Josh Clarke – “24 Hours” EP

Josh Clarke of Toronto, Ontario is a singer and songwriter who recently released a new EP titled, “24 Hours.” Josh Clarke’s music gives you that old school r&b and pop vibe that the world can really use to set a both romantic but fun vibe.

This first track “12am Interlude” gets you in a real r&b vibe. The next single, “Whats Luv” took me by surprise because it has a hint of reggae mixed with the pop and r&b flow of Josh Clarke’s music. This song creates a good vibe because it makes you want to slow dance while Josh asks “Whats luv gots to do with it?” The song is really about loyalty with a special someone.

Josh Clarke has one feature on the project by JYDN for a single titled, “Backseat.” “6pm Interlude”  is also mood setting to match the momentum of “Backseat.”

What I enjoyed the most about the “24 Hour” EP is the variation in songs and topics. Opposite of “Backseat” Josh Clarke has a song called, “One Night” which is actually about a girl not into a one night stand. The beat of “One Night” and “Everywhere We Go” will literally have you ready to dance on the dance floor.

My favorite record on the project is called, “Magic City” because of the edge. As you probably guessed from the title of the single, “Magic City,” this song refers to the strip club. The bounce on the track in combination with the bottles, dancing and money references is perfectly mood setting for a Saturday night trip to the club. Not to mention, this song is beyond catchy.

The various interludes, “12am Interlude,” “6pm Interlude,” and “6am Interlude” provide a way for listeners to have a full circle connection while listening to the “24 Hours” EP.

Make sure you listen to the full EP below and follow Josh Clarke on IG: @joshclarkemusic.

Lee Adrian – “Infatuated” Music Video

Lee Adrian is an artist originally from Houston, Texas residing in Atlanta. His Hip Hop rhymes and R&B melodies exude confidence and memorable lyrics, “We live in a world where nothing is perfect and that is for certain, if a perfect world exist then it wouldn’t be worth it.” This is a line from his single called “Two Way” but below you will get a chance to see his romantic edge in his “Infatuated” music video.

Check out his music video and let me know what you think and be sure to check him out on soundcloud.

Steve James – “Rain” Music Video


Steve James, an artist from Indianalpolis, released a romantic music video called, “Rain.” Both the song and video are mood setting with subtle lyrics, capable of reminding you of the 90’s R&B music people used to love. “Give you want you want, Give you what you need, I’ll be your provider babe,” is only one lyric showcasing the vibe of this song.

Enjoy the video above and leave a comment!

Trey Songz Autographs SX Liquor Bottles

Trey Songz has partnered with SX liquors to promote the ‘sexy’ brand. On February 20th Trey songz made a grand entrance at The Wine & Liquor Superstore to sign SX liquor bottles for his fans. The superstore located at 815 Hutchinson River Parkway was crowded with people resulting in a line around the Corner. Some of Trey Songz fans were waiting on line as early as 10 AM in the morning. As fans patiently waited in 19° degree weather they were kept entertained with music and a live DJ. The DJ informed the long line of any updates on the event, including Trey Songz arrival. The bottle signing was scheduled for 4-7pm. However, fans had the opportunity to engage in bottle tastings of SX liquors before 4 pm to make the perfect purchase. SX liquors come in Rum, Vodka and Tequila. Enjoy the video above to check out the bottle-signing event in the Bronx. For more information on the Chris Brown and Trey Songz tour and future bottle signing events, follow him on Instagram @TreySongz. For more updates on the SX liquors follow them on Instagram @Sxliquors.


Chris Brown Releases New Music Video – “Autumn Leaves”



“Autumn Leaves” is the 12th track off of Chris Brown’s X album featuring Kendrick Lamar. This deep record has been coupled with a creative Asian themed video. Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche tran is the leading female in the video creating authentic scenes with their remarkable chemistry and strong physical connection. “I been bleeding in your silence I feel safer in your violence I hold on like leaves in fall to what is left,” is a quote from the song describing  his desire to keep his relationship. The only question I have is where is Kendrick Lamar? However, despite the feature missing from the video, I really like the mature and protective vibe from Breezy. I was expecting him to dance but his unpredictability made this video what it is which is beautiful.


New Artist Scoop: Adrian Marcel

Pretty boy with a soothing voice … yup that’s how I describe R&B’s new addition Adrian Marcel. He’s the singer of the catchy 2AM ft. Sage the Gemini song, which has over 13 million views on Youtube, not bad for a new music artist. The 24-year-old singer/songwriter is from Oakland, California but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. His music can reach more than one generation. The topics are relative to the younger generations but the jazz and soulful beats can definitely catch the attention of older generations. At first he may appear as a rapper but then he opens his mouth and the melodies just flow out gracefully. He released his first mixtape in April 2013 called “7 Days Of Weak” and his second mixtape in July 2014 called “Weak After Next” both presented by Raphael Saadiq. I can see into the future he will be selling out tours at this rate. Be sure to follow him @AdrianMarcel510.


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Rico Love Releases New Mixtape “I Sin”

Rico Love

R&B & Hip Hop is a dynamic combination that beautifully blends on Rico Love’s new mixtape “I Sin.” Rico soulfully and sensually sings his heart out on this mixtape and also expresses his thoughts through his bars displaying his multiple talents. Future, Big K.R.I.T., Troy Ave and Bobby Shmurda are all artists featured on his new mixtape. These tracks are relatable, romantic, party starters, and hype records, what’s not to love? Don’t trust my word then download the mixtape HERE.

rico 2

Chris Brown “New Flame” Video


Just 3 days ago, August 14th to be exact Chris Brown premiered his latest music video entitled “New Flame.” Featured on this record is none other than the Pop & R&B Superstar Usher and the Hip Hop “Boss” himself Rick Ross. The video displays several earth elements such as water, fire and the sky presenting a calm and peaceful experience for viewers but wait…. it gets better. Breezy and Usher of course do what they do best during the video and deliver their smooth dance moves, now you tell me what’s not to like? After you get sweet talked from the two r&b singers and fascinated by their choreography, Rick Ross delivers the bars like a boss giving listeners especially females the best of both worlds. Not convinced yet? Look above to watch the new “New Flame” video to hear the talented voices, enjoy the imagery and vibe to the lyricism of Ricky Rozay, Breezy & Usher!




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Trey Songz “Trigga” Album Review


It’s all about “Trigga”! Yes it’s already been a month since the R&B sensation; Trey Songz released his 6th album studio titled “Trigga”. The 17 track album was released by the Songbook imprint through Atlantic Records on July 1st 2014. Trey sold a total of 105,000 copies in the first week making “Trigga” his second album to be No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Trey’s first album to hit number 1 on the billboard 200 was “Chapter V” back in 2012.

“Trigga” is equipped with a lot of top bangers such as “Smartphones,” “Na Na,” and “Foreign.” Since, Trey has already had 19 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs; it was no surprise to see “Na Na” high on the Charts holding a position at No. 7. Other songs on the album are just as good as the radio hits, it must have been hard deciding which records to put out first. The r&b album is relatable, and catchy. “They say you can’t have cake and eat it too but ain’t that what you s’posed to do?” is just one example of Trey’s clever lyricism throughout the album.

If you like smooth r&b, club hitters, and catchy hooks “Trigga” is definitely needed in your life. If you haven’t already, buy Trey Songz’s new album “Trigga” you won’t be disappointed.