Vino World – Vino Retrograde Exclusive Interview

Vino World – Vino Retrograde Exclusive Interview

Vino World Interview 
Vino World is a Melodic Hip Hop artist from Harlem, New York. Vino has worked with artist Dave East, Neek Bucks, Nino Man, and Dream Doll (featured on the upcoming mixtape).
I had the opportunity to interview Vino World and learn more about Vino’s latest music project, “Vino Retrograde.” 

Sicarah:So I want to start with 50/50. I was listening to the record and I love it. The whole project is super good. So where are you drawing your inspiration from? Can we get a story from you on how you came up with the concept?

Vino World:The 50/50 record basically came from me being involved with a female and me giving half of me and you know it didn’t work out. I’m giving my piece and she giving her piece and well I’m thinking she giving her piece and it ended up with me giving more than her and I ended up getting my heart broke at the end and it was just like nah I’m not going 50/50 with you know. I tried that once and look what happened.

Sicarah:Can you describe the meaning behind the title, Vino Retrograde?

Vino World:I got Vino Retrograde from Venus Retrograde which took place in September, October, November and it was a time where a lot of things were occurring in my life. A lot of ups and downs, A lot of losses and a lot of betrayal going on with friends. I just felt like I’m going to put It in the music it was a hard time for me. I took the Venus out and just put the Vino Retrograde. I’m going to give people more insight onto what’s going on in my life on this project instead of just vibes. I’m keeping the vibe but making sure they know what’s going on with me as a person and letting them get more familiar with me as an artist and a person. I’m letting them know what’s happening with me at that time so that retrograde was a time where a lot of things were going on and I just put that on this current album.

Sicarah: I’m sure a lot of people can relate especially going through stuff through their journey. “Designer Issues” stood out to me though because that means everything is going well so congrats on that.

Vino World: That was the up of it. Everyday is not going to be down you got an option if you down you going to stay down or you’re going to get up. I have a strong like for designer clothes and I just love Alexander Wang that’s one of my favorite brands and I was like let me make a song like this. I know a lot of people like designer or high fashion things and the song if you listen to it its not just about designer things its about don’t front on your family when you get to a certain level. It’s a lot of gems I dropped in there, that’s one of my favorites also off of the tape.

Sicarah:That was my next question, what are your favorite songs off of the tape?

Vino World: It would be Designer Issues and I would probably say the song called “Prolly.”  I just love the vibe of that record it’s like an afrobeat type record and it’s just a different type of genre for me to tap into. I feel like especially on these hot summer days that’s one of the records my go to records when I’m outside playing that in the car puts me in the right space and they are right after each other on the tape that’s probably why also.

Sicarah:When I was listening to the tape “Goin’ In” really stood out to me, the beat the vibe your energy everything was on point. What do you go through when your creating music are you chilling in the house and it just comes to you or do you go to the studio and you start writing there?

Vino World: Every song is different. Sometimes I can be in a dark room and come up with music and be going through something. I’ll put a beat on and have the energy or I can be in the studio and create right there or I can be in a car and create right there. Every song is different, the energy different, type of feel on the tape every song was created at different points at the retrograde I was going through. There’s no set way of creating it I could just be anywhere and whatever I’m going through I’ll put it on wax and how it comes up is how it comes up.

Sicarah: In terms of a main message or goal on the project, is there a summary?

Vino World: The summary is whatever you’re going through you have to try to prevail through it and remain staying true and remain being you. It’s ok to be yourself putting it out there to people and that’s just you, that’s the best way to be known for being you and being real. I feel like through the tape you get me and you get these vibes and its relatable. I just want people to know every song is for different days of the week maybe. Make sure you give people vibes and relatable vibes and get to know Vino more and prevail.

Sicarah: You and Benji Filmz have a great relationship working together on your visuals how did you guys end up linking together?

Vino World: He reached out to me after I reached out to him on Facebook one day and said he’s interested in my music and let’s link up. Ever since then we had a partnership with the music and the visuals. We brainstorm on the videos and they come out amazing. Been locked in for three years now still working closely and shooting his videos.

Sicarah: Which visual are you most excited to shoot?

Vino World: I’m most excited to shoot a video for “Designer Issues.” I want people to see the vibes and the treatment me and Benji Filmz came up with.

Sicarah:what is it like to come from Harlem?

Vino World: To come from Harlem is my home it’s what made me who I am. A lot of experience, the culture, everyone Is ambitious. Everybody is a go getter and hustler, a lot of creativity in Harlem and that’s why the music is the way it is, so Harlem means a lot to me.

Sicarah: You shot your “Ouuu Yea” video in Harlem?

Vino World:A lot of my videos if I’m shooting them in the hood then they come from Harlem unless we are branching out doing some creativity stuff that doesn’t involve being outside. But if it involves being outside its going to be in my neighborhood definitely in Harlem where I’m from or in the area to show people what I come from and what it looks like.

Sicarah:What made you release “Ouuu Yea?”

Vino World:My latest adlib is called ouuu yeah and we didn’t want to shoot something we had to go too crazy about thinking in terms of a treatment. What is a song we can shoot outside? Sometimes less is more and we wanted to create something they can vibe and watch what’s going on.

Sicarah:Did you plan for your songs to do as well as they did on iTunes?

Vino World:I’m surprised about designer it was my favorite but I didn’t know it would be everyone’s favorite on the tape. 50/50 I kind of knew that. I’m happy people are enjoying them the way I do.

Sicarah:How long did it take you to put it together?

Vino World:I been planning this for 8 / 9 months. I always think ahead.

Sicarah: How can people work with you?

Vino World: The best way to reach me is dm me. I’m active on social media and love to see what people are saying.

The self entitled Vino World‘s mixtape and Vinotine’s Day (EP) is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Tidal.
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August 13th 2018, Vino World released his first self titled mixtape. 
February 13th 2019, Vino World released his Vinotine’s Day (EP). 
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