What’s not to like about PnB Rock’s new music video “Neva Lackin?”


Philadelphia’s own PnB Rock is starting the year off right with the release of his latest music video, “Neva Lackin.” This video is straight out of a movie! It’s been so long since I’ve heard and seen a good skit and acting in an actual music video.

Way too often the visuals are being forgotten about but that is not the case with the new “Neva Lackin” music video. The video begins with PnB rock talking to a young lady in an apartment about an associate who seems to bring negative vibes. He proceeds to tell her they got pulled over by the cops and his negative vibing friend gets out of the car to talk to the cops and they end up leaving the scene, no charges brought against them. Obviously, from the beginning I’m like PnB Rock’s friend must be an undercover cop. If you get pulled over by the cops under no circumstance is the driver expected to get out of the car unless asked to do so by an officer. As you can see I’m hooked within the first 20 seconds of the video and by the end of the skit PnB Rock hands her a load of cash.

LONG STORY SHORT, I was right. The girl finds out the guy is an undercover cop and they tie him up, steal his NYPD cop car and set it on fire.

That’s how you know its a good video because I feel like I just spoiled a movie.

Check out PnB Rock’s latest music video, “Neva Lackin” and feel free to leave a comment!

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