Who is Dirti Diana?

Dirti Diana is a New York based music artist known for her hardcore vigor and fierce demeanor. You may be familiar with her from previous records like “Trending” and “What Up Doe.” Now she has a new hit on her hands to present her fans with called, “Oh I.”

She was featured on iHeartRadio’s The Line Up Show to talk about her music and specifically her new freestyle of “OH I.” The song is originally from The Game but her remix is of the same caliber.

She has the sound and aura that the music game is missing especially with female artists.

“Middle fingers up in the caption, you mention my name Dirti Diana and I’m blasting.”

The music video will be dropping soon, make sure you stay tuned.

Check out the iHeartRadio The Line Up Show (IG @thelineupshow) and follow Dirti Diana (IG @dirtidiana).

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