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CMazin Interview Talks About Music, 2020 Goals and More!

I had the opportunity to interview Cmazin. During the interview, I was able to find out when he gained interested in singing and when he began to take music seriously. His favorite music artist is Eminem and throughout the interview he also talks about his music videos.

CMazin just dropped his latest single on Valentine’s Day titled, “Bad For Me.”

To keep up with CMazin’s new releases, follow him on instagram @thegoldenway.


Wale #CRWN Interview

Wale #crwn is an incredible interview that includes lyric recitation, stories behind singles, collaborations, laughter and more ! 

One thing I learned during this interview is Wale is extremely funny and interesting to listen to. He’s so conscious yet knows how to chill no pun. 

During the Wale Crwn interview he really talks about his support for black women. The words he shared about Megan Thee Stallions strength and ability was phenomenal. He wanted fans to know Megan thee Stallion didn’t make it because of him he wants people to know Megan Thee Stallion was going to make it regardless. 

Wale talks about studio sessions with some artists you may not know he was working with such as Mary J. Blige. Alert, they got music coming out !

He even gave us a funny story about a time he fell in Eric Bellingers pool!

Wale talks about how close he is to Rick Ross and Meek Mill. How many women I got to fuck for the love of the culture? That’s Wale’s favorite Meek Mill lyric on that song.

Wale let us know he’s dropping more music soon so don’t think the album is it. 

Expectations – Wale talks about women not appreciating their bodies. He doesn’t want women to continue to think they need to get their bodies done. PTSD – Wale talks about trying to please people and how bad it is to sacrifice your well being for being upset about a pitchfork review. Don’t impress people who don’t give a ___ about you. 

Wale talks about how sales effected him. Looking at himself differently when he wasn’t selling , he fell out of love with himself. Looking at the fans like you didn’t support me when I needed you. 

Such an amazing experience! Get the Tidal app and stay in tuned for the next event!

Lil Tjay Releases New Single, “Hold On”

Lil Tjay released a new single titled, “Hold On.” The message behind his new single is to trust the process, he’s very successful but still continuing to rise up. Lil Tjay doesn’t miss, when he releases new music his fans gravitate  automatically.

As a successful 18 year old artist from the Bronx, Lil Tjay goes by the name of “The Prince of New York.”

It’s 4th quarter, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Stay tuned on instagram: @liltjay!