Posted on: January 9, 2017 Posted by: Sicarah Comments:

I love this mixtape almost every song is my favorite. Tory Lanez cleverly remixed several hit songs back in the day and made them relevant again. Some familiar songs are What’s Luv (Fat Joe), I Need A Girl (Puff Daddy), 1 Call (Chingy) and Slow Grind (Pretty Ricky). He brought his romantic and comical lyrics to this project. On What’s Luv he raps,

“Buss it all open like you got a slow leak
I’ve been in the streets with three or four freaks
She is so bad might need a police
Stomach on flat, ass obese
Walk oh how the fuck you got in those jeans
I just wanna touch ya, fuck ya OD
Know you got a man but this is lowkey.”


I’m impressed he did a great job with the mixtape. Share if you like the mixtape!

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