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Jac Ross – “It’s Ok To Be Black”

Jac Ross is the voice of the culture addressing political and social issues in his breathtaking lyricism. Jac Ross reminds people “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK”  with his latest single, a message so many people need to hear.

Reinforcement and positive words from Jac Ross couldn’t have come at a better time. The news headlines over the past couple years prove to be disheartening and unfortunate and made many people question if progress was heading in the wrong direction.

The visual for “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK” show multiple iconic African Americans who changed the narrative and led people to freedom. Next to the icons and legendary heroes are the lyrics to Jac Ross’s electrifying and powerful song, “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK.”

“Rise Up, Don’t You Know You Can Fly.”

Three must hear songs from Jac Ross to accompany “IT’S OK TO BE BLACK” are “Change is Gonna Come”, “Fight The Power” and “The Blacker The Berry”.

Jac Ross is a motivational artist with a powerful message. He opened the Urban One Honors television special and earned a standing ovation from icons such as Missy Eliiot, Anita Baker, Brandy and more.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for new music from Jac Ross.

Lewi B Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Lewi B from Yonkers, New York and ask him in depth questions about his latest project, Lewi Season 2.

During the interview we discuss the song titles and concepts on Lewi Season 2. We discuss different experiences and personalities that inspired Lewi B to create Lewi Season 2.

Check out the interview above and below tune into his latest music video “Not So Bad” featuring Styles P and PJay Johnson.

Legend Dirt Bike James

Legend Dirt Bike James

James Cedric Hayden, affectionately known as “ Dirtbike James” was born January 9,1971 in East Harlem , New York.

Dirtbike James was a legend in the streets but most importantly in the Bike World.

Growing up in Harlem around the 80s era money was the most important thing on every hustler’s mind and unfortunately for James who was only 23 as a result he was sentenced to 48 years in federal prison for drug charges. Of course the FBI tried their hardest to convince James to cooperate so he can receive a lighter sentence. But James was an honorable man and deeply believed in DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.

But his story doesn’t end there. Thanks to our FOREVER President Barack Obama James was able to come home earlier. Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 into law that dramatically reduced a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between powder and crack cocaine, which disproportionately affected minorities. His administration also advocated for, and the U.S. Sentencing Commission approved, the retroactive application of these sentencing guidelines which became effective

Thankfully for this new law Dirtbike James returned home on time served after completing 19 years and KEEPING HIS MOUTH SHUT!

While James was away a childhood friend would tell him stories of a bike club Go Hard Boys and he would also share his vision with James , a vision to gather the best riders and supporters to make the GHB family. Celebrities such as Fetty Wap, Kirk Frost, and Ronnie Faisst are also members and major supporters of the bike organization. But GHB is bigger than bikes.  GHB is heavily involved into the community . GHB 100 day is a day where the organization gave  the homeless sandwiches,water, and socks sponsored by Vans. For the past 8 years GHB has also hosted turkey giveaway drives for the less fortunate sponsored by Jim Jones, Fetty Wap and Saucey Extracts. Dirtbike James would soon be renamed and internationally known as “The General” of Go hard Boys.

Unfortunately James passed away March 3, 2020 due to a heart attack.

James is survived by his only daughter Jasmine Jones. Jasmine received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Barry University , a major she pursued inspired by her father’s love for sports. Years later Jasmine would open up her own Sports and Entertainment firm where she worked closely with the NBA,NFL,WNBA , Showtime Sports, and much more! Carriyng her father’s legacy for his love for sports and especially the Dirtbike Culture, Jasmine was able to gather over 100 riders from NYC,Philadelphia,DC and other cities to ride through the streets of Harlem to show love and respect to the one and only  LEGEND DIRTBIKE JAMES.

SEE VIDEO BELOW : https://www.instagram.com/p/B9xyr1tFqKE/


What are 3 lessons you can learn from listening to Jadakiss’s Ignatius album?

Hey did you ever wonder what makes Jadakiss so legendary? Let’s go on this journey of lessons with me into the Ignatius album.

  1. Always Pay tribute to those who mean the most to you.

In life everyone has someone to look up to and guide them when they need it most. This album is a result of words and ideas given to Jadakiss from Ignatius Maurice Jackson who was not only Jadakiss’s manager but best friend as well. Jadakiss figured the best way to get his feelings out and in the open was to create music applying all pieces of advices handed to him from Ignatius. In the breakfast club interview you can hear more about the importance behind this album to Jadakiss.

“Before you pick up speed, you gotta get traction
To see yourself bleed is a different reaction
What you want and what you need is a different attraction
End of the day, long as you gettin’ your backend
Before we split the profit, we puttin’ it back in
In the name of Ignatius Maurice Jackson.”

2. Keep It 100

Sometimes people will lie to keep from disappointing or hurting who they love but Jadakiss dedicated track 3 to keeping it real. He breaks down scenarios in this song just to give an example of what happens when people around you don’t keep it 100. On the flipside he raps about the bond that’s created when you have loyalty with a person.

“Friends turn into brothers when they been with you the longest.”

3. When you put out an album, collaborate with other artists who possess legendary lyric ability and provide quality.

Jadakiss is a legendary artist out of Yonkers, NY who released his fifth studio album, Ignatius this March but has been in the game since the 1990’s. He can literally work with any music artist he chooses therefore his music features say a lot. On Ignatius you will find features from Pusha T, John Legend, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, Dej Loaf and more.


This is the Jadakiss all his fans were waiting for. This album is a classic and this music is going to last. Two of my favorite records are “Angels Getting Pedicured” and “Gov’t Cheese.”

Thank Me Later.

Below is the music video to “Kisses To The Sky.”

Lady Radikal Exclusive Fashion Interview


I had the chance to interview the owner of Clothing Brand, Lady Radikal. The owner, Yur Majesty and I discussed the origin of his designs and upcoming goals.

Yur majesty started his clothing brand to create clothes for all individuals including tall individuals that had difficulty finding clothes that fit them properly.

His designs are original and creative and most importantly custom made. Some of his hoodies have circle cuts in the chest area to allow hoodies to be worn for not only comfort but sexiness as well.

He also has a veil design that allows women to wear a hoody and put their veil down if they would like some form of privacy. It provides a mysterious look for the person wearing the hoody.

If you see someone with a Lady Radikal piece of clothing don’t expect the same shirt or hoody to be sold to you because he makes one of everything making everyone’s clothes unique.

To keep up with new designs and purchase the right custom order follow the brand on instagram @radikalyfe_clothing_! 


Border Buck “What Ya Life Like” Interview & Listening Party

Border Buck held his listening party for his latest project “What Ya Life Like” in Harlem, New York. During the listening party, Border Buck conducted interviews with a few journalists. I was able to learn about the artists he listens too and his inspiration for some of the songs on “What Ya Life Like.”  I had a chance to find out more about his music goals and supporters.

Kiing Shooter is featured on Border Buck’s new project, “What Ya Life Like.” He is also supported by Harlem’s own, Dave East.

Press play above to learn more about Border Buck and to follow him on Instagram @borderbuck_.


Benny Da Jeweler Exclusive Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Benny Da Jeweler. In the interview we discussed his designs for music artist Casanova, his start in the jewelry industry, 2020 goals and more!

Casanova is the first person in the music industry Benny Da Jeweler started working with.  He talked about creating both the 2X and ape piece for Casanova.

As a child he was raised in the Jewelry business. During the interview, he gives advice to those aspiring to create unforgettable jewelry pieces.

His dream client is Jay-Z.

Benny Da Jeweler is located on 55 W 47th Street in New York City. To see some of his incredible pieces of jewelry visit his instagram  @bennydajeweler.

To learn more press play above!


Ann Marie New Music Video, “Hennessy”


Ann Marie is a super talented RnB singer signed to Interscope records. She ended 2019 with a new music video for her sexy single, “Hennessy.”

During the song, she sings about her fantasy to be intimate with a special someone. In detail, she specifies her emotions while drinking hennessy straight.

“Sounds like a melody, the sounds that I make when you enter me.”

Ann Marie was featured on YK Osiris single, “Secret” about a year ago. The viral music video received over 59 million views.

Stay tuned to see what’s next for emerging rnb star, Ann Marie.


Rich The Kid Proposes To His Girlfriend Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid has proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years, Tori Brixx and she said yes! Although, the couple was on Instagram live having a dispute it seems the couple has fought through the hard times and are ready to make a mends and this time for good.

On Instagram live Rich The Kid had an argument with Tori Brixx and the altercation was disturbing for some of his fans. Although there were curses flying and possibly a shove seen on the instagram live, I am happy they made up.

One thing I will always say is, it is difficult to live in the public eye. When you are famous regardless of whether you are a music artist, dancer, model or any form of entertainer you will be watched and you will be judged.

Rich The Kid apologized on Instagram to Tori Brixx and made it very clear that he loves her and and is truly sorry for his words and actions.

Rich The Kid, 27 years old had a baby with Tori Brixx this past April. Rich The Kid has two other children from his previous marriage.

Rich The Kid took to Instagram to say, “Honestly there are not too many words that can explain the feelin, it was magical, I was nervous af but I did it 😌💍.”

Rich The Kid is a very popular artist with his hits such as “Plug Walk” and “Richer Than Ever.”

Congratulations to the wonderful 2020 waiting for Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx.