Keem Releases New Music Video, “Hard” Featuring Milly

Keem releases a new music video for his latest release, “Hard” featuring Milly. This song really depicts the struggle and lifestyle that many experience when going through the grind.

“On God, It was Hard.” 

This song will inevitably have you bobbing your head up and down in approval as you listen to the cadence from both Keem and Milly. “Hard” is really about getting through the hard times in life.

“I been thugging all my life, putting on for the squad.”

Both artists excel at story telling painting a clear picture of their respective experiences. Whether they rap about competition, fashion or the struggle there will be a relatable topic.

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Teyana Taylor Turns Up The Heat in “How You Want It?”

Harlem’s own Teyana Taylor takes a quick break from behind the camera to drop “How You Want It?” featuring King Combs (it’s hard to ignore his obvious splitting resemblence of his father, Sean “Diddy” Combs ). The new single, released under Getting Out Our Dreams Inc.(Good Music), features a sample from Mase’s 1997 hit record “What You Want.” When you pair these two hitters, you find yourself engulfed in a special kind of sauce. Teyana unleashes drips of her sex appeal all over this track as she dominates with her late-night inquiries. This one may be a bit too hot to hear, but check it out anyway. Listen to “How You Want It?” below.

Trey Songz – “Everybody Say” Featuring Dave East

Trey Songz dropped his new music video, “Everybody Say” featuring Dave East last week. This single is off his latest mixtape,  “To Whom It May Concern.” The song targets the concept of he say, she say and really shows off his money making lifestyle. He even rocks gold grills and showcases his money, “I’ma pull up in a Rolls, I would spend a bankroll, But my money don’t fold right now.”

Trey Songz seemed to have some fun in the video dancing to the instrumentals. Amadeus, JR, Trey’s Puppy and a couple of his team members were in the new video. Towards the end Dave East kills the track with his bars and Mike x Angel closes the video with his amazing vocals.

Check out the new video above!

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New Song By Carmen Brown – My Smile

Carmen Brown is a Gospel singer with a new song called, “My Smile” which has the ability to encourage people around the world. The song is about the happiness God gives her through his grace. His righteousness gives her a smile that can’t be taken away and it’s a great motivator for anyone who is looking for everlasting happiness. God is in control and Carmen Brown uses her voice to spread his love and show the benefits of putting faith in God. “With light in my soul you got control your grace is more precious than gold,” is only one of Carmen’s soul pleasing lyrics.

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Song Writing Credits: Youdlyn Moreau


She Real – Party Tonight Music Video

“Party Tonight” has the perfect vibe and energy that Hip Hop is missing. Positivity is emitted from this track and I love it. Music is designed to aid in relaxation and fun and She Real has perfected the formula. The video is house party themed and reminds me heavily of the Kid n’ Play era. She Real exhibits her own style and originality with a bold yet enthusiastic demeanor.

This song is a celebration record for several occasions even surviving daily struggles. The video seems to take place in an art gallery filled with beautiful art work and a highly energized crowd of people. She’s been making a name for herself around New York City and I am sure you will be seeing more of her music sooner than you think. Check out the music video above!

Mackalevin Releases His New Record, “Show Me Around”

Brooklyn bred, Mackalevin took a break with the East Coast and dropped a West Coast based record called “Show Me Around,” featuring K. Remedy and Don Jr. I feel like I was living through Mackalevin’s vivid details while he was rapping about his California experience.


Despite his change in location Mackalevin’s lyricism is always positive, “I never hated, I’m just motivated.” This record is exciting and adventurous and the beat screams a good time. Although, Macaklevin speaks of hard work and lack of sleep the context of the song is all about the west coast turn up.

All three rappers on the track showed off their bars with their incredible flows. Do not sleep on this record!

Visit now to hear this dope track.

Trey Songz New Mixtape – “Intermission”

Trey Songz, dropped his latest mixtape earlier this week entitled, Intermission. His latest work of art features 6 creative and thought provoking songs. Not many artists can sing the melodies of a charismatic and romantic singer yet express their emotions as bluntly as a hardcore rapper but Trey Songz can. For example, “So you a good girl or you a bad bxtch which ever one don’t you be average,” says Trey in one song on the mixtape. He’s released a No. 1 album called TRIGGA just last year and he already dropped more FIRE music for his loyal fans aka Trey’s Angels.

The first track is an introductory with mostly audio of the crowd’s reaction to Trey as he talks during one of his concerts.

The second track is called Don’t Play and is a very straight to the point record. Many men should listen to this mixtape because Trey literally made a shortcut for guys. Instead of a guy being conflicted on how to tell a girl they need to decide if they will go all the way or just chill, Trey has made the situation way easier. Trey says, “Girl don’t play let a n**ga know now if you gon leave or stay because I got a lot of girls that would love to take your place.” Wow, that chorus is clearly stated. It’s a mood setting song therefore, sending the message across without coming off too aggressive.

The next track, “Boss” is another realistic message conveyed through Trey’s lyricism. Everybody knows a female that only wants the man in charge or who is well known, so to speak. Most women understand entertainers, sport players and music artists among several other professions are the people to keep in your company if you’re looking to live a lavish lifestyle. The song is romantic and enticing as Trey says, “Baby girl you can have what you want” but as the song plays he talks about the temporary dispositions of a women only searching for a boss.

“Good Girls vs Bad Girls” has to be one of my favorite tracks on this mixtape because of the multi perspectives mentioned in the lyrics. Many good women can’t get the “so called” guy of their dreams because the men they like tend to favor the “bad girls.” To clear up the confusion Trey breaks it down in this song, “Bad girls ain’t never been good for me good girls ain’t never been enough for me.”


I would say this time Trey is the voice of men while catering to women by providing answers for them. Not to say all men agree with Trey Songz but he does give realistic perspectives on this mixtape.

Now ladies have you ever tried to talk to your man but he seems to keep things bottled in driving you up a wall? Well, “Talk About It” addresses this topic. Another clever aspect to this song is Trey’s ability to let a guard down or maybe share a little insight about possible stressors in his life such as not having enough time to even think.

The last track Change, talks about the guy taking the blame because he deserves the guilt. I like this song because the topic reminds me of the 90’s R&B where artists would discuss scenarios where they messed up.

I won’t go into too much detail but definitely listen to the entire mixtape above to understand my opinion on this particular mixtape. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@sicarahlashay) and Instagram (@Sicarah).

Twan Da Dude – Star

Twan Da Dude recently released his new track called “Star” featuring Tyler Woods. It’s always nice to hear a guy speak on understanding and respecting all the things women do. On this track Twan speaks about this girl who he sees as a star who has features that he loves such as her curves. This song can be seen as uplifting and smooth. Both artists on this track shows appreciation for women working in the world and dealing with her stress accordingly. Although, Twan Da Dude keeps it real as he talks about the female of this song loving the attention she gets while with him, he still keeps it appealing to women. It’s an easy song to vibe out to so be sure to press play above and follow Twan Da Dude on Instagram – @therealtwandadude and Twitter – @twansdadude.

New Song: August Rush ft. Haze Milli – Wu-Tang

Everything about the above “Wu-Tang” rendition symbolizes strength and power, especially in relation to hustling. For starters, the introduction of the track is one of the most notable lines recited by Mekhi Phifer in the 2002 film, Paid In Full. The line, “I’m about to be on some real Murder shit A,” sets the tone early for the heat of these two rising performers.

August bodies this track through vivid details on stressful money making habits and friends, who sing like a canary when the pressure begins. “Ratting on their bros run and go tell ass niggas.” August uses clever flow changes while modernizing the problems portrayed in the 2002 film through his lyrics. “Take the ball from the boy, put some crack in his hands, tell him he can still score, than you might understand, why these boys think like children, bitches think like man.”

Haze Milli off the rip showcased his punch lines, “I’m on point I’m Kyrie Irving in the game, I’ll assist them with a shell, I’ma serve them in the paint.” He targets snitches and expresses his lost of friends either due to death or incarceration. He creatively links many of his bars to basketball, “I’m in the zone laid up, I’ma catch him off a rebound.”

It’s not just music its art, to hear all their new releases first follow them on Twitter @YeaItzAugust and ‪@HazeMilli_59‪.

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New Music: Dolo Feat. Willie Green – Signs

“Dollar Signs in my eyes,” is a very catchy lyric describing the motive of the song. This track belongs in the club and on the radio and Dolo knows it, “I could be your favorite entertainer.” There’s no beating around the bush on the record as both artists are straight up with their feelings. They both have incredible flows as they mention their grind and the ladies who got their attention. Press play above to check out their beat selection and hear their new song, “Signs!”