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AY is a Greek and Italian descent well-rounded music artist that explores Hip Hop, EDM, House music and more. This Boston, Massachusetts artist is an outgoing person whose goal is to make a huge name for himself in the music industry. You may have not heard of AY before but I have a feeling you might want to remember his name. His unreleased single, “So Cold” features Tory Lanez, the man who sings “Say It.”

Above is a “6 God” Freestyle, check it out and look out for his new single dropping with Tory Lanez.

Instagram: @whoisay

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting AY and I must say he is very humble and talented. He was selected to attend Rhyme Antics exclusive event here in Boston, where he was one of our Lyrical Genius that showcased his fluid intelligence through the art of Rhyme. Nonetheless he HAS THE JUICE!

  2. AY is the next big thing!! So much talent and drive you can’t help but be a fan! He’s gunna go down in history just watch.

  3. My dude AY on the rise that whole team he has behind him is the strongest in Boston! 2016 is the year! all power moves being made!

  4. Ay has had talent since as far back as I can remember ….singing usher to me and my mom I knew he was going to take off !!!!!!! Pure talent !!!

  5. Raw talent finally outta Boston . Finally something different than the same old shit. Always got a different approach and the engineering is off the hook .. #whoisAY2016

  6. Holy shit thanx so much guys for the support I can’t wait to drop this fire on not only boston but the game seriously it’s finally time for an artist to really blow from here I mean really blow I don’t fallow the trends me and my team create our own sound and look 2016 we ready

  7. Follow this guy on Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter and FaceBook to keep up with his journey. Definitely a fresh breath for today’s music and without a doubt for Massachusetts. #WhoIsAY

  8. Been listening to AY for three years because he’s unbelievably talented!! Destined for greatness, no doubt. More shows please!!!

  9. ???? AY Its Your Time 2016 Different Style, Look, And Sound On Of Best In Boston To Switch Up I Support You 100% S/O To Bando ???

  10. Peace to all the people who left comments and continue to support AY and the team behind him. It’s amazing where talent, hard work and dedication get you. Please continue to spread the word as we start dropping some real tracks like “So Cold” ft Tory Lanez. Dropping this week everywhere!

  11. We are in need of a lyrically intelligent artist and AY is most deff the fit for it. Being from Boston is another reason to give more recognition. #keepgrinding #krunchtime #2016

  12. AY is one of the most down to earth and talented artists I’ve ever met!! I had the pleasure of meeting him through family about a year or 2 ago & he is the ONLY upcoming artist who has my full support!! He knows what he’s doing, he’s passionate about his music, he’s truly talented & doesn’t have to try too hard!! Support AY , you won’t regret it!!

  13. AY has been talented for as long as I can remember. His sister was a good friend of mine growing up and from his very first cd I bumped everyday in my car to listening to him freestyle at home on the weekends, i always knew he would make it ! Hes always put such motivation and heart into his music. Proud of you AY!! #thecomeup #2016

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