Trey Songz & Fabolous – “Keys To The Street”

Trey Songz & Fabolous released their first music video for one of their singles, “Keys To The Street” off their Trappy New Years mixtape. In the song they talk about having their own success because they made it for themselves rather than looking for new heights through someone else’s connections. Fabolous starts the track off with,

“You ever been lookin’ for your keys and they’re right there in your pocket? See that’s what wrong, like, sometimes people lookin’ for everybody else to give them the keys, and they’re right there. See all you gotta do is kick it with your homie, or kick it with your shorty and see if they got their own keys to success or if they still lookin’ for somebody else to give them the keys.”

I love the video because it’s shot on a yacht in Miami showcasing the good life. This is a very positive and motivating single and even better video. To me it proves after hard work comes rewards and in this video relaxation.

Grind hard in 2017 and reap the rewards. Enjoy the video above and share it!

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