Wiz Khalifa – “Brand New” ft. Ty Dolla Sign

This record “Brand New” is all about Ty Dolla Sign and Wiz Khalifa better known as Cam success in their career. They each rap about things that they brought and other fundamentals that make their life so lavish. An example of their super star life is buying a brand new porsche. This song is probably most people’s goals. Check out the life of the rich and famous with this new music video, “Brand New.”

New Crooklyn inspired music by Rick Ross – “I Think She Like Me”

Rick Ross new single, “I Think She Like Me” features Ty Dolla Sign and is a goodie but a fast one. The beat will sound familiar to you because he sampled Marc Dorsey’s “People Make the World Go Round.” On this joint he talks about his come up and various wins in life. This video is shot at a beautiful home and we see Rick Ross living the good life both in the yard and at a house party with Ty Dolla Sign.

Check out this swaggy video today!

Ty Dolla Sign – “Free TC” Album Review

Ty Dolla Sign new album, “Free TC” dropped on November 13th with features such as, Brandy, Fetty Wap, BabyFace, Diddy, Trey Songz, E-40 and more. Despite the epic lineup of features, the most memorable aspect of the album is the content. It’s intriguing to listen to a project showcasing various topics that’s of importance to an artist rather than the typical rich lifestyle artist tend to rap about. The 16-track album also has a variation of beats that truly demonstrates Ty Dolla Signs ability to make music that will appeal to different types of music lovers. Some beats provide an r&b vibe, guitar based or have a pop feel.

There’s also a dose of honesty handed out by Ty Dolla Sign with this new album. On the second track, “Saved” featuring E-40 Ty Dolla Sign raps, “No I won’t save her, Dolla Sign fuck but he won’t date her.” Some of the songs on “Free TC” such as “Saved,” “Know Ya,” and “Horses In The Stable” are dedicated to the promiscuous women in the world. Ty Dolla Sign also has a few relationship geared records that range on both sides of the relationship spectrum. “Credit” featuring Sevyn Streeter is a song Ty Dolla Sign uses to represent all the men who try to change their ways to make their girl happy yet she’s still unhappy. On the other hand “When I See Ya” featuring Fetty Wap confronts the topic of messing with a girl although she has a boyfriend and vice versa.

The most meaningful song on “Free TC” and probably one of the most meaningful records of 2015 is called, “Guard Down” featuring Kanye West and Diddy. Ty Dolla Sign provides a lot of encouragement on this track with lyrics promoting faith, “Sister don’t let your guard down.” “Guard Down” mentions the fight not being over and the loss of close people.

Therefore, Ty Dolla Sign really put together a well rounded body of work. “Bring It Out Of Me” is only one of several fun and wild night records. Stream above and share your thoughts!

New Music Video: Ty Dolla Sign ft. Future and Rae Sremmurd

“Alcohol and Chronic is all we want,” are lyrics at the end of the new “Blasé” record by Ty Dolla Sign featuring Future and Rae Sremmurd, but the lyrics perfectly sum up the record. The whole song is super chill but all about having a good time mainly under the influence. The music video on the other hand is wild and outrageous but I loved every second of it. The video was shot differently from most modern day music videos and at first I wasn’t sure if it was the official release because it was that distinctive.

You will find some cool guests like Tinashe and Dej Loaf in the video making it more popping than it already is. It’s a very enjoyable and catchy song and I think that’s because Blasé is a word that’s rarely used. Therefore, when it’s repeated over and over again it’s a nice surprise. If you’re looking for something original, watch the new “Blasé” music video above!

Mila J New Music Video ft. Ty Dolla Sign – My Main

Yes, finally a song that isn’t all about females hating on each other. Similarly to YG’s “My N***a” track, Mila J talks about her love for her closest friend aka her “Main.” I actually love this video as much as the song. I literally enjoyed watching it because it’s really entertaining in its entirety. If ya’ll ain’t know Mila J dancing skills are really on point. This video has some of the best choreography I’ve seen in a while and it’s rare for an artist to dance for the majority of a music video so shotout to Mila J. Also, the editor of this video really deserves credit as well. The track is catchy and most females really have a “Main.” Fellas don’t let the movies fool you, girls really can have friendships. So check this video out and be prepared to rock in your seat as you press play above.


“Don’t Tell Em” Remixes Take Over the Radio!

I need a companion, Girl, I guess that must be you! Yes, these are lyrics from the radio’s favorite hit “Don’t Tell Em” which originally features the talented YG. In case you haven’t heard them yet, there are several remixes spinning on the radio.  Pitbull, Migos, Ty Dolla Sign, TI and French Montana are among the many artists who enlightened listeners with their flow on this incredible beat. I can’t decide which remix is my favorite.

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