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Plylist – “Land Line”

Plylist released a new single on Soundcloud titled, “Land Line” and the bass is undenying to real Hip Hop lovers.

“Land Line” is a brutally yet realistic single about the side chick playing her role and not attempting to take on girlfriend behavior.

“Only come through yeah when its 4am no one is outside, you not my bitch, girl and you not my slide, baby just stay in line.”

“Land Line” is a player’s anthem and a side chick’s nightmare but the song is definitely a banger.

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Follow Plylist on Instagram: @he_is_plylist.

Plyli$t “Out Loud” VLOG


Plyli$t is an upcoming artist out of Yonkers, NY and he recently released a mini Vlog called “Out Loud.” In the background of the one minute clip is a preview to a new unreleased single. He also lets the viewers know they can expect an EP titled, “Expect the Unexpected.”  The visuals provided are images of his family and other close individuals in his life.

To hear some of Plyli$t’s released singles visit his Soundcloud below and be sure to follow him on Instagram @he_is_plylist.

Julzz Grandeur – “100 Grand” Mixtape

Julzz Grandeur just released his most recent body of work titled, “100 Grand.” I simply can’t listen to “100 Grand” without dancing.

The only way to describe “100 Grand” is feel good music with great bass, hard flows and above all variation.

A couple of the songs on the project already have music videos on Youtube such as “Check On” and “Henny Hardway.”

“That’s your wife your thot that hoe you like a lot, whoring up she taking up all the shots.”  

Jay Critch mainly known for records such as “Fashion” and “Speak Up” is also featured on “Sushi” which is track six of Julzz Grandeur, “100 Grand” recent release. Jay Critch is also a feature on Famous Dex’s recent single, “Nervous.”

My favorite records on “100 Grand” are “Back Out,” “Stretch Gang,” “Slide,” and “Ten Toed.”

Check out this project and leave a comment!

Instagram: @julzznfg 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulzzNFG/

Haze Milli – NEW HEAT!! Finale 4

When the beat drops you know it’s that time! Haze Milli has arrived with his latest floor stomping EP FINAL HAZE! This is the music that we need, this is the new addition to the New York Sound we love.

The 4 tracks on this EP are called Steph and Klay, Target Practice, Put Ya Hands Up and Field Goal! Nothing compares to the beats in combination with Haze’s flow. Along with the originals on this EP he takes it back in time on a freestyle.

Words aren’t enough to describe this project so here is the link.

Here is the link for Spinrilla. https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/haze-milli-finale-4
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/haze-milli
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HazeMilli_59

SOTG Kills The Stage at the Move The Crowd Tour

Straight Out The Gutta better known as SOTG is a popular group of artists from Yonkers, NY. SOTG members, Julzz Grandeur, Haze Milli and August Rush each performed at Santos Party House this past Saturday for the Move The Crowd Music Concert Tour. The flyer stated a special performance by Cashflow Harlem and other performances by Trav B Ryan, Prom Knight, Indigo and more.  Above is footage from their killer performance. Check it out above and leave a comment!


New Mixtape: Haze Milli – “First Quarter”

Haze Milli is an underground artist with an increasing fan base from his heavy hitting bars and high intensity videos. Haze Milli 12-track mixtape, “First Quarter” brings that “New York” rap flow back into full effect. His punchlines will tempt you to remind the track and hit replay. He frequently references sports, a popular combination of interest for young millennial.

Check out his mixtape above and don’t forget to comment!

New Song: Haze Milli – Y.N.B. Ft. August Rush

Haze Milli is taking over with his new single, “Y.N.B.” ft. August Rush. He recently released his music video for his last single, “Henny Straight” and today he released another single, “Y.N.B.” The title is an acronym for Young Niggas Balling, which is the reoccurring theme of the song. Both Haze Milli and August Rush slay the track spitting NBA references and mentioning financial prosperous situations.

His name is becoming more and more well known especially after the release of his, “Henny Straight” music video, which garnered over 17,000 views on Youtube! Play the fire record now………

Chico Suave – “Monster Freestyle” Music Video

Yonkers own Chico Suave released his new music video for his “Monster” Freestyle last week. “Monster” is a Meek Mill record that was released in January of 2015. However, now is a great time to drop a Meek Mill freestyle because of the surrounding controversy between him and Drake. Chico definitely drops memorable lyrics in this new song, “If we can’t pop a check we probably rob the connect.”

In Chico Suave’s “Monster Freestyle” he often references his hometown, Yonkers. He’s clearly repping his city while trying to reach success, “They say I’m next and I’m the best out of Yonkers.” Several music artists came out of Yonkers including DMX, Jadakiss and The Lox. In the music video you will catch Chico chilling outside or in the studio with people representing the 914.

Watch the music video above!

Augu$t Ru$h New Mixtape: The Process

SOTG Member, Augu$t Ru$h released his highly anticipated mixtape, “The Process” this week and the critics are loving it. The 15 track EP contains a variation of songs showcasing his rap style including his usage of reggae accents, spanish beats, and hardcore rhymes. Augu$t Ru$h is blunt with his lyricism and holds no punches. The entire mixtape was produced by Dizzy Banko. Check it out for yourself and follow him on Instagram @YeaItzAugust.


Haze Milli – Shine

Haze Milli’s hard-hitting word play and logical concepts naturally attract listeners especially on his new “Shine” track. Haze has seen it all from jail fights with guards to close friends changing into hated enemies. “They don’t want to see you at the top screaming out nigga I made it, because they rather see you dead with your face in the paper”. His lyrics stem from realistic situations allowing people to appreciate his awareness. The hunger could lead to the fast life but throughout this song he’s inspiring others to shine through it all. “Can’t stop my shine I’m on a rise to the top.” To check out Haze Milli’s new fire track press play above and follow him on Twitter @HazeMilli_59.