New Music Video “Playboy” Aired on Tremaine The Playboy

During this week’s episode of Tremaine The Playboy the twins on the show give us a recap of a dinner they all had together. After we hear a couple confessions about the girls in the house we are intoduced to the new “Playboy” video.

The first line in this new song is “I don’t know why I’m still kissing girls that I don’t love.” He sings about being a playboy but not because he loves it but because he can’t understand why he still can’t be a trusted man. It seems Trey is giving his honest life experiences that aren’t perfect but realistic to the world.

In the video we see the dream for many men I would imagine. This dream begins with Trey Songz in a round tub with the twins and then leads to the bedroom where we see him in the bed with all the girls. Once in the bedroom we see Trey holding a couple of the girls while the others lay on the bed finding space where they can. He even has a moment in the video where he signals two of the girls to kiss each other and they do it.

But throughout this lifestyle we see Trey with his main chick better known as his ex chick which is a flashback. He clearly misses her. The girls rub all over him and when he’s with them he still imagines he’s with his ex. He feels he’s losing this battle because he wants to settle down but he’s always in a situation that makes the playboy title valid.

Towards the end of the video the beat changes and he confesses to his ex saying he wants her love back. During that section of the song we see a flashback of him and his ex in the tub making out. At the very end he’s sitting up on the bed looking at a picture of him and his ex. Then there’s a flashback to a moment when him and his ex took  a picture together which was also a scene in the first music video released through Tremaine The Playboy called “Nobody Else But You.”

Check out the video for yourself above and let me know what you think.

Trey Songz – “Nobody Else But You”

In this video, “Nobody Else But You” Trey Songz is innocently kissing random girls but we see he has one main chick at home. He sings about the main girl’s loyalty and her real-ness. He admits to treating her wrong even though she’s true to him. The chorus sums it up, “Trying to be in love we don’t fall too often but you got me falling even when I try the hoes keep calling.” He doesn’t want anyone else hence the title Nobody Else But You but he knows he causes her a lot of pain. This is more than believable content coming from Trey. This is a hit point blank period. 

Check it out for yourself.


Premiere of “Tremaine The Playboy”

The first episode of “Tremaine The Playboy” aired and we were introduced to the 20 women on the show but quickly this reality show turned into a music video. One thing people must understand is Tremaine does not play when it comes to his money and career. He is very strategic and has a plan for everything. If you missed it let me fill you in. After the introduction to the women Trey shows us his life 6 months ago and he was in a relationship with a young woman who was fed up with his long work hours and negligence to call. Long story short we end up in a dope song and video featuring Trey and who I’m assuming to be his ex in the situation. If you haven’t watched the first episode check it out on


My only con is I wish it was longer. Let me know what ya’ll think!

Trey Songz and Fabolous “Pick up the Phone” ft. Mikexangel

Song starts off with Mikexangel as he spits his verse sitting next to KeKe Palmer. He sings about a girl he met at a party. His voice is refreshing and new to most of us. Fab comes through spitting his bars while on FaceTime speaking on building his shorty up. Last but not least is Trey Songz and his verse is about getting curved by a chick and her running game on him.

The video was shot at a beautiful home make sure you watch the full video!

Trey Songz – Anticipation 3 Mixtape

Trey Songz released his new mixtape, “Anticipation III” featuring MikexAngel last week giving his fans what they’ve been waiting for. The 11 track mixtape is filled with love songs continuing the pattern with his previous Anticipation mixtapes. One of my favorite tracks is “I Got The Time.”


This mixtape is a definite mood setter and just in time for the love season, Valentine’s Day. Check out the full mixtape above!

Trey Songz & Fabolous – “Keys To The Street”

Trey Songz & Fabolous released their first music video for one of their singles, “Keys To The Street” off their Trappy New Years mixtape. In the song they talk about having their own success because they made it for themselves rather than looking for new heights through someone else’s connections. Fabolous starts the track off with,

“You ever been lookin’ for your keys and they’re right there in your pocket? See that’s what wrong, like, sometimes people lookin’ for everybody else to give them the keys, and they’re right there. See all you gotta do is kick it with your homie, or kick it with your shorty and see if they got their own keys to success or if they still lookin’ for somebody else to give them the keys.”

I love the video because it’s shot on a yacht in Miami showcasing the good life. This is a very positive and motivating single and even better video. To me it proves after hard work comes rewards and in this video relaxation.

Grind hard in 2017 and reap the rewards. Enjoy the video above and share it!

Chris Brown – “Dat Night” ft. Trey Songz and Young Thug

Chris Brown collabs with hitmakers Trey Songz and Young Thug to make a hit record about all their women that are down for anything in every city they go. Who better than Chris and trey to sing the hook?

Chris Brown’s voice is dope but raspy more than usual. On this track they stunt on the haters as Chris raps, “Frustrated, now I know why they all hate me I f**k these b***hes and they know that I make pretty babies.” 

Chris Brown is raw on the track holding nothing back when he addresses his women. Trey’s verse is more about serious topics about gangs and death in Chicago.

Chris and Trey take over the hook killing the song and Young Thug bodies the end of the record. Towards the end Chris Brown and Young Thug kill the hook together. 

Check out their new hit single above!

Fabolous x Trey Songz – “Trappy New Years” (Mixtape Review)

Fabolous and Trey Songz linked up together to put out a fire mixtape together for 2017. The mixtape features 6 freestyles from Migos, Future, Drake to Dae Dae beats. The tape is the best of both worlds as they rap and sing together to put a great collaboration into the world. My favorite singles are “All There” and “Use’ta This.”

Trey as usual keeps it raw on “Use’ta This” he sings, “Took a n**ga b**ch I’m so used to this, I got another whip I’m used to this.” They both talk about their unique lifestyle, money, and women on this record. On “Spend That S**t” Trey goes savage.

Fabolous on “Keys to the Street” literally drops keys for his listeners beginning the song with “You’ve ever been looking for your keys and they right there in your pockets, see that’s what wrong sometimes people looking for everybody else to give them the keys and they right there.” Fabolous does what he does best, keeping his flow tight and repping for NY.

As implied the mixtape is all trap music but they were able to successfully put this project together.

Kevin Gates – Jam ft. Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign, Jamie Foxx

The Louisiana artist, Kevin Gates released a banger this summer called “Jam” and recently dropped the music video. The music video is very sexy showing the famous artists with the exception of Jamie Foxx all over beautiful video vixens. Trey Songz handles the chorus while Kevin Gates is heard on majority of the track. Ty Dolla $ign shows off his many talents as his vocals and piano skills are highlighted towards the end of the music video.

The song brings back the old school r&b flow perfect mood setting. This video is very sexy, leave a comment below!

Trey Songz releases New Hits, Remixes and More!

Trey Songz dropped a remix to TK N Cash’s “3x in a row” and the content of the song is strictly about women.


He also dropped, “SKRT” which is a particular girl he’s with but can leave at anytime. “SKRT” was originally released by Kodak Black. Although the content is similar to the “3x in a row” remix Trey gives us a hint for what’s to come next, “I’m just thugging fu**ing around but the album on the way.” The ending of the song is really nice as he really exercises his vocals. In this song he basically explains being with a girl for a while but has no problem leaving after he’s done.

“Look What I Did” features MikexAngel and talks about the people who didn’t believe in his talent or goals. MikexAngel sings, “They said I would never be sh*t, they said I was never going to amount to nothing, they said I would never make it but guess what I did, Look what I did. On the other hand Trey only cares about the money and never what others have to say. At the end of the track, the beat slightly changes up to a slower record and Trey sings about buying his mom a benz, getting signed and money in general.

The next single is titled, “LYFT (Uber Everywhere Remix).” This is a popular single by Madeintyo. Instead of joining the bandwagon Trey’s new song speaks about using LYFT and never using Uber. Trey raps, “Uber never coming here if it did it would be different.”

The last single “All I Had” is a remix of Belly & The Weeknd’s “Might Not.”

Which on is your favorite???