• DM Questions: @Sicarah
  • Yonkers, New York

DMX Memorial Service – LONG LIVE DMX!

DMX Memorial Service on Saturday, April 24, 2021 began in Yonkers at the Raceway Casino. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, luxury cars and bikes were all welcomed in the friends, family and fans gathering. Hundreds of chapters of bikes came together to celebrate the life of DMX. The Huge Truck carrying his coffin caught everyones attention as it traveled from Yonkers to […]

New Mixtape – “No Hand-Outs”

August Rush released his latest mixtape in December 2014 titled, “No Hand-Outs.” He uses clear cut lyrics to create mental visuals for his listeners. “So what they know about the struggle baring mental scars, from getting shot at to a stranger dying in your arms.” Money, drugs, hustling, women and violence are classic topics for rappers to speak on but August […]

New Music Video: Haze Milli – “Ghetto Symphony”

Haze Milli released a hot new cover to one of ASAP Rocky’s songs called “Ghetto Symphony,” and delivered a “Gutta” visual for it last week. On the cover he talks about hood experiences and the type of lifestyle that usually goes along with it. His notable lyrics, “I’m from a hood where them little ni**as roll up, get em poked up, […]