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Yaya, is a cambodian female recording artist from Philadelphia killing every beat she can get her hands on. She is an ambitious music artist with a creative mind and jaw dropping eye for fashion. Yaya is a leader to many as she’s tatted from head to toe and rocks various colored hair. Although, hacked at 94K on IG she still has over 18,000 loyal followers on her new page. Fortunately I had the opportunity to interview Yaya and find out more about her.

Sicarah: Tell me about your background and how it influenced your music?

Yaya: Philly influenced me, I was always around rappers. I did a lot of things when I was young and decided to go to the booth one day. I took it real serious last year February and signed to a label since I have the image and sound. Cash on Delivery are my managers and I was referred to them.

Sicarah: What sets you apart from any other female rapper?

Yaya: My image and me being “me.” I’m different and I don’t care what anybody has to say, I do what I do. My style is different.

Sicarah: What are your future goals or dreams within music?

Yaya: I’m working on an EP and dropping my single “Ambition”  as well as the actual video soon. I also have a reality show that I’m working with Hezues R on. I have a video with Jadakiss and Styles P and I also starred in Rotimi’s “Lotto” music video and Pusha T’s “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” video.

Sicarah: Where do you get your ambition?

Yaya: Growing up things were hard and still are hard but there’s no other way but to do what’s best and right. I grew up in a bad environment and in financial poverty. I did hair, nails and bartending, trying to expand and communicate and then started rapping. I also started doing tattoos at 12. My whole body is covered in tattoos and I did half of them myself and I got it done in one week.

yaya flawless

Sicarah: Anything else you would like readers or fans to know about you?

Yaya: I’m coming and this is going to be my year.

Make sure you follow her on IG @Yaya_flawless and press play above to watch her latest feature in Styles P “22 Convent” video!






Yaya Flawless

Director: Yaya Flawless (place philadelphia)


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