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Svvoir – Limelight

Svvoir recently released his debut single, “Limelight.” This song dives deep into a world of “busy” and getting lost in it. “Limelight” is reflective of running red lights, partying and drinking.

He gets into losing friends, getting money and having the major key, courtesy of DJ Khaled. Svvoir focused on himself and he’s focused on the limelight basically doing whatever it takes to get to where he wants to be.

“Just believed in myself and then my heart got stronger.”

You’ll hear his drive in the lyrics.

“Ignoring all my friends won’t even speak about it.”

“VIP at the night show, private party invitations getting me exposed.”

Instagram: @Svvoir

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B]

Bruno Mars and Cardi B started off 2018 right with a hit called “Finesse!” They dropped the video with a  90’s positive fun vibe and it only gets better. They are both rocking multiple bright colors and making the 90’s babies smile ear to ear. Although a feature, Cardi B starts off this track.

Cardi is giving me “I need a Girl” LL Cool J style vibes with the bamboo earrings and hat to the back style. She brags of success,

“Went from dollars bills now we popping rubber bands.”

Then Bruno Mars comes on the track finessing the single with his melodies and great vibes. The first line kills it as he sings don’t we look good together and guess what they do.

Bruno Mars is singing and dancing with two back up dancers on a stage. This scene is an exact replica of the intro to “In Living Color.”

As the video progress, we see a few female dancers accompanied by a female Dj. Cardi B comes back in the video rapping about her appreciation of her life and Bruno’s success.

Cardi B raps, “Yeah we got it going on, got it going on, don’t it feel so good to be us.”

In this video, we see Cardi B dancing and keeping the swag even though she was on a track with a non rap artist such as Bruno Mars.

Bottom line this video is perfect.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of Cardi B she also has a song out called “Bodak Yellow” and she’s featured on a single by Ozuna called, “Modelo.”


Bruno Mars on the other hand is known for singles such as “That’s What I Like” and “24K Magic.”

Even Jennifer Lopez had something to say about this new collaboration called “Finesse.”

She posted on Instagram a clip of her dancing years ago as a fly girl from the crew that would dance during special intermissions. She added “once a fly girl always a fly girl.”

Check the video out above and leave a comment!

Sure Shot – “Da Munny” ft. UFO FEV & Bunchy Cartier

This song reminds me of when Hip Hop was at its highest point. The beat is slow but the artist on the beat, Sure Shot spits pure lyrics with clarity that’s almost unknown in the game today.

“I don’t say free my n*ggas, I put bread on the phone.”

In the video you’ll see the Hennessy bottle while Sure Shot, UFO FEV and Bunchy Cartier are amongst peers in a dimly lit room.

The theme of the song is all about getting money. In the song you’ll learn how the artists manage to not take breaks from the money.

It’s a real chill vibe.

Check I.T out above and let me know what you think about the video!

iWRITE Songwriter Experience – 12.12.17

istandard hosted an iWRITE Songwriter Experience New York City Edition allowing several artists from to receive the opportunity of  a lifetime. The featured judges were Jordiii, Danielle Middletown and Corey Chorus. Jordiii is a songwriter for Chris Brown, Omarion, Carl Thomas and more. Danielle Middletown is an A&R at Sony/ATV and Corey Chorus is a songwriter also at Sony/ATV.

Many artists attended the event and played their music in front of the judges to receive constructive criticism. I spoke with Brooklyn artist, This iz Jay and learned he discovered the istandard iWRITE event through an A&R. He explained some of the benefits of attending an istandard event such as making connections through relationship building and gaining beats.

Another artist, Absyte experienced very positive feedback from the judges on this istandard panel in regards to her song writing abilities. However, this is not her first experience. Previously, she participated in the istandard Beats Suite Series and met other songwriters and artist like herself. In addition, she met individuals from Dave East’s team and others who have worked on Lil Kim’s latest project.

J Nicole is a r&b singer inspired by her dad who is a pastor. She plays the piano and listens to a lot of 90’s r&b music such as Brandy, SWV, Monica and Mary J. Blige. Many artists like J Nicole had the opportunity to network with judges that work with their favorite artists.

istandard is an event you do not want to miss. To learn more about the iWrite songwriter experience click the link below.


A1 dropped a new music video for his chill vibe single “Rollin.” He spits swiftly dropping bars about the fake people, haters and his impeccable style.

He raps, “They hate when you great but deep down they love you.” The Brooklyn based artist shot this Nipsey Hussle Remix on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.  He raps, “You know others hate you for the same reasons others love you and thats the same reason why they hating.”

Let the lyrics linger as you watch the above video!

Josiah Hotwire – “Ghetto Youth”

Josiah Hotwire released a new music video called, “Ghetto Youth.” This video has high energy and smooth Caribbean vibes. Josiah never disappoints as he lyrically destroys every track he’s on. He raps,

“I’m moving up like George Jeff, lyrically I’m correct. The mic extends out my arm and transforms to a tech while the other transforms to a check, I done earned my respect I don’t owe nobody I paid my debt.”

In his music video you’ll see several youth males happily a part of the video chilling and vibing. Not only did Josiah shoot a great video he included the younger generation.

Make sure you watch the video above and feel free to leave a comment!


New Youtube Series – Wine n’ Chill

Two Youtube creators, Shaina and Stephanie came up with a funny and honest series called “Wine n Chill.” The very first episode is called, “Can I Touch Your Hair?” and let me tell you it was hilarious and completely relatable. As you can probably imagine from the title alone, Shaina and Stephanie discuss the various questions that they face in reference to their all natural hair.

My favorite questions brought up are:

  1. “Is this one yours or is it a weave?”
  2. “Did you cut your hair?”
  3. “Can I touch your hair?”

I’ve been a victim of all of these questions. Shaina and Stephanie expressed exactly how I feel whenever I get these questions.

Make sure you subscribe and leave a comment especially if you’ve experienced these reactions once before!

Lee Charm – “Frankenstein”

Lee Charm released a new single in the spirit of the Halloween season called “Frankenstein.” When most people hear the word Frankenstein fear comes to mind, but Lee Charm’s new “Frankenstein” record will have a slightly different impact. While fear is involved, it’s expressed from an heartfelt experience from a past relationship and less on a fictional character.

Lee Charm begins the track off with harmonious melodies and a beat that’s far too unique to be forgotten. He sings about monsters and being alone in the dark but as the song continues we learn about his ex’s betrayal. Therefore, the girl who hurt him is the Frankenstein in the storyline.

The hook is very catchy and relatable. He sings about not knowing how to love and trust. With each line below there is a certain level of passion that makes you fall in love with this track.

“I’m only doing what you made me do.”

“They say I got no heartbeat, but I feel so alive.”

“Are you happy now?”

Cambatta – “Crown of Thorns”

Cambatta is changing the Hip Hop game in the best way possible! The reason Cambatta is like no other rapper in music today is simply because he holds no punches. His wordplay and honest bars keep his listeners wanting more. This new single is called “Crown of Thorns.” Since, there are notable lyrics throughout the entire song I’ve decided to list them below.

“Dark Lullabuy yet a smart colored guy.”

“Numb inside ever since my grandmother died I never knew so many tears could come from an eye.”

“Producing truth through the nucleus you get used to this.”

I promise when you hear this track you will undoubtedly stop just to listen to every lyric coming from Cambatta’s mouth.

Check out “Crown of Thorns” above!

Ron Oneal – “Sprinkle On Them” ft. Rick Ross and SV Skee

Ron Oneal released a dope and catchy single featuring Rick Ross and SV Skee called “Sprinkle On Them.” The song starts off with a verse from Maybach’s own Rick Ross. Rick Ross is one of the founding members of Maybach Music and he has released 6 studio albums. Rick Ross delivered incredible jaw dropping lines as usual and Ron Oneal followed up on the greatness.

“All black, all love in my interviews.”

“Close ones act odd, when you was at odds.”

“I used to hop the train, now I’m like the stock exchange.”

The track has great energy and awesome punch lines. Check it out above!