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Tina Karol: Ukraine Pop Star Exclusive Interview

Tina Karol is an Ukranian singer, actress and a judge on The Voice of Ukraine. Tina Karol has participated in musicals and theatrical shows as well as regional and international singing contests.
In 2018, Karol became the face of the Ukraine International airlines.” She also released a musical film called “The Intonation of Tina Karol.”
I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Tina Karol about her musical career.
Find out how this international pop star became a superstar. 
1) When did you realize your vocals were extraordinary?
Late enough. At the age of 12, my mother heard me humming to myself and she sent me to a music contest. Surprisingly, I won. After that I found myself at another contest and then another! I started practicing more, and in fact I won almost all the music competitions I participated in. However, a few years later I lost a competition. I decided from that moment on, I will always sing. Winning or losing will not make me give up. I chose this path consciously; singing is my vocation.
2) What were your sentiments when you received your first platinum album?
A sense of pride in all those who took part in the creation of this album! From dream to reality lies the hard way, but it’s worth it.
3) How did you become a judge for The Voice of Ukraine?
At first I was invited to, “The Voice Kids”. My participation was very successful, and I was offered to become a judge for, “The Voice of Ukraine”.  As a result, I have been connected with this project for as many as 9 seasons!
4) What are three things you look for when judging performers on “The Voice”?
I listen to the participant with my back, and rely on completely unexpected criteria. The singing style is important, ability to stay in the song and the ability to not emotionally lose oneself. I also always look at the reaction of the audience, whether they are impressed by what they see, when I can not.
5) What is one of the most memorable performances on The Voice of Ukraine and Why?
I’ve been a judge for, “The Voice of Ukraine” for 9 seasons! I find it difficult to select someone. I’ve experienced everything! There were a lot of bright personalities, from clergymen to disadvantaged children. Unforgettable is always their strength of mind. All the bright participants of “The Voice” are with a very difficult fate for some reason. In reality, the song is exactly what supports them in life, and they are an example of hope to millions of viewers.
6) What can you tell us about your US debut album?
For me, this is a challenge…to take out the best that’s in the depths of Ukrainian culture, in my experience, and combine it with the up-to-date tendencies that are underlined in the United States. I strive to create something unique.
7) What is one of your favorite memories throughout your musical career?
I can not highlight any! I hope everything is still ahead.
8) What advice can you give to an aspiring music artist?
Trust your intuition and trust the voice inside you. Look for your unique style and presentation.
9) What do you want your legacy to be?
My best song is my son. He is my main legacy to this world.

Instagram: @tina_karol