Where’s Jane? Series 1 EP

If you’re looking for good music, then you’ve come to the right place. Jane Handcock has delivered a bomb EP you’ll be sure to love.
Let me tell you how much I loved Wheres Jane? Series 1 There’s a magical moment that unfolds when you discover a new song by an artist that blows your mind. It’s hard to explain the euphoric feeling that washed over me when listening to Jane Handcock’s new project but this is one gem you can’t afford to miss out on. Setting the tone for August, Jane Handcock releases her four song EP titled Where’s Jane? Series 1. Experiencing a slight moment of déjà vu, I realized that Jane was the mastermind behind Adrian Marcel’s 2014 hit smash “2 AM.” Stepping in front of the mic, Jane Handcock is here to give you a taste of her genius.
The talented California songwriter has unleashed a snippet of her artistry and we’re so glad she did. This four song EP is exactly what the doctor prescribed. “No Doubt” is a great example of how wickedly nice Jane’s pen will surprise you. Featuring a rendition of R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ On Yo Booty”, Jane’s playful persona brings the track to life. “Heyyy” is a mid-tempo relaxing R&B track that is hard to forget. The electric guitar solo at the end will run laps around you. Don’t sleep!
“Function”, a more light-hearted track allows Jane to share her vocal range as the song transitions. Jane’s beat selection is so diverse, the songs independently live on their own yet somehow belong together— like cousins! Jane’s lyrical cadence resembles that of Missy Elliot and it makes it that much more exciting to watch where she goes next. Flexing her impeccable pen game, it’s hard to say which track reigns supreme but this project is a certified hit. Take a listen for yourself. Dive into Where’s Jane? Series 1 today!

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