We$tside Parle – Hallway Raps Vol. 1

We$tside Parle released a new project called, “Hallway Raps Vol. 1” featuring 5 bass pumping lyrical flowing singles.

The first track is “Dead Presidents IV,” and automatically you’ll hear the beat and feel uplifted and liberated simultaneously. The track brings an unparalled vibe.

“Crypto Currency” is all about good vibes due to possession of money. The best part about We$tside Parle as an artist is his ability to fluctuate his voice. However, despite his sound he always has a swagged out energy in his music.

My favorite songs on the project are “Hallway Raps” and “Sounds like 6am in Harlem.” When he raps on “Hallway Raps” he holds nothing back. You can feel every emotion with every word. We$tside Parle raps, “This is so new, feel the presence in my vocal, reminiscent times, almost cried in that phone booth.”

“0.9 Off a Gram” and “Sounds like 6am in Harlem” are the last two singles on the “Hallway Raps Vol. 1” project. All I can say is, this is one project you’ll enjoy if you are into Hip Hop.

Follow him on Instagram @we$tside Parle and enjoy the project above!

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