Who is YXNG K.A ? New Remix To “It Is What It Is” Featuring Lil Tjay & J.I The Prince of NY

YXNG K.A is an east coast music artist signed to Interscope records. He released a music video for the remix to his hit song, “It Is What It Is” featuring Lil Tjay and J.I the Prince of NY yesterday and already received over 65,000 views.

When you hear 17 year old Yxng K.A on this record his flow will catch your attention because he knows how to take a different approach on his beats. In fact he makes the song catchy through his lyrics and change of flow. 

The music video to the original version of “It Is What It Is” was released 4 months ago on World Star Hip Hop and received over 3 million views.

“Put my thoughts in a verse, I can’t talk to a person, yeah we from the dirty south that’s the worst end.” – Yxng K.A

YXNG K.A is from North Philadelphia and the song that led to his big break is called “Forever Committed.” The best part about his story is he only started rapping last year in 2019 and he has two of New York’s hottest artist on the remix to his hit single, “It Is What It Is.” 

Here’s a link to his record, “Forever Committed” and more information on the budding star. 


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