Young M.A – “Petty Wap”

The best phrase to describe Young M.A’s new music video, “Petty Wap” is  effortlessly flexing! This video is so chill and relaxed that you can tell Young M.A’s swag is purely natural. 

In this video she is in the backyard of a pool party with several girls dressed in swimsuit attire. Of course, the ladies see Young M.A and begin to twerk as hard as they can which shows how easy it is for her to bag the ladies. 

Her lyrics are also superiorly confident as she raps,

“I flex on them for fun, but I do not play around, S on my chest and I keep a cape around.”

She briefly touches on the haters and reflects on her teacher.

“My haters spend a lot of time with me, I’m their best friend.” 

“Teacher said you’ll never make it, turn my textbook to a checkbook.” I love this line because people and even teachers like to prejudge. 

 Regardless of the lyric, the way Young M.A delivers her lines set her apart from the other artists. 

Young M.A has fun with this video, dancing and spraying cologne. 

This is an ideal summertime video. 

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Directed by: @shotbycisco

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