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Trey Songz – Shootin Shots featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Tory Lanez

I love when music artists such as Trey Songz sample old school beats. This beat is a classic SWV – “Can We.”

“Shootin Shots” brings back great memories but the added bass is perfect for this new blend of music. “Shootin Shots” was released this past Halloween through social media and Youtube.

The artwork to the single is young Trey holding a basketball!

This song is all about impressing a special woman and the vibe is perfect.

Check the song out above and leave a comment!

Raja ft. Tory Lanez – “Island Gyal”


Raja has been heating up the summer with his latest single, “Island Gyal” featuring Tory Lanez. “Island Gyal” is the perfect single to end the summer.

“Don’t need four, not three, not two, just one, Island Gyal.”

The video to “Island Gyal” is exotic, refreshing and tells a story. The creative director Avery Watson allows us to see a scene in the music video where Raja is out on a date and Raja asks his waitress to party with him and Tory Lanez right in front of his date! Automatically I was tuned in to see what would happen next.

All the ladies genuinely looked like beautiful island girls and between the water and palm trees I honestly can’t tell you what I enjoyed more. This video will make you want to have a good time because the visuals remind you of the perfect vacation and the ideal relationship.

Tory Lanez touch on the track is everything I expected and then some. He smoothly adds to the record with his vocals, “you know I do, I do feel how I feel with you.”

What I love most about this song is its romantic yet upbeat and the lyrics are words every girl wants to here from a guy.

“Girl you looking like Riri you got a face for TV.”

Check out the video above and let me know what you think.


Tory Lanez – Kendall Jenner Music

Tory Lanez quoted it best on his latest music video, “Kendall Jenner Music” by rapping, “I make so many hits I’m wondering if I missed yet.”

“Kendall Jenner Music” is the ultimate loyalty song as Tory Lanez emphasizes sticking to his team from the beginning.

“All together, We was all together, when we came up from nothing we were all together.”

He mentions money and girls having no relevance when it comes to his friends. I can really respect this song because most artists claim the opposite and focus all of their attention to materialism.

Many successful artist end up severly depressed but Tory Lanez on the other hand has a positive mind state and understands the importance in real relationships.

Tory Lanez talks about the lies of social media and his continuous goal of stacking money.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Raja – Island Gyal ft. Tory Lanez

Raja collaborated with Hip Hop & RnB star Tory Lanez on his latest single “Island Gyal.” You may be familiar with Raja from his creative and memorable record, “Sangria Sangria.” He is soon to release an album this year called, “Rebirth” and “Island Gyal” is the second single off of  that project.

Of course, “Island Gyal” gives off a reggae style but he somehow successfully blends the caribbean vibes with the pop world. Raja creates a peace and serenity with lyrics like “Baby you the type I’d marry, you bring them caribbean vibes, girl you make me feel alive.”

Tory Lanez lyrics are charismatic as usual with a finesse, “Go slow for me baby, bruk it down so low that its like a new move for me baby.”

There’s no way you won’t want to dance after hearing this song.

With hits like these it’s no wonder Raja’s been featured on Billboard, RapRadar, XXLMag and ThisIs50.


Fabolous & Jadakiss – “Rapture” ft. Tory Lanez

New York is sounding better and better, 2017 is definitely our year. “Rapture” is the newest hit single coming out of New York featuring Fabolous, Jadakiss and Tory Lanez. “We from the bottom but we trying to adapt to above” and “Here today gone tomorrow like a snapchat for thugs” are quotable lyrics from Fab’s verse alone.

Tory Lanez on the hook is perfect and then Kiss finishes killing “Rapture.” Jadakiss raps, “If you ain’t God it ain’t in your actions to judge, it is what it is turns into it was what it was.” He ties his verse up with others being caught up in the rapture of love.

This song is 4 minutes of perfection. Check it out and share!

Tory Lanez – Chixtape 4 Mixtape

I love this mixtape almost every song is my favorite. Tory Lanez cleverly remixed several hit songs back in the day and made them relevant again. Some familiar songs are What’s Luv (Fat Joe), I Need A Girl (Puff Daddy), 1 Call (Chingy) and Slow Grind (Pretty Ricky). He brought his romantic and comical lyrics to this project. On What’s Luv he raps,

“Buss it all open like you got a slow leak
I’ve been in the streets with three or four freaks
She is so bad might need a police
Stomach on flat, ass obese
Walk oh how the fuck you got in those jeans
I just wanna touch ya, fuck ya OD
Know you got a man but this is lowkey.”


I’m impressed he did a great job with the mixtape. Share if you like the mixtape!

Who is AY?

AY is a Greek and Italian descent well-rounded music artist that explores Hip Hop, EDM, House music and more. This Boston, Massachusetts artist is an outgoing person whose goal is to make a huge name for himself in the music industry. You may have not heard of AY before but I have a feeling you might want to remember his name. His unreleased single, “So Cold” features Tory Lanez, the man who sings “Say It.”

Above is a “6 God” Freestyle, check it out and look out for his new single dropping with Tory Lanez.

Instagram: @whoisay

New Artist : Tory Lanez

CAN YOU SAY SWAVEY??? The King of Swavey aka TORY LANEZ is a 22-year-old rap artist born as Daystar Peterson. Big name difference right! I’ll tell you about that a little later.

This passionate Canadian is a self – taught muscian who feels he was born to make music. The singer/rapper never had a vocal coach, making him living proof of the phrase “practice makes perfect.” They say life circumstances could stir passion and turn a person into a strong music head and this just might be the case for Mr. Tory Lanez. His anemic mother had a disease that only 4 out of 1 million get a year. Tory was 11 when she died. It seems he fueled his anger and ambition into his songs.

He’s dropped 8 mixtapes beginning in 2010 with “Mr 1 Verse Killah.” Don’t believe his dedication? Let’s just say he dropped 3 mixtapes in 2011 and he’s collabed with Bun B & Kirko Bangz. So how did he get discovered? YOUTUBE! Yes ya’ll it can happen. Apparently, Sean Kingston was looking for an Akon video on YouTube and stumbled across one of Tory Lanez’s freestyle. He received a call from Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber on his birthday right after he dropped his “Just Landed” mixtape. Tory Lanez is a big fan of Justin Bieber, so that was some birthday I’d say.

Not only is he writing all his songs and has enough energy to light up the world, he’s created a new music genre called SWAVEY! Swavey is a musical genre that combines more than one musical style. Swavey is a mixture of several music genres. His creativity and musical talent might be inspired from his various living environments such as Montreal and Atlanta.

He received the Lanez part of his name from a janitor that worked inside of his apartment complex. The janitor would call him lanes because Peterson would always run in between traffic lanes. His friends started calling him Notorious because he wanted to become like Biggie. Of course notorious was too long so they shortened it to Tory hence, Tory Lanez.

His latest mixtape, Chixtape 2, was just released in March 2014. Be sure to download his mixtape, you won’t be disappointed.
Be sure to watch the video up above it’s an amazing song titled “Know What’s Up” ft. Kirko Bangz.

To learn more about this artist follow him on – twitter.com/tlanez.bfcec__tory-lanez-chixtape2

Another video titled “Hate me on the low” Enjoy!