Who is Lil Tjay ?


Lil Tjay is a 17 year old hip hop music recording artist from the Bronx with a track record of receiving millions of views on his YouTube music videos including “Brothers,” “Resume” and “Goat.” 

I had the honor of interviewing and catching his headline performance at the popular New York City night club SOB’s presented by Scotty on Scene and Jar.Pr. He performed all of his songs with incredibly high energy dominating the stage, throwing money and water into the hype crowd. 

Lil Tjay brought out PNV Jay, Fatboy SSE and several other artists on stage as well to perform. During my interview with Lil Tjay he talks about Fatboy SSE as a brother and his experience on stage.

In his music catalog he has collboarated with Asian Doll and Jay Critch just to name a few. 

Instagram: @liltjay

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