Top 5 Shows to Binge Watch During Quarantine

Most of the year has been spent in Quarantine leaving people with nothing to do besides binge watch their favorite tv shows. Here are a list of 5 suggested television shows to binge watch.


Insecure is a woman’s fave, especially if you are on the West Coast. Issa has relatable life situations that draw viewers to the inner workings of her life. However, if you can’t relate to Issa’s shenanigans with Lawrence and other men in her life, perhaps you can connect to her best friend quarrels or her career struggles.

This show is perfect for millennials living in a world trying to make it everyday. You’ll find the characters in this show are extremely realistic and explore every portion of life including marriage, children, career, dating and more.


POWER is beyond exciting because you never know what will happen next. Each season will have you on the edge of your seat and you will see twists and turns that you never expected. The murders will leave you emotional and leave your jaw dropping.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drawing closer and closer to the characters and suddenly develop a strong interest in the law.


Greenleaf is a show that shows the ups and downs of a family in the church. Pastor Greenleaf and his wife deal with their adult children decisions that affect the family as a whole. Infidelity, adoption, jealousy, lies as well as faith, prayer and forgiveness are all topics that come up during Greenleaf.

You won’t want to stop watching the episodes because the drama in this series is never ending.


Quantico is full of mysteries that surround the FBI, the CIA, and terrorism. There are a group of people that lead the show and some are in a relationship, while others are in politics. Bombs, drugs, fleeing and other risks are all involved in this show keeping the interest high for viewers.


All American will make you relive your high school years. It is about a young man from the hood who gets the opportunity to play football at a fancy high school. He has to deal with balancing new friends, living in his coach’s home, drama, relationships and more.

This show possibly might make you wish you were in high school again, take you down memory lane.

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