New Music Video: Julzz Grandeur – One Time

Julzz Grandeur recently released his new euphoric love themed music video for his new record, “One Time” and it’s already receiving high praise from his fans. The video will have you mesmerized with romantic vibes, flamboyant swag and backyard visuals. It’s a perfect sunny day outside for Julzz Grandeur and his lady to unite and express their attraction towards each other. His leading lady is freshly dressed in white matching her fashion forward rapper counterpart.

This song is ideal for any guy trying to swoop the girl of their dreams off of their feet. This song is an ideal fit for multiple locations including a club, cookout or just plain blast in the car.

Check out this summer banger now and follow him on Twitter @JulzzNFG!

julzz grandeur

Haze Milli New Music Video “Henny Str8”

Haze Milli, an up and coming Yonkers artist released his latest music video, “Henny Str8” this week and his fans are loving it. As the title implies, Haze Milli raps about drinking Henny straight without a chaser. In his lyrics he speaks about women, money and his hard work tactics. In the video you will see Haze Milli and his SOTG members rocking designer wardrobe and showcasing the Henny bottle.

Check out the Yonkers artist “From the lost borough same town as the Lox,” tough bars and hype music video above.

Video Visual Credits: London Boy


August Alsina World Premiere of “Hip Hop”

August Alsina just released his new music video for “Hip Hop” on the BET Awards 2015 Pre-Show. I love listening to August Alsina and this video was particularly special to me because despite all of his money and success he doesn’t forget where he came from. In fact, this music video is clearly shot in the hood and inside of the home of a struggling family. It seems like August was trying to give us a preview to his old lifestyle.

The video is dope because Hip Hop is a culture and although August Alsina is a RnB singer he understands it like no other! The lyrics and video are equally inspirational. The whole message is pain doesn’t last forever and to keep grinding. That’s a great way to describe the hustle and grind of Hip Hop. The “Hip Hop” music video gave me chills and I hope you all enjoy the music video as much as I did.

Augu$t Ru$h – Bodega Negra (New Music Video)

Augu$t Ru$h, an emerging Hip Hop artist from Yonkers, NY released a new music video this week. Bodega Negra is one of the songs off of his latest mixtape, “No Hand-Outs.” The song has elite flow and captivating lyricism to match his Gutta Visual produced by other SOTG members. There are several creative components in this video ranging from blood to suspenseful music. To watch Augu$t Ru$h’s new music video press play above and follow him on twitter @yeaitzaugust.

Soundcloud Link:

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New Song: August Rush ft. Haze Milli – Wu-Tang

no hand-outs


Chris Brown Releases New Music Video – “Autumn Leaves”



“Autumn Leaves” is the 12th track off of Chris Brown’s X album featuring Kendrick Lamar. This deep record has been coupled with a creative Asian themed video. Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche tran is the leading female in the video creating authentic scenes with their remarkable chemistry and strong physical connection. “I been bleeding in your silence I feel safer in your violence I hold on like leaves in fall to what is left,” is a quote from the song describing  his desire to keep his relationship. The only question I have is where is Kendrick Lamar? However, despite the feature missing from the video, I really like the mature and protective vibe from Breezy. I was expecting him to dance but his unpredictability made this video what it is which is beautiful.


Jaquae New Music Video – That’s Harr

Ahh this track is so catchy! There’s a multi-level amount of animation and humor in this music video. The Harlem rapper has a crowd of people that’s full of energy starring in his video to match the excitement of his lyrics. Jaquae even plays the role of a homeless guy in his video. He’s not afraid to be different and place originality on his work to make himself stand out. I hope ya’ll enjoy the video as much as I did and be sure to follow Jaquae on Twitter @Jaquae!


Beyonce New Music Video – 7/11

WTH! Lol! This was so random and unexpected but I love it. I mean what can’t you love about the Queen B anyway. Well I’m sure you seen the IG video floating around the web but the actual video is even more interesting. Beyonce performs almost every action in the song from key words like clap, hands up and spin around in a circle. To me the message of the video is be free, be you and ignore what the haters got to say.


New Music Video! B.O.B. ft. Trey Songz – Not For Long

“You will be mine, Even if you’re somebody elses, Girl not for long.” It takes a certain individual to speak these words comfortably to a woman and B.O.B. and Trey Songz definitely fit the criteria. This song is so calm, relaxing and romantic. It’s perfect for pulling the girl of your dreams. The soothing song is complimented with a simple video magnifying the importance of the girl. Enjoy B.O.B.’s latest creation!


New Music Video: Bodies by Chinx ft. Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel

Of course after “Hot N***a” everybody wanted to know if Bobby Shmurda would be a one hit wonder but after this feature I doubt it. Chinx released his new music video ft. Bobby Smurda and Rowdy Rebel on October 22nd and Bobby Shmurda literally bodied the verse. “None of my n***as ain’t scared to catch no bodies,” is definitely a catchy enough phrase to get people using it as captions on photos and just spitting on a regular day. Chinx and Rowdy Rebel also did their thing on this record too but Bobby Shmurda’s verse stood out the most to me. The production of the video is on point shout out to Eif Rivera and the bass goes hard. If you ain’t seen the video yet don’t hesitate any further!




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Migos – Handsome & Wealthy Music Video & Possible New Mixtape?!

Now tell me who doesn’t like a guy that’s Handsome and Wealthy. Fancy Whips, Slick Talk and Young Rich … well you know the rest. The young Hip Hop stars are from Atlanta ranging from ages 20 to 23. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset are mainly known for their YRN, Fight Night and most recent release Handsome and Wealthy records. Word has it they will be releasing a new mixtape and I’m sure listeners will be hype for their new work of art.  Check out their latest music video titled, “Handsome and Wealthy.”


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