Mariah Lynn “Tab (Reloaded) Video Release Party

Mariah Lynn held a release party for her new music video “Tab (Reloaded)” featuring Remy Ma. This star studded event was held in downtown Manhattan from 6:00 – 11:00.

The dimly lit venue was filled with press, celebrities, fans and lights, camera and action! Jonathan, Jaquae, Kiyanne, Grafh, Sexxy Lexxy, and K Swift were all in attendance. You may be familiar with their names as they were all cast members on various seasons of Love and Hip Hop NY.

Mariah Lynn came to the party in style rocking blue hair and a sexy chic outfit for the night. Her performance was phenomenal because she had high energy and you felt every word she spit. Her dancers were amped and giving New York freestyles showcasing their Milli rocks.


Throughout the night several artists performed at her party including her brother. There were also celebrity performances by Grafh, Jaquae, Kiyanne and Sexxy Lexxy.


Source: Hamo Dzurlic

Kind words were shared by Jonathan, Kiyanne, Sexxy Lexxy and more!

The party was a huge success with an incredible turn out!

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No Frauds – Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne

The music video to Nicki Minaj’s diss record to Remy Ma “No Frands” has officially dropped! Nicki Minaj looks sooo beautiful truly inspiring HOWEVER Why is her hair down to her calves??? I was overwhelmed like why is all of that hair necessary but besides that I loved all of Nicki’s outfits. She definitely made a statement!

I thought it was dope but let me know what you thought about it. Also do you think Remy Ma will create a response video?

Grafh Interview! He talks about upcoming projects, his passion for art, and the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef!

This past weekend in Queens, Jamaica MusicOnUsLive held an event called Acknowledge The DJs Photo Shoot. Grafh, a recording artist from Queens, NY and I discussed his new music, beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, IG love and more while at the event!

Make sure you check out the full interview up above!

Keyshia Cole drops “You” Music Video ft. Remy Ma and French Montana

Keyshia Cole made her return last night premiering her new music video “You” ft. Remy Ma and French Montana during the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part 2. This music video comes as a surprise because  she has not released any new music in over a year. The wait was worth it this video, her lyrics and image has come together well.

The video begins with Keyshia talking to police officers saying her man hasn’t come home in 24 hours. They ask her personal questions about her relationship about fighting, affairs and him leaving home frequently. However, she lies and tells the police officer no to all of their questions.

In the next scene we start to see why Keyshia lied about the whole situation. She opens the closet and appears the missing man strapped and tied to a chair. This song is about cheating and Keyshia standing up for herself. She sings, “You picked the wrong one baby.”

The song starts off like an ordinary R&B song but then the bass drops and the lyrics become more intense. She smears her birthday cake all over his face and the b-roll in the video features Keyshia and back up dancers.

She literally tortues the man in the video by writing on his face with an eye pencil and more shockingly throwing him off a balcony into a pool. The man did an involuntary dive.

Now Remy Ma is everywhere and she kills the verse as usual rapping, “I spend the night with your bro out of spite cause.” Although, the lyrics are great the video is the best part because the whole rhyme Remy Ma has tools in her hands that doctors or dentists would use. She is waving the tools in the man’s face which makes the audience question what’s next.

French Montana’s scence is even better because he finds out his girl was cheating on him too and he links with Keyshia and Remy to participate in the revenge. French Montana’s lyrics were funny, “Real one hold you down like a real army, but I picked the wrong one like Steve Harvey.” Another great line was, “Coming with them same lines like Trump’s wife.”

Make sure you watch the full video above!

Remy Ma disses Nicki Minaj on new 7 minute “SHETHER” record

Remy Ma just took over the Twitter News feed by dropping a new diss record called “SHETHER.” The title is “SHETHER” because Remy used Nas’s “Ether” beat which he used back in the day to diss Jay-Z. Before I get into Remy’s lyrics that took several shots at Nicki’s career let me explain why Remy dropped this song.

It appears a day ago Nicki Minaj dropped a verse on Gucci Mane’s new single “Make Love” dissing Remy Ma. Nicki raps, “You see silly rabbit to be the queen of rap you gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques, S plural like the S on my chest, now sit your dumbass down you got a F on your test.”

Now Remy’s response is a 7 minute diss record with punchline after punchline. Remy Ma really represents the Bronx with this one, I mean she always slays but this time she really made her presence known. Remy begins the track with Nicki Minaj’s voice saying “Free Remy” and then Remy goes ham.

Here’s a list bars that Remy Ma spit which really proves why she’s been in the game for as long as she’s been.

“Lets be honest you stole that line about b*tches being your sons, how you take my 09 jail tweet and run.”

“Been through mad crews you disloyal hoochie, now all of a sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi.”

“And to be the queen of rap you gotta actually rap, the whole industry know that your s**t is a wrap.”

“You animated like Nickolodean, you fake b**ch.”

“You claimed you never f*cked Drake now that’s when you took me, you f***ed the whole empire who your trying to be Cookie.”

“You a m*therf***ing worker, not a boss like Rem.”

“But before the butt job, you was a spnogebob.”

She talks about other artists writing her lyrics mainly Drake and Lil Wayne. Remy Ma raps about Nicki Minaj drug use and beef with Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. She even explains Nicki Minaj’s money and how her a** dropped. It’s safe to say Remy wasn’t playing.

There’s bars for bars in this record. I can’t even explain how hard Remy went. All I can say is this is what New York sound like. Also, Twitter went crazy when the record dropped, even a few artists had things to say about it.


Listen to it above!!


Fat Joe, Remy Ma – Money Showers ft. Ty Dolla Sign

The introduction to the music video for the hit single “Money Showers” is hilarious. The music video opens up with A.J. Johnson who you might remember from the movie, “The Players Club” and Michael Blackson, the famous comedian. It’s the same concept re-enacted from the Players Club as Fat Joe asks for his money while Michael Blackson denies owing anyone any money. The Original “dollar bill” was played by the late Bernie Mac.

As Ty Dolla Sign begins to sing we see several women run to the poles to catch the raining money. Fat Joe raps with bands of money surrounding him and strippers everywhere collecting dollar bills. Remy Ma comes through re-enacting another Player’s Club scene as she plays the role of the main stripper from the movie. She plays the role well too. See the original clip below.

Check out the music video above and somebody please put these two in a movie asap!

Phresher – “Wait a Minute” ft. Remy MA

Love and Hip Hop star Remy Ma and the latest NY artist Phresher dropped a video for the hit video, “Wait a Minute.” This remix features a luxury BMW whip, Effen Vodka and high energy. Some familiar faces that you’ll recognize are Young M.A., Shiggy, Busta Rhymes, Cardi B basically it was a Hip Hop reunion.

Remy Ma as usual delivered that hardcore rap mentioning smoking a girl and a vest. She raps, “Crack a bitch with my cellphone Really put her on FaceTime.”

Papoose Birthday Party at The Palladium Gentlemen’s Club

This past Saturday March 14th, 2015 Close friends and wife Remy Ma came together to celebrate HipHop Lyricist Papoose’s Birthday at The Palladium Gentlemen’s Club. Surrounded by fans and industry socialites showing their support, bottles floated around the dance floor as Dj Superstar Jay had the venue on lean. Patron sipped on Moet while some received lap dance. To Top off the night Celebrity Cake Designer Maria of Isabella Creations designed Papoose cake based off his new project “Grimy Ass New York“. This was definitely a fun night!

Photographer Credit by Christopher Buddha