Fivio Foreign – Big Drip


Maxie Lee Ryles III who is known as Fivio Foreign was born in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up he had a passion for music and started rapping in 2011 under the name Lite Fivio which he later changed in 2013 to the name we all know him as, Fivio Foreign. At first, he released music through Spotify but all that changed when his single Big Drip released  in August 2019 earning over 3 million views on YouTube. Unfortunately, in 2016 Maxie lost his mother to a stroke which he described in an interview as a hard experience for him. He revealed in his interview with DJ Vlad she was hospitalized for two weeks due to the stroke and during that time, he visited her every day. After the death of his mother, he had to grow up instantly as far as taking care of himself, rent, food, and necessities. He was great friends with late rapper Pop Smoke who he considered family because they shared the same ideas, friends, and enemies making his death hard for him.


The Life Of Fivio Foreign


Fivio made a rise alongside Fetty Luciano, Mr Swipey, and AXL Beats production. His hit song “Big Drip”  released on his pain and love EP brought him many audiences with 43 million views currently in which he was able to perform alongside late rapper Juice WRLD at the New York 2019 Rolling Loud. Columbia Records made a deal with Fivio with the number within a seven-figure range. Fivio explained that his plans for future projects include a mixtape and a couple of songs then possibly an album. Fivio gained recognition being a part of the XXL freestyle for 2020. He got co-signed by Meek Mill the Dream Chasers CEO and they appeared on stage together at the powerhouse 2019 in which Fivio performed his hit song. Fivio has teamed up with many big names in the music industry including Rich the Kid on “Richer Than Ever” with 15 million views currently. A couple of months after that release he teamed up with Tory Lanez on “K LO K’.

In May 2020 Drake released the song “Demons” featuring Fivio which charted at 34 on billboards. Later that month, he collaborated with Lil Tjay and Pop Smoke on “Zoo York” which charted 65 on the hot 100. During an interview in November with Power 105.1, Fivio shed light on his goal of making an imprint that helps his fellow MCs from Brooklyn. This is fascinating because it shows his desire to help others get to a comfortable position. In May 2020 Fivio Foreign launched the Foreignside foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides benefits and resources to former or current gang-affiliated people,  homeless people, incarcerated individuals, as well as supplemental and educational assistance. He started the organization to honor his late mother who loved to give back to the community.

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