If You Thought You Had Nothing To Look Forward To, You’re Wrong – Insecure Airs 2020

Should you bet your life on this show? Absolutely and here’s why? Insecure is a show that airs on HBO but whats rare about Insecure is the relatable factor to multiple demographics.

Insecure will make you laugh, cry, reminisce, lead you to take risks and teach you a lesson or two. If you are a Insecure fan you may be wondering if the show will air this year and the answer is no.

Why? Because Issa has become such a movie rockstar she could not film the show this year. I am so proud I can’t believe how quickly her stardom rose and how creative Insecure proved to be.

The breakups and the one night hooks up and the reactions represented the reactions of most millennial women. Issa didn’t like her job and she up and quit because she wanted and had to improve her life. She went through a major breakup and started dating other people. Her friends are growing up before her eyes having children while other friends are hilariously living life to the fullest.

I know it will not air until 2020 but I can officially say, I’m excited for everything 2020 has to bring.

If you really miss Issa Rae run out to the movie theaters and watch your girl who is currently playing a role in the movie titled, “Little.”

“Little” is actually a really big deal featuring Regina Hall and Marsai Martin. The movie is about an adult woman (Issa) who ends up going back in time to her childhood. From the previews alone I can tell this movie is a must see.

This is just what I needed to hold me over until Insecure airs in 2020. You can follow Issa on social media through Instagram and Twitter. Instagram: @issarae Twitter: @issarae.

Her website is issarae.com! Comment your favorite Insecure episode.

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