Young Lyric vs. Miss Mulatto – Rap Game Season 1

Look what JD done started. The Jermaine Dupree’s lifetime show, “The Rap Game” is a competition reality show that allows the best young artist the opportunity for to be a part of So So Def. Two artists Young Lyric and Miss Mulatto from Season one really don’t like each other battle it out for the “Princess” title.

Young Lyric chose to diss Mulatto on Drake’s Back To Back beat that he used last year to diss Meek Mill. Young Lyric spits, “Everything you dropping be flopping and I know you hate it” and talks about her need for makeup to look good.

Of course, Miss Mulatto the winner of Season 1 had a comeback.
Miss Mulatto really made a diss record talking about Young Lyric’s parents and her mom being a tranny. She spit, “You only get booked when promoters can’t afford me, ran this girl up out her city like I did extortion.”

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