Raps N Receipts Showcase

Raps N Receipts held the last showcase in the Galleria Mall in White Plains, New York on February 23rd. Raps N Receipts is brought to you by @lorddotto and @russbeknowin. The showcase featured several artists from the Westchester area representing soul and Hip Hop flows. There were performances by @kaicash @reallychinkee @seansavy_ @tinicarose @imjaydamarie @julzznfg @prezzysupreme @21gramsmusic @lorddotto @russbeknowin @visionarysociety.

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Julzz Grandeur – “100 Grand” Mixtape

Julzz Grandeur just released his most recent body of work titled, “100 Grand.” I simply can’t listen to “100 Grand” without dancing.

The only way to describe “100 Grand” is feel good music with great bass, hard flows and above all variation.

A couple of the songs on the project already have music videos on Youtube such as “Check On” and “Henny Hardway.”

“That’s your wife your thot that hoe you like a lot, whoring up she taking up all the shots.”  

Jay Critch mainly known for records such as “Fashion” and “Speak Up” is also featured on “Sushi” which is track six of Julzz Grandeur, “100 Grand” recent release. Jay Critch is also a feature on Famous Dex’s recent single, “Nervous.”

My favorite records on “100 Grand” are “Back Out,” “Stretch Gang,” “Slide,” and “Ten Toed.”

Check out this project and leave a comment!

Instagram: @julzznfg 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulzzNFG/

Julzz Grandeur – Locust Hill Flows

Julzz Grandeur sampled Drake’s “Weston Road Flows” for his new Freestyle, “Locust Hill Flows.” This new single is in reference to his childhood neighborhood. The song is about his pain from losing loved ones and unfortunate neighborhood memories. His lyrics are communicated so thoroughly that the pain is definitely felt throughout the song.

“Don’t walk across that park if you ain’t valid when the sun down, them gun sounds had a nigga shook, I seen the whole strip looking out my window, man I always used to know shit, Heard every bullet that was coming from that creek road, told Irv I heard the shots like it was coming in my peak hole.”

The lyrics in combination with beat sets the ideal tone for the content as he dedicates this song to the loved ones he lost. Check out the reveal of Julzz’s new single above.

Julzz Grandeur – “Thirst Trap”

Julzz Grandeur released a remix to Khia’s “My Neck My Back” record heating up the summer with his single, “Thirst Trap.” He slightly tweaked the original concept of the song by replacing the lyrics with details of thirsty women antics. Now in the new day of age we have social media everywhere from twitter, snapchat, Facebook, instagram and more and women will do whatever it takes to get their followers up.

Julzz describes the likes and comments that lead the women dressing half naked on social media to believe they are everything and a bag of chips. He speaks nothing but realism on this track but check it out for yourself.

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SOTG Kills The Stage at the Move The Crowd Tour

Straight Out The Gutta better known as SOTG is a popular group of artists from Yonkers, NY. SOTG members, Julzz Grandeur, Haze Milli and August Rush each performed at Santos Party House this past Saturday for the Move The Crowd Music Concert Tour. The flyer stated a special performance by Cashflow Harlem and other performances by Trav B Ryan, Prom Knight, Indigo and more.  Above is footage from their killer performance. Check it out above and leave a comment!


New Music Video: Julzz Grandeur – “With The Shit”


Julzz Grandeur is back with another creative music video and this time for his single, “With The Shit” off of the Grand Sounds mixtape. The song is dedicated to those trying to be about “that” life which would be a “gangsta” lifestyle that many people pretend to live but really can’t handle.  In the video, a man is tied up and held hostage by gunpoint.  Grandeur throws consistent shots in his lyricsm towards the people trying to live a street life that know nothing about it.



New Mixtape: Julzz Grandeur – “Grand Sounds”

Julzz Grandeur’s new mixtape, “Grand Sounds” is an enlightening Hip Hop project containing 15 mind finessing tracks. Grand Sounds vigorating songs feature, Dave East, Haze Milli, Mandy Mar and London Boy who each enhance Julzz’s message. Julzz Grandeur’s music on this project is for the person who grew up in the hood, the girls who love to party, those who painfully miss the music from the 80’s and 90’s and those who like bars that provoke thought.

Before releasing the full project Julzz Grandeur released 5 music videos to songs on this project including “Empire State of Mind,” “Straight Out The Gutta,” “Bizzerk,” “One Time,” and “Summer Lov’n.” On “Empire State of Mind” Julzz raps about the importance of Hip Hop in his life, his ideal type of woman and how to curve the haters when they have a lot to say about his goals. He raps, “And never listen to the critics cause they all gon hate.”

His second single, “Beast of the East” features East Harlem’s own, Dave East. On the single, both Julzz Grandeur and Dave East let the world know exactly why they can be considered beasts of the east. Julzz raps, “Trying to calm me down but I’m cooking with advantage, I’ll ship them in a box no fee for the handling” while Dave East spits, “You ain’t about that life that you promoting, niggas ain’t handicap but we all rolling.”

Singles like “Straight Out The Gutta,” “With The Shit,” “Hallelujah,” and “Cook Up” possess realistic lyrics about drugs, guns, living in the hood and haters. On the contrary some of his music is dedicated to the ladies such as “One Time,” “Digital Stimulation,” and “Summer Lov’n.” “G R A N D” and “Dutch’s & Coronas” will take you back in time and other songs on the project will make you dance!

The mixtape is fire and the music videos are even better! Check it out today and leave a comment!

Julzz Grandeur & Dave East reps the East!

Yonkers artist, Julzz Grandeur teams up with the hottest rapper out of Harlem right now, Dave East for his new single, “Beast of the East.” The title couldn’t describe the song content any better and what a great collaboration considering Dave East constantly reps East Harlem everywhere he goes.

These two rappers let the world know exactly why they can be considered beasts of the east. Julzz raps, “Trying to calm me down but I’m cooking with advantage, I’ll ship them in a box no fee for the handling” while Dave East spits, “You ain’t about that life that you promoting, niggas ain’t handicap but we all rolling.”

This is a must hear single, and the first single to drop off of Julzz’s upcoming project, Grand Sounds which is dropping February 26th.  Press play above, share and comment!

Julzz Grandeur – “Straight Out The Gutta” ft. Haze Milli

Julzz Grandeur and Haze Milli teamed up to make a new single called, “Straight Out The Gutta.” On this single, Julzz Grandeur tells it how it is in reference to guys who think they are more than what they are. Haze Milli’s lyrics goes into depth about the street life repping “Straight Out The Gutta.”

Later in the song both artists share a verse, killing the beat.


Check out the fire track now!