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Who is Pap Chanel?

Pap stands for ‘Pretty and Paid.’ Pap Chanel is one of Atlanta’s most celebrated female rappers. She comes from a small town in Georgia and she proudly claims herself to be a country girl. She is currently working to pave the way for creatives in the small southern towns.
We had the opportunity to attend her press conference and here are a few questions asked by various outlets that we loved!!!
Check it out below to learn more about who Pap Chanel is and why she is here to stay.
Question: What has been your experience being a female rapper, in this world, in the music industry being a woman and do you think it would’ve been different if you were a man?
Pap Chanel: As a female artist in a male dominated industry I would say my hardships would just lie in the effect of just setting myself apart from everyone else, identify my style. I would say I’m a country girl so it’s not hard to like talk about my trials and tribulations so that’s what sets me apart but in a male dominated industry you know what guys always say first, like oh she finna talk about that, she finna talk about that. I set myself apart easy because I don’t talk about the usual. One thing I would just say that’s hard for me is like you know just making my presence known like a lot of people when it comes to female artists they don’t even just care to hear because they just already analyzing in their brains what they feel like it’s gonna sound like so they don’t even give a girl a chance sometimes. Me as a female artist I just like to set myself a part even with just like my appearance, you get what I’m saying I’m not that but once people start listening they automatically [become] a fan.
Question: What advice do you have for other women who want to make it in rap music?
Pap Chanel: I would say girl you will never have any hiccups in life if you just be yourself. If somebody don’t accept it, cut them off that’s their loss. It’s easy to be yourself and you can get paid for being yourself everybody’s authentic in their own way and us females we run the world that’s why guys don’t like us to talk about certain things so just be yourself baby.
Question: Who are some female artists that you admire and why?
Pap Chanel: I’m gonna say what a lot of other people say but the reasoning of why I say what I say is different though. I love Nicki Minaj because she talks to my inner queen. She’s the perfect artist for me to fall in love with. When I first started listening to Nicki Minaj I fell in love with her off those mixtape days. I loved Nicki Minaj before she was even a big artist like she is today I was listening to her freestyle on the block in New York. Nicki Minaj she just speaks to my inner queen. I love her style, I love how she go toe to toe with man. She’s a big representation of what I want to be in the industry I really love her and you know I was rocking with her before itty bitty piggy.
Question: Can you tell us about your 6 alter egos (Paponalities)
Pap Chanel: Well I’m excited to show y’all the different layers of Pap. I’m going to start with Papiana. This is a fan favorite I have a song that’s releasing on a project that everybody’s anticipating and it’s Papiana. Papiana, she’s cocky, bold, confident, very outgoing, the alpha ego, the fan favorite and she does not mind being the elephant in the room. Papiana she’s really cocky y’all this girl right here. If Nicki Minaj ever gives me a feature I’m going to channel Papiana. Well she’s going to give me a feature let me reiterate that. Papatouille she’s a scientist. I’m going to call her the bilingual Queen. I might walk out the booth one day and she was probably talking French. She’s just always eating, very creative girl, the writer, the narrator and she just never sleeps on just switching up the style. Papi she’s inspired by Nicki Minaj, she’s the big boss and she reminds me of Roman, all my Nicki Minaj fans you know who that is. She’s the legislator, the ACE, she’s birthing a new wave. Don’t play with her. She’s like your Papi for real, big daddy. Paprika this is my personal favorite. She’s spicy, the instigator. If somebody ever tried to diss the kid I’m going to channel Paprika real quick they better not though because that girl don’t play, you can see from the picture. Papallion this is the Beyoncé to the destiny child. She’s different, she’s the softer side of me. I get in my feelings with papallion. She’s the butterfly, the healer, the rainbow that doesn’t wear her scars. She’s very relatable. If you ever heard this song called won’t tell that’s Papallion. Tupap very self explanatory, she’s the storyteller, the poet, the business lady. Look at the hat y’all don’t play with her at all, you see that girl she don’t play no games.
Question: Tell us the story behind your name Pap Chanel it’s such a dope name.
Pap Chanel: I created Pretty and Paid, Pap stands for Pretty and Paid, I created it in the sixth grade. I wanted to make something for females to make them come together because where I’m from, a small town in the village of Georgia the guys they come together and it’s kind of like gang related. But I wanted to come up with something for females to come together and it be like a movement that changes the mindset and you know really shake females and build confidence. When I created Pretty and Paid I want to school the next day, if you want to be pretty and Paid baby sign this piece of paper I’m going to email you because back then I couldn’t really text people. I was like I’m going to email you if you want to be pretty and Paid. That’s how I made pretty and Paid it just always stuck with me and it was originally suppose to be PA Peach but once I came to Atlanta they would just hear C PAP and be like Pap Chanel coming to the stage I was like ok that’s cute.
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