Tory Lanez, New Toronto 3 Visualizer Album Review

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez skillfully takes his listeners behind the lens as he includes selective visual aid for his die-hard fans in his latest project, New Toronto 3.

Lanez effectively depicts through his visualizer album what life as a lyricist has been like now and then for him, and where he envisions himself moving forward in the music industry.

Within this much anticipated fifth major album, New Toronto 3 Tory uses his acquired mastery and craft of the game to capture our attention, which allows us to tune in and grasp the deep concept that was created through his views and in his shoes.

When news that the famous composer was dropping another project on April 10th, it circulated quickly all over the web via various media sources such as Instagram, who recently lifted the artist’s ban on the social media outlet regarding his new popular video Livestream Quarantine Radio that gained massive attention during the coronavirus outbreak.

Letter to the City 2 is now stamped as the hot rapper’s second move of his newly announced plan he says will be carried out in due time to achieve the main objective: becoming an independent artist.

Lanez released his mixtape The New Toronto 3 under Interscope Records not even one month ago and verified through the use of lyrical composition that his separation with the label is in the works; this was Tory’s first bold move of becoming an independent artist.

Aside from viewing his older projects in the same difficult category as his recent setbacks and current discussions regarding his future with the aforementioned label, Tory still creates a unique energy for his listeners that soon came to life.

Letter to the City 2 doubtlessly captures the audience’s thoughts and feelings, and flawlessly meshes with Tory’s, more so as we coast along on his musical journey and really listen along to the truths by the inspiring singer.

Lanez instills what he wants us to know about his motive in the music game by transforming his outline into a visualizer album; the established singer & songwriter plans on elevating in the music industry independently and provides his audience with an inspiring concept for us to hear, “see” and understand the purpose of his motive.

In the introductory track, Lanez uses his signature electrifying sound and energy listeners have grown to learn and love. As he transitions to calmer tones that forcibly shines through and his authenticity is fully exposed, Lanez maintains the confidence in himself and his music that he has always carried on him over the last decade.

The music legend reinforces the ideas and overall goal behind his plan in progress as he guides us track by track, enlightening us more as each one portrays its own special vibe but never breaking the bond that keeps the masterpiece in tact.

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