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Mylezia Releases New Project, “Issues”

Mylezia is a soulful artist that’s not afraid to express her emotions to her fans and anyone who can vibe out to her voice. 

With songs like “Daddy Issues” there’s an immediate calling to comfort when an artist is willing to talk about such personal topics. She sings about forgiveness and her experiences. 

The beats on her latest project, “Issues” are a mix between smooth and up tempo. She has songs covering all different types of relationships. 

“How does it feel to know that you got me right where you want me.”

Her ability to gracefully share her vulnerability while still maintaining boss vibes is very impressive. 

Check out the 8-track project, “Issues” by Mylezia. Follow her on Instagram: @mylezia 

Dave East and Styles P – “Beloved”

Dave East and Styles P created “Beloved” a 13 track collaboration between Harlem and Yonkers bred artists. I have to say I ain’t mad at this team up of artists at all. I for one am pleased.

The first single, “Beloved” defines the meaning of the word “Beloved” and the duo splits the verses up with their own individual bars. Of course, you can expect honest and understandable lyrics from both Dave East and Styles P.

Dave East spits, “These pills got these youngins buggin’, you’ll die for a hunnid-somethin’
So act like you love your life and just relax, cousin.”

It’s sad to say or rap in this case but several music artists have recently lost their fight with their drug battle. Both Dave East and Styles P described the previous narcotic related budgets before they received a music budget.

The next song on the “Beloved” project is titled, “It’s Lit.” “It’s Lit” embodies what rap used to be before skinny jeans and dance craves.

Dave East raps on “Beloved,” “Better bring that money now, don’t give a f*ck who you call if they don’t answer, this hammer get you in touch with the Lord.”

The vibe on “For All My N*ggas” is everything! Styles P describes the song perfectly, “This some grimy sh*t, I’m never going to trial shoot it out with the law, you know I’m going in’ Style.”

“Don’t Cross Me” features Jazzy who harmonizes and beautifully ad-libs all through the single. Dave East slightly tones done his rugged lyrics to present a different side of his artistry. He talks about being with groups of women but also describes different places he would take his girls.

“Cut From a Different Cloth” is a lesson on what its like to come from New York. They talk about getting money, demeanor and little tricks to know who is who. The New York grit and hustle is smeared all through this record,

“They don’t check the artists it’s on me, right underneath my coat
Suspended license on my way to Yonkers, speedin’
Scared to sleep, every time I close my eyes, I see a demon.”

I absolutely love this project it’s literally like track nine, “Rare Breed.” Styles P flow is much needed right now, I’m so glad he went back into the booth.

“Talk about your best eye, vision with your third Livin’ on the edge but I pivot on the curve.”

This album is genuine to both artists, they didn’t utilize trap beats or beats that are most commonly heard on the radio now a days. Dave East and Styles P actually have laid back hardcore New York flows with beats to match.

“Load My Gun” featuring The Lox is the perfect song to end the project with. Really sets the tone for the conclusion of “Beloved.”

Well, I’m content after hearing this project, let me know what you think?


Where’s Jane? Series 1 EP

If you’re looking for good music, then you’ve come to the right place. Jane Handcock has delivered a bomb EP you’ll be sure to love.
Let me tell you how much I loved Wheres Jane? Series 1 There’s a magical moment that unfolds when you discover a new song by an artist that blows your mind. It’s hard to explain the euphoric feeling that washed over me when listening to Jane Handcock’s new project but this is one gem you can’t afford to miss out on. Setting the tone for August, Jane Handcock releases her four song EP titled Where’s Jane? Series 1. Experiencing a slight moment of déjà vu, I realized that Jane was the mastermind behind Adrian Marcel’s 2014 hit smash “2 AM.” Stepping in front of the mic, Jane Handcock is here to give you a taste of her genius.
The talented California songwriter has unleashed a snippet of her artistry and we’re so glad she did. This four song EP is exactly what the doctor prescribed. “No Doubt” is a great example of how wickedly nice Jane’s pen will surprise you. Featuring a rendition of R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ On Yo Booty”, Jane’s playful persona brings the track to life. “Heyyy” is a mid-tempo relaxing R&B track that is hard to forget. The electric guitar solo at the end will run laps around you. Don’t sleep!
“Function”, a more light-hearted track allows Jane to share her vocal range as the song transitions. Jane’s beat selection is so diverse, the songs independently live on their own yet somehow belong together— like cousins! Jane’s lyrical cadence resembles that of Missy Elliot and it makes it that much more exciting to watch where she goes next. Flexing her impeccable pen game, it’s hard to say which track reigns supreme but this project is a certified hit. Take a listen for yourself. Dive into Where’s Jane? Series 1 today!

IVL & JU$$-B – “MixxxdEmotions” Review

IVL & JU$$-B linked together to create a dope project called “MixxxdEmotions.” There are 12 tracks on the project with 4 features, each with varying messages.

The Intro features the harmonizing voice of Jai Emm as she gracefully repeats the phrase MixxxdEmotions. “Focus” is not only the first single on the project but there’s also a music video to accompany this single. The focus of the song is money and women and of course, ambition. The song really gets into IVL & JU$$-B ability to be with any girl of their choice.

“5AM” is an ideal late night song featuring Mrly. The song is relatable and both artist speak on the same topic from different perspectives.

“3AM up in the studio, 2 more hours then I’m headed home, baby keep on blowing up my phone, cause she probably think I”m doing something wrong.” 

Several of the songs on MixxxdEmotions have a r&b vibe such as “PYR,” “Pressure” and “Personal.”

“But You got some screws lose and I never said I was a maintenance man.”

One of my favorite tracks on MixxxdEmotions is “Do You Right” featuring Kaydilluh. The beat and instrumentals are captivating along with Kaydilluh’s voice as IVL and Ju$$-B rap about physical chemistry.

“Overtime” is a very catchy song, with detailed paint picturing lyricism. The 9th song on the project, “Let Me Know” is most women’s dream. IVL & JU$$-B rap and sing about buying their girl everything they want and taking them across the globe.

“Slow Motion” is a deep song about the end of a relationship between two people that were together for a significant amount of time. “Just listen, before you get to tripping, if you break out who gone be your acne treatment.” This song is a full blown love confession.

Last but not least, is “Give It Up.” This song sounds like a great twerk song for a strip club.


Kehlani’s “Sweet Sexy Savage” Album Review

Kehlani’s album, “Sweet Sexy Savage” is a project catering to the many emotions women go through. Every song has a great concept that many women can relate to and an upbeat tempo. Kehlani is placed in the R&B and Soul genre but she also can fit into many other genres which you’ll hear throughout the album.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

The Bounce Back – Movie Premiere

The Bounce Back movie featuring Shermar Moore, Nadine Velazquez and Bill Bellamy is a sarcastic romantic comedy. The concept is creative and honest; let’s face it people find love in the strangest places and when they least expect it. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you but just know it’s a story told from two completely different point of views.

Although, love is the basis of the movie the storyline will have you leaving the theatre re-evaluating your own life and personal situations in a more positive manner. This movie is a must see simply for yourself even if your not interested in the exploration of love.

Check out the trailer above and hit the movie theatres today!

Fabulous – Summertime Shootout 2

Fab – King of Brooklyn released Summertime Shootout 2 which is a slamming mixtape similar to the first release, Summertime Shootout. The first mixtape was released last year in November and if this will be an annual experience his fans are in for a treat.


Some singles are throwback remixes such as “Faith In Me,” “I’m Goin Down,” and “For The Family.” Other singles blessed by Fab were “Sex With Me,” “4am Flex,” “Check On Me,” and “My Shit.”


There are amazing features on this project but I won’t get into instead here’s the link! Enjoy!


DeadPool is hilarious!

Funny is an understatement. I will be spoiling the “Deadpool” movie in this review so this is your warning, now let the story begin. First things first, the movie has several flashback moments but this element really kept me hooked.

In the first scene there’s a massacre but Deadpool’s satire will have you crying in your seat as he shoots and slices his enemies one by one. Later in the movie he falls in love with a woman who matches his crazy and sexual drive. However, as the movie progresses you realize the movie is not all fun and games but becomes a bit somber as we learn about the cancer in Deadpool’s body. In an attempt to overcome the cancer he ends up gaining enemies and a non-repairable physical image.

Overall, I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars. This movie has the ability to convey various emotions on a viewer, especially happiness through laughter.

Watch the trailer above and leave a comment after you watch it.

Meek Mill – “DC4” Part 2 Mixtape

Drake dropped “Summer Sixteen” and just like that Meek Mill dropped his mixtape with a diss to Drake. The diss single is called “War Pain” featuring Omelly but all four singles on the mixtape are worthy of a review.

The first track “Fa Sho” featuring Tdot Illdude begins with high energy and confidence needed to make a comeback after the “Back to Back” diss. On “Fa Sho” he raps about his lifestyle, which regardless of his recent downfall is still magnificent, “I’m still balling, money still calling, I’m on my 8th rolly, niggas still talking.”


The next track, “Ricky” is a hype song with a banging beat that Meek uses to expresses his ability to murder everyone who crosses him. “Hit a nigga 20 times, leave him sleeping, see him leaking, we the reason, He was fresh to death like it was Easter weekend” sums up the vibe of this single.


My favorite and realest track on this mixtape is “Slippin” featuring Future and Dave East. This is a DMX song that dropped in the late 90’s. The artists on the track talk about the daily struggles of growing up poor and trying to reach happiness. They discuss being broke and dealing with haters, Future spits, “They’d rather see me locked in shackles, watch me take off, I’m dedicated, but I’m running out of patience, Hoping these pain pills take away frustration.”


Last but certainly not least, is “War Pain.” Meek did not let us down with this one but instead responded to everything Drake mentioned in “Summer Sixteen.” Below is a list of several bars in relation to Drake’s diss:


“See an OVO chain, probably take that shit
Said dreamin’ wasn’t enough, we had to chase that shit
You ain’t write it’ nigga, we caught ya, can’t erase that shit
And you claimin’ you HOV now? Why you state that shit?”


“Wait, niggas dancin’ like they fruitcakes
Hotline Bling don’t get no bing up in this new Wraith.”



“Robbed you in your city and you told
Tory from the 6, you hatin’ on him, Lord knows
Culture vulture, now it’s time to pay the tolls
Soft as the lacrosse team, boy that’s word to HOV.”


“When I met you, you was on my dick
Asked me to hold the DC chain, now you on some shit
Omelly told me get it back cause he’s like “boy’s a bitch”
And I’m like, let him get it took cause we gon’ charge ’em trips.”


Ya’ll get the point! Leave a comment!