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Nicki Minaj Reunites Mixtape Days W/ Freestyle “Barbie Drip”

Prior to SuperBowl Sunday, mega-star Nicki Minaj drops her latest freestyle “Barbie Drip” which is done over the instrumental of “Drip To Hard” by Lil Baby and Gunna.

Ms. Onika opens up the freestyle with that endearing money talk we all love to hear and follows up with:

“You spent your money but I aint say I was your boo yet
You got your feelings hurt I aint really mean to do that
Im just a bad bitch im sorry I put you through that”

Although Nicki Minaj is rather on the private side of her romantic affairs after her public relationship with rapper Meek Mill, we can only assume what the day in the life of a Bad B**ch looks like.

Fans wonder if Nicki’s new freestyle is a way for her to make nice with Lil Baby, label member of QC Music, while the silence continues between Cardi B, another QC label mate and Nicki. Or is it just business as usual?Is this a case of a dope artist liking a beat and free-styling over it? Nicki’s rant at the end is priceless. The rapper flamboyantly shares how she is ready to drop a new freestyle up until her next project but that’s not all. Nicki shares how “good” she is because of her current sex regimen and we ain’t mad shorty! Comment below and rate “Barbie Drip” below.


Nicki Minaj – “Hard White”

Nicki Minaj just released a new music video titled, “Hard White” and everyone is saying she dissed Drake. She does have a lyric “Got these bitches shook, they shocked, no stun gun” while an image of a scorpion is torn into pieces on the screen.

But to be honest, thats not what caught my attention with this single. The song is good and the chorus, “Work Hard, Just to Get Half Back” holds a lot of relevancy. I really think her vocals, her lyrics and flow are all on point but can someone tell me why this video looks so demonic.

It’s just dark, and it’s not halloween so all of the imagery is just intense.

Let me know, am I the only one who thought there could have been a better theme for this “Hard White” music video?


Did you think Nicki Minaj would make a come back or was she always on top?

It seems Nicki Minaj did it once again, against all odds she dropped a music video that is doing incredible numbers. Her latest music video, “Good Form”
features Lil Wayne and after the year she’s had I wasn’t expecting her to release another video before ending 2018. 

The 6ix 9ine collaboration was amazing but we all know the tragedy that struck between the feds and 6ix 9ine. Both videos actually share similarities with a light, bright fun filled visual integrated in both videos but Good Form also incorporates some three dimensional abstract scenes and darker visuals as well creating a balance. 

Nicki Minaj is out of this world!

The best part about falling off or even having competition is that the winners always come back stronger than ever and that’s what Nicki did. This video is compelling, I’m talking out of the box imagery. 

She even brought Lauren London out to compliment her song lyric, “I’m in that new new meeting nu nu when I roll up.” I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a video that kept my attention for the full duration of the song! You will also notice Evelyn Lozada, Tyga and of course Lil Wayne in the video as well.

Nicki Minaj has outfit after outfit and she uses her sex appeal in this video grinding and twerking! She has the girls twerking, she’s wearing black, white, red, pink, blue then she has black hair, blonde hair, pink hair, a braid… yet she makes it all work under 4 minutes. 

Amazing, check it out above! 



Tekashi 6ix9ine – “Dummy Boy” Album Review

6ix 9ine is in jail right now and his instagram said “Due to circumstances beyond our control we have postponed the release of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “DUMMY BOY” until further notice. However, his album was leaked and the full album can be found on spinrilla.com.

This is a very unfortunate situation for Tekashi 6ix 9ine because as we know just like any artist he worked tirelessly on creating this project. As a result of the project getting leaked he will lose an endless amount of money. The news got out very quickly and now there is no need for anyone to stream or even buy any of the records off of “Dummy Boy.” However, now that the album is on iTunes perhaps he will make the money he deserves if the feds don’t take it.

The 13 track album features several A lists artists including Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Tory Lanez, Gunna, Lil Baby and more. 6ix 9ine explores a variation of sounds on this project even featuring some tracks crossing over into the reggaeton world.

Only a few days before Tekashi 6ix 9ine went to jail he went on Power 105.1 Breakfast club and admitted firing his whole team and speaks about the foul situations that were taking place in his camp. On his single, “Kanga” featuring Gunna he slightly addresses these issues and on the record with Tory Lanez, the song KIKA ends with Tory saying I forgot we can’t say that word, clearly referring to Tr3yway and instead uses words like Trojan and Target.

Now it seems things have escalated and due to one lyric in the “MAMA” record featuring Nicki Minaj and Kanye West there are new problems between 6ix 9ine and Fashion Nova. “Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat” was a lyric replaced with “Splish splash Apple Bottoms make that ass phat.” Of course, Tekashi 6ix 9ine was paid already and rumor has it the lyric had to change because Nicki was not in favor of being on a record promoting Fashion Nova who Cardi B clearly has a strong alliance with now that her new clothing line has been released.

Check out the banging album, come back for more updates and be sure to leave a comment.



Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Beef??!?

Well, according to TMZ, Cardi B saw Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week Event and went up to her table and said, “Let me tell you something!” Then she reportedly threw her gorgeous red high heel at Nicki Minaj but missed.

Here are my thoughts… Both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are both incredibly rich, with all that money and all their influence I know they can be doing something more than fighting or beefing. Sources say Nicki Minaj was calm while Cardi B was escorted out of the building. However, I think they need to unite and work it out.

Right now in our culture Hip Hop beef is great for music purposes but I disagree with any physical actions because people can really get hurt that way. After all if Nicki Minaj or Cardi B gets hurt and can’t perform thats money off the table, food out of their mouths, and their team can’t work to make money.


Hey maybe I’m an over thinker but this is just my thoughts on the situation.


Unless there’s something that happened behind closed doors which is very possible. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Nicki Minaj – “Ganja Burn”


If you know me, then you know I love originality. Nicki Minaj released a new music video title, “Ganja Burn.” The music video begins with a passage about a betrayed queen. Her enemies came together and ruined her village. The queen wakes up and assembles her army to “Kill Everything In Sight.”

The best way to describe “Ganja Burn” is Egyptian, sexy, intense and fierce. In comparison, to her other videos, in the beginning “Ganja Burn” is less busy with dark colors but the end becomes a whirlwind of excitement. The video shows Nicki Minaj in exotic outfits, sand, male dancers, big hair, fire and smoke “Ganja Burn” is effective.

Nicki Minaj got something with this one, very creative.






Why I’m obsessed with FEFE Music Video

  1. Nicki Minaj and 6ixNine is a perfect collaboration with her tough bars and his smooth voice on the track. Who knew the man could be so peaceful on a record?
  2. 6ixNine shows a friendlier and less aggressive side to him and Nicki Minaj is in a playful yet bossed up vibe. We see them eating ice cream, playing hand games and there’s even a beautiful puppy in the video.
  3. Bright colors in the summer time, just what we need!
  4. The outfits are creations I’ve never seen.

The viewers have decided with a total of 144,322,596 views on Youtube in only a two week time period. I love this video and look forward to more videos like this in the near future!

No Frauds – Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne

The music video to Nicki Minaj’s diss record to Remy Ma “No Frands” has officially dropped! Nicki Minaj looks sooo beautiful truly inspiring HOWEVER Why is her hair down to her calves??? I was overwhelmed like why is all of that hair necessary but besides that I loved all of Nicki’s outfits. She definitely made a statement!

I thought it was dope but let me know what you thought about it. Also do you think Remy Ma will create a response video?

Remy Ma disses Nicki Minaj on new 7 minute “SHETHER” record

Remy Ma just took over the Twitter News feed by dropping a new diss record called “SHETHER.” The title is “SHETHER” because Remy used Nas’s “Ether” beat which he used back in the day to diss Jay-Z. Before I get into Remy’s lyrics that took several shots at Nicki’s career let me explain why Remy dropped this song.

It appears a day ago Nicki Minaj dropped a verse on Gucci Mane’s new single “Make Love” dissing Remy Ma. Nicki raps, “You see silly rabbit to be the queen of rap you gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques, S plural like the S on my chest, now sit your dumbass down you got a F on your test.”

Now Remy’s response is a 7 minute diss record with punchline after punchline. Remy Ma really represents the Bronx with this one, I mean she always slays but this time she really made her presence known. Remy begins the track with Nicki Minaj’s voice saying “Free Remy” and then Remy goes ham.

Here’s a list bars that Remy Ma spit which really proves why she’s been in the game for as long as she’s been.

“Lets be honest you stole that line about b*tches being your sons, how you take my 09 jail tweet and run.”

“Been through mad crews you disloyal hoochie, now all of a sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi.”

“And to be the queen of rap you gotta actually rap, the whole industry know that your s**t is a wrap.”

“You animated like Nickolodean, you fake b**ch.”

“You claimed you never f*cked Drake now that’s when you took me, you f***ed the whole empire who your trying to be Cookie.”

“You a m*therf***ing worker, not a boss like Rem.”

“But before the butt job, you was a spnogebob.”

She talks about other artists writing her lyrics mainly Drake and Lil Wayne. Remy Ma raps about Nicki Minaj drug use and beef with Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. She even explains Nicki Minaj’s money and how her a** dropped. It’s safe to say Remy wasn’t playing.

There’s bars for bars in this record. I can’t even explain how hard Remy went. All I can say is this is what New York sound like. Also, Twitter went crazy when the record dropped, even a few artists had things to say about it.


Listen to it above!!