD”

G Herbo released his anticipated project, “PTSD.” 

PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder which is a disorder characterized by constant mental or emotional stress brought on by severe injury or a psychological shock situation.

Within the 14 songs on the project, “PTSD”  listeners will hear detailed lyrics in regards to different scenarios that can cause PTSD. 

“Seen dudes in a pool of his fluid leaking out of him he breathing but his body can not move like paralysis.” – G Herbo 

G Herbo is a natural hit maker speaking for the streets. On “PTSD” A Boogie, Lil Durk, Chance The Rapper, 21 Savage, Polo G, and more are featured on the project.

Listening to “PTSD” led me to believe G Herbo could be a resource for many, I’ll explain. In the urban culture, crying and signing up to see a therapist is not the norm but becoming increasingly popular. On “PTSD” G Herbo has a song called, “Gangstas Cry” and his lyrics say there’s nothing wrong with seeing gangstas cry. This is an impactful song because it’s literally unhealthy to hold toxic and traumatic situations within a person with no release. Even on the Breakfast Club Interview, G Herbo discusses his personal experience with his therapist. He didn’t go to see a therapist voluntarily in the beginning but for him to talk about the positive aspects of his therapist sessions leads me to believe G Herbo could be an innovator. If people went to a therapist and found successful coping mechanisms a lot could change for the good. 

“This sh*t what you make it, popped out everyday with my head high in the field even though I’m aching.” – G Herbo 

The album Cover for “PTSD” is a clear depiction of the pain and destruction some Americans witness. The cover shows the American flag with bullet holes and instead of stars G Herbo included faces in the flag of people that has passed on. 

I love the content on this album and love how G Herbo is serving a purpose that can benefit all. 

Check out “PTSD” and let me know what you think. 

KidRock Dollaz Exclusive Interview

KidRock Dollaz is a music artist hailing from Queens, New York. He is destined for fame with his hard hitting lyricism and soulful flow.

During the above interview, we talked about various styles of Hip Hop and influences that impact his soulful melodies.

KidRock Dollaz is an artist hat has always stayed true to himself and continues to make music that the real can resonate with.

To stay tuned with his moves, you can follow him on instagram @thekidrockdollaz.

J.I. The Prince of New York Performs Live Selling Out SOBs in NYC 3 Nights In A Row

J.I. The Prince of New York completely lived up to his name this past week selling out the legendary SOB’s venue 3 nights in a row. J.I. gained popularity when he was only 14 years old rapping on the Rap Game.

Now 18 and everyone knows his name. J.I. released Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 1 and Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 2 sharing vocals and lyrics that the crowd knew word for word. It is undeniable that J.I. makes hits but the one that really caught everyones attention is titled, “Need Me.”

Everyone seemed to know the lyrics to every song especially, “Bad Luck,” “Love Scars,” “Company,” and “Love Won’t Change.”

I personally attended J.I.’s final show at SOB’s and the event was beyond memorable. He jumped in the crowd and performed “Need Me” 3 times.

During his performance two girls attempted to fight each other but the second J.I. saw the two girls he stopped his shows and asked the two girls politely to get along. It was a wonderful show and to see the two girls, listen and respect J.I. was incredible.Â

Check out the video above and stay tuned because J.I. is only going to become a bigger household name, mark my words.Â

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