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Boss Karrot – Protect Your Heart Private Listening Session

Boss Karrot recently held his private listening session for his EP, “Protect Your Heart.” The overall vibe of the project is smooth and several people came out to hear his new vibes.

The Brooklyn raised rapper Boss Karrot released 6 songs on the project with one feature from Janelle Mack.

Above is a quick glimpse into the private listening session. The footage and photos were shot by Korey @kpren1.

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Below is the link to Boss Karrot’s iTunes profile. His instagram is @bosskarrot.


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Dreamville & Friends Drop New Track “Down Bad”

J. Cole, Bas, Young Nudy, J.I.D, and EarthGang release a Revenge of the Dreamers III gem titled “Down Bad.”  The song was performed as a teaser by J.I.D at Rolling Loud back in May. Now that the song is out in full, fans are anticipating the album to consume in full. Maybe this song will hold fans over, but in a world where so many have witnessed snapshots of some of the greatest musical acts in one setting, the bar is set too high. The Dreamville team needs to let that project fly. Listen to “Down Bad” now.

Lil Tjay Performs at The Draft 2019 and Releases New Music Video, “Pasto”


Lil Tjay, Polo G and Yung Bleu are the most recent signees to Columbia Records and performed at The Draft 2019 this past week at the SONY Hall. The artists were greeted with screaming fans excited to see their favorite artists and their surprise guests.

Polo G became well known off of his single, “Finer Things” and the records to follow, “Pop Out” and “Battle Cry” continue to climb in the millions on Youtube. Yung Bleu’s fans went crazy hearing his singles, “Miss It” and “Unappreciated.” Lil Tjay, The Prince of New York came out onto the stage and his fans knew every lyric to his hit singles, “Leaked,” “Long Time” and of course, “Brothers.”

During Lil Tjay’s set he brought out Brooklyn’s own Casanova and the two stars, Lil Tjay and Polo G performed their joint hit, “Pop Out.” Then YK Osiris performed his “Valentine” record surprising the audience.

After the show, some of the star artists linked up including Lil Tjay, YK Osiris, Jay Gwuapo and TJ Porter. DJ Drewski who was also the DJ getting the crowd rocking at SONY Hall was in the studio.

So much talent on one stage, make sure you stay tuned to hear all of the great songs and visuals coming your way.


FASHINNOVATION 2019 Featuring Keynote speaker Ryan Leslie at the Tribeca Rooftop

The 2nd edition of FASHINNOVATION @ NYFW took place on February 13th, 2019  at the Tribeca Rooftop. The informative and innovative FASHINNOVATION was founded by Marcelo & Jordana Guimaraes.
Guests were greeted by both founders and various innovative business owners each displaying their innovative brands in their pop up section. Some of the pop ups in attendance were Bumble, ‘imi’ by Imogen Evans, eSTYLAR, Hickies, YouCam Makeup, Valeria Amaral, Constanza+LAB, DOU.K, Shopcountr, Elena Reidman and Calin New York just to name a few.

Attendees had the opportunity to purchase items,

Ryan Leslie – Superphone Shot by Sicarah

learn about different innovative businesses and hear from several panels with over 40 speakers combined. The FASHINNOVATION Keynote speaker was Grammy-nominated Ryan Leslie who is also the CEO of Superphone. Superphone is an application that allows you to grow your network through text messaging. The Opening remarks of FASHINNOVATION were led by Lillian Liu, Manager of Partnerships, UN Global Compact.

Each panel presented an innovative perspective to ordinary situations encouraging attendees to think out of the box. Some of the featured panels included were Disruptive Fashion & Advanced Technology, Women Empowerment & Fashion Tech Style, Humanizing Homelessness, Marketplace, E-commerce, Digital Platform and Celebrities/Influencers in Fashion. Many wonderful conversations were had on stage from speakers who work at Levi, Google ATAP, J. Crew, Launchmetrics, EatGoodNYC and so many more.
There was a live performance by DeeMo, a singer, actor and motivational speaker. Deemo may seem familiar to you as he’s an actor on “Gotham” which airs on FOX television and “Shades Of Blue” which airs on NBC.

The fashion and technology displayed at FASHINNOVATION was incredibly fascinating. ‘imi’ by Imogen Evans created her brand with sexual assault victims in mind, symbolizing the silence they once had to keep. Her designs have been featured in Vogue, Nylon, Hunger and more! Visit https://www.imibyimogenevans.com for more information.
Valeria Amaral has a social conscious clothing line that gives 10% of the proceeds of each sale to a non profit organization, Goembrace.com that helps victims of human trafficking.
Bumble is an app designed to help users connect with people on a business, friend and dating level all depending on what you are looking for.  If you are moving to a new city and you need new friends, if you want to try to stir up your dating life or if you want to grow your business, visit https://bumble.com.
Constanza + Lab features clothing with superpowers! Yes, you’ve heard that correctly. You can download an app and control different lighting on your clothing based on your mood. This innovative clothing can be found on http://constanzamas.com

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These brands are the now and the future. You do not want to miss all the new innovative fashion emergence into the world. Visit these sites and let me know what you liked!

Lil Mosey New Music Video, “Yoppa”



Lil Mosey just released a new music video for his single “Yoppa” featuring BlocBoy JB. The intro of this music video is hilarious. It starts off with some comedy over whether or not BlocBoy JB is high. The guy who leaves his mattress store in the hands of the two hip hop artists has on the tightest shirt ever and as he exits the shop we can see how mischievous that night is about to get.

The beat is dope and the hook is memorable. All good vibes! Check it out and leave a comment!

Thanks for watching!

What’s not to like about PnB Rock’s new music video “Neva Lackin?”


Philadelphia’s own PnB Rock is starting the year off right with the release of his latest music video, “Neva Lackin.” This video is straight out of a movie! It’s been so long since I’ve heard and seen a good skit and acting in an actual music video.

Way too often the visuals are being forgotten about but that is not the case with the new “Neva Lackin” music video. The video begins with PnB rock talking to a young lady in an apartment about an associate who seems to bring negative vibes. He proceeds to tell her they got pulled over by the cops and his negative vibing friend gets out of the car to talk to the cops and they end up leaving the scene, no charges brought against them. Obviously, from the beginning I’m like PnB Rock’s friend must be an undercover cop. If you get pulled over by the cops under no circumstance is the driver expected to get out of the car unless asked to do so by an officer. As you can see I’m hooked within the first 20 seconds of the video and by the end of the skit PnB Rock hands her a load of cash.

LONG STORY SHORT, I was right. The girl finds out the guy is an undercover cop and they tie him up, steal his NYPD cop car and set it on fire.

That’s how you know its a good video because I feel like I just spoiled a movie.

Check out PnB Rock’s latest music video, “Neva Lackin” and feel free to leave a comment!

Tekashi 6ix9ine – “Dummy Boy” Album Review

6ix 9ine is in jail right now and his instagram said “Due to circumstances beyond our control we have postponed the release of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “DUMMY BOY” until further notice. However, his album was leaked and the full album can be found on spinrilla.com.

This is a very unfortunate situation for Tekashi 6ix 9ine because as we know just like any artist he worked tirelessly on creating this project. As a result of the project getting leaked he will lose an endless amount of money. The news got out very quickly and now there is no need for anyone to stream or even buy any of the records off of “Dummy Boy.” However, now that the album is on iTunes perhaps he will make the money he deserves if the feds don’t take it.

The 13 track album features several A lists artists including Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Tory Lanez, Gunna, Lil Baby and more. 6ix 9ine explores a variation of sounds on this project even featuring some tracks crossing over into the reggaeton world.

Only a few days before Tekashi 6ix 9ine went to jail he went on Power 105.1 Breakfast club and admitted firing his whole team and speaks about the foul situations that were taking place in his camp. On his single, “Kanga” featuring Gunna he slightly addresses these issues and on the record with Tory Lanez, the song KIKA ends with Tory saying I forgot we can’t say that word, clearly referring to Tr3yway and instead uses words like Trojan and Target.

Now it seems things have escalated and due to one lyric in the “MAMA” record featuring Nicki Minaj and Kanye West there are new problems between 6ix 9ine and Fashion Nova. “Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat” was a lyric replaced with “Splish splash Apple Bottoms make that ass phat.” Of course, Tekashi 6ix 9ine was paid already and rumor has it the lyric had to change because Nicki was not in favor of being on a record promoting Fashion Nova who Cardi B clearly has a strong alliance with now that her new clothing line has been released.

Check out the banging album, come back for more updates and be sure to leave a comment.



Gangtivity – “GGX”


Gangtivity released a new project called, “GGX.” The project begins with a skit, giving you that old school vibe titled “When the Hate Don’t Work.” This skit is funny because there’s a phone call with a person on the phone hating on gangtivity while his friends are supporting Gangtivity hence the title of the skit. 

The first official song on the project rightfully so is titled “Gangtivity.” Below are a few lyrics from the single, “Gangtivity.” 

“The haters is lurking, they see me in person, they curve it, they don’t want to bang it out.”

“Red rag in my pocket, black glock with the beam.”

“ICY” is one of my favorite songs on “GGX.” Instead of making the song entirely about jewelry, Gangtivity cleverly uses the term ICY interchangeably with I See Why. Therefore, the song references icy jewelry but they also rap about haters, envy and one verse even begins with the spelling of words representing a different type of flow. 

“Got me feeling like its 89, I was born in 93, Damn my pop’s a waste of time, I guess I’m before my time.”

“Regardless” is a hype song designed for the club and high energy listeners. I dare you to listen to this song without moving in your seat, this beat gives life. Gangtivity focuses the theme of the song on money similar to “Racks.” However, unlike “Regardless,” “Racks” is a mellow calm record that creates a relaxing vibe. 

“Stupid” has a great beat and excellent flow, “I go stupid, I go dumb, got a shooter and he young, he’ll shoot your a** for fun and then play 2K when he done.” 

On the project, “Personnal” is a stand out record. There’s more autotune on the record but its also catchy and brings up the topic of love and relationships. 

Money Change, People Change, I Never Change, Loyal To The Gang. – Gangtivity, Loyal 

The last record, “Blessed” addresses their motivation such as family, and their dislike for people acting out based on internet likes and clout. 

“A thousand likes but you’re broke, I don’t care about your clout, you ain’t never got no weed, I’m in this b**ch with an ounce.” 

Check out Gangtivity’s latest project, “GGX” today to hear the full “GGX” project! 


Instagram: @gangtivityonline