Young M.A Debut Album – “Herstory In The Making”

I’m so happy to say Young M.A is back on the scene and the wait was well worth it. She just dropped her long awaited debut album, “Herstory in the Making.” It is hard to believe she just released her debut album after making such a huge name for herself in the Hip Hop industry.

“Herstory In The Making” consists of 21 songs and she’s already released a couple of music videos to accomodate her new music including singles, “BIG” and “No Mercy (intro).” 

Based off of the lyrics on “No Mercy (intro)” I could already tell this album was going to be like no other this year.

“Competition looking for me, I was waiting at the top, but ain’t no competition, ain’t no one in my position.”

“I don’t feel her like she feel me but I’m feeling on her.”

Young M.A gave that slow build up on the intro that all real Hip Hop fans love on the “No Mercy (intro).”

The songs on the “Herstory In The Making” album perfectly showcase Young M.A’s talent from the beat selection to the carefully crafted lyrics.

One of my favorite records is “Kold World.”

“I ain’t never stressed to be up next, I wait my turn.”

What’s your favorite?


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