Tidal X Rock The Vote Benefit Concert


Tidal X Rock The Vote Annual benefit concert was held at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York on October 21, 2019.  The purpose of the Tidal X Rock The Vote concert was to encourage the next generation of voters to vote in the 2020 upcoming election.

Angie Martinez and Clarissa Molina kept the audience engaged with both political and entertainment updates throughout the show. Angie Martinez is one of the most popular media personalities and Clarissa Molina is Miss Dominican Republic 2015.


The lineup of artists who performed at the Tidal X Rock The Vote concert represented a wide array of genres. Some of the artists on the lineup included Alicia Keys, Lil Uzi Vert, Young M.A, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Tecca, Angelica Vila, Casanova, Gashi, Becky G and Doja Cat. In support of the cause there were a couple of surprise guests including ASAP Ferg and Fat Joe who also performed at the Barclays Center on October 21, 2019.

The crowd was in awe when Alicia Keys touched the stage and performed hit singles providing mass nostalgia for the audience members. She gracefully sang “No One” and the audience responded with her lyrics word by word. Alicia brought out Leikeli47, a music artist signed to RCA records to perform a couple of her singles.

Several artists brought out their dancers and live band members to give the audience a show like they’ve never seen before. Gashi performed several of his hits leaving the crowd in high dance spirits. Becky G also left the crowd ready to hear more as she danced on stage.



Throughout the concert, the message to vote was never lost.

At the Barclays center guests received a light up wrist band stating “Rock The Vote.” There was also a booth that allowed concert goers to write a small message while being recorded encouraging people to get out there and make their vote count.

To watch the concert, click the link below.


Stay tuned and don’t forget to vote.


Young M.A Debut Album – “Herstory In The Making”

I’m so happy to say Young M.A is back on the scene and the wait was well worth it. She just dropped her long awaited debut album, “Herstory in the Making.” It is hard to believe she just released her debut album after making such a huge name for herself in the Hip Hop industry.

“Herstory In The Making” consists of 21 songs and she’s already released a couple of music videos to accomodate her new music including singles, “BIG” and “No Mercy (intro).” 

Based off of the lyrics on “No Mercy (intro)” I could already tell this album was going to be like no other this year.

“Competition looking for me, I was waiting at the top, but ain’t no competition, ain’t no one in my position.”

“I don’t feel her like she feel me but I’m feeling on her.”

Young M.A gave that slow build up on the intro that all real Hip Hop fans love on the “No Mercy (intro).”

The songs on the “Herstory In The Making” album perfectly showcase Young M.A’s talent from the beat selection to the carefully crafted lyrics.

One of my favorite records is “Kold World.”

“I ain’t never stressed to be up next, I wait my turn.”


What’s your favorite?


Young M.A. – “Kween”

Young M.A. took a break but now she is back and basically explains her reasons for stepping away from the industry for a while. Her latest music video, “Kween” is exactly what New York needs. The beat along with her will to say how she feels regardless of what others may think is the raw that New York is known for.

Although this music video is a freestyle and the only visual is Young M.A. and the NYC skyline the video will still keep your attention. It sounds like she felt the need to defend her title and her worth in this industry.

“I can’t believe they tried to say I had a ghost writer
That’s like saying you drove a whip without no tires
That’s like saying you had it lit without no fire
Moral of the story is they all liars.”

She continues to rep for her borough Brooklyn with this new joint and  she showcases the money, jewelry, cars and overall new found success rapping “I’m still dwelling on the fact that I’m countrywide.” Some of her lyrics are about her maturity and changes she had to make to better herself. She acknowledges her humble behavior, growing and addresses her sexuality. She says were all sinning and only God can judge. She also raps about giving love instead of so much hate.

She knows she’s bringing back that old New York sound. “It’s New York we ain’t suppose to do that mumble sh*t, We don’t run we run sh*t on some son you sh*t.” This song really is an opportunity for her fans to see where her head is at.

She thanks those throwing stones at her and clears up any misconceptions about her money because she says she’s independent making betweeon 40 & 60 for a show.

At the end of the video Young M.A. gives a peak into a new song she has underway.

Check out the freestyle above!

Young M.A – “Quiet Storm”

Young M.A did it again with her new music video to “Quiet Storm.” She chose to Freestyle on the beat and she killed it! She raps about her success and struggle and even talks about her efforts at being girly. Her bars are really what makes the young star stand out.

“This is just me, I ain’t trying to be different, that’s the problem with the game everybody something they isn’t.”

To accompany the punch lines are true eye openers as Young M.A talks about losing her brother.

“Ice box for a heart, I got a cold soul.”

Watch above…