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Drake Sits Down For An Interview With Rap Radar

Wow! The time has finally come for an over 2 hour long interview with Rap Radar and the rap legend, Drake!

During the Drake interview, one very important thing that stood out is Drakes confidence. Drake knew how great he would become way before it became reality. 

“Things that I repetitively think about or say I’m able to manifest.” 

Drake always knew where he wanted to live and he lives exactly where he planned.

During the interview, Drake mentioned how much respect he has for the young artists breaking the boundaries of what music is. YNW Melly was mentioned in the interview  about how he’s able to create music with pain and the craziest melody.

You’ll always be chasing when people are like who are you?

Be in the Who is this moment .. trying to keep people interested you’ll be chasing that moment throughout your career. I love when Drake said this because this seems like one fact most people wouldn’t know unless they were famous.

“Your who is this moment is a big moment please be present in that moment and you’ll be trying to get that back forever.” 

Drake talks about Thank Me Later and mentions it had the least amount of personal touches and really was all about how many features can you get. A lot of pressure at that time. It’s so nice to have Drake open up about everything. 

Drake started out as an actor and many people didn’t believe he could become a Hip Hop artist. He even talks about the stigma of coming from Canada and no other artists making it.

The interview addresses family, dreams, music of course and more! I love how open Drake was in the interview and his ability to be humble and real.

This interview is great for all upcoming artists interested in becoming a successful music artist because there’s a lot of gems in the interview. Fans will have the answers they’ve been waiting for and all I can say is its worth every minute of the 2 hours.

Below is one of my favorite Drake records, What is yours?

So Yonkers Interview!



I had the chance to sit down this year and talk to the artists on the So Yonkers single. The music video received over 200,000 views on Youtube and is continuing to grow.

CASH B, LadySlim, ReallyJaewon & Keem are the artists featured in the viral video.

Cash B came up with the idea before the So Brooklyn Challenge began but once Casanova released the challenge he quickly gathered his winning team to dominate the challenge.

During this interview I had the chance to learn how each other began rapping, their upcoming goals and what growing up in Yonkers was like.

The music video was also recognized in Westchester Magazine.

Below is the actual music video to So Yonkers. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Roddy Ricch Releases new album, “Please Excuse Me For Being AntiSocial”

Roddy Ricch released his new album, “Please Excuse Me For Being AntiSocial” On December 6, 2019 and it was well worth the wait. Roddy Ricch took his fans and listeners by storm with his hit single, “Die Young” released in 2018.

Now the superstar is back with his new album featuring 16 hard hitting records. Roddy Ricch is able to make hits with or without features but the artists on the “Please Excuse Me For Being AntiSocial” album are all A list status. Gunna, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie are all featured on the star studded album.

Roddy Ricch not only has a unique voice but he also presents his music with a message attached. “Prayers to the Trap God” is a really personal record that Roddy Ricch chooses to share in vivid detail his family stories and police encounters.

In addition to the deep records are the fun turn up records.

I love records designed for motivation such as “War Baby.” The end of the song includes a choir creating a peaceful vibe.

“I know the worst conditions make a champion.”

My absolute favorite songs on the album are, “Boom Boom Room,” “Perfect Time,” “Moonwalkin featuring Lil Durk” and “Peta featuring Meek Mill.”

Roddy Ricch gives an unparalleled energy and in addition to the album he shows off more of his lyrical ability on a Power 106 FM freestyle.

I really enjoyed the skit on the album and real bars.

“Shawty done fell in love with all my diamonds, But everybody change on you like the seasons.”

Prior to this album Roddy Ricch released two other albums, “Feed Tha Streets,” and “Feed Tha Streets II.”

Roddy Ricch released the “Tip Toe” music video featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie in November which received over 7 million views on Youtube.

Comment your favorite song below on Roddy Ricch’s new album, “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial.”

NOFM – No One Forgets Music Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview the artists of NOFM – No One Forgets Music. Rajawn, Queue and Bylly make up the group NOFM. During the interview you will learn how they began their music career and their musical influences.

All three artists are from Brooklyn, New York and attended the same high school. Each artists presents their own talents from writing, to beat production to graphic designs.

Bylly will be releasing a new single titled, “Mo Fiyah” which he talks about in the above interview.

Each of their instagrams are @Rajawnski, @Queue_Major & @Byllybussage. Learn about the artists above!

Fabolous – Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever

Fabolous released the “Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever” on Black Friday and included several bangers to end 2019. Fabolous is one of the rare artists that can continuously make hits regardless of musical breaks.

The Summertime Shootout series began in November 2015 and Fabolous continues to provide irresistible songs in the cold months for his fans to enjoy during the holiday season.

As usual, Fabolous provides undeniable lyrics that make for perfect instagram captions. On the single, “Seasons Change” featuring Tory Lanez, Fabolous raps, “Got me in my feelings, like Shiggy in the Summer.”

One aspect of this Summertime Shootout 3 mixtape that stands out to me are the samples used on the records. Fabolous seamlessly combines the old school vibes with the modern voices of the Hip Hop game.

The artists featured on Summertime Shootout 3 include several top artists in the music industry such as Chris Brown, Meek Mill, A-Boogie, Ty Dolla $ign, Tory Lanez, Lil Durk, Roddy Ricch, PnB Rock, Davido, Jeremih and more. Only a veteran in the Hip Hop game such as Fabolous would be able to work this wide range of music artists.

“Thought I had you but I had to learn, I ain’t have you, I just had my turn.”

The songs on this project cover every occasion including club nights, romantic vibes and unforgettable times.

The reason I love listening to Fabolous’s music is because of the song concepts. His songs have a meaning and also have catchy lyrics embedded in the songs.

On the single, “Gone for the Summer,” Fabolous raps,

“Lets keep it 100, even Benjamin got a big head, Money changes small faces into big heads.”

Frenemies is a relatable song as most people have experienced friend betrayal.

One of my favorite songs on the project is titled, “Cold Summer” which also happens to be the first song on the project. The build up is perfect and the vibe defines New York.

Follow Fabolous on instagram to stay up to date on all music.




Lil Tjay Releases New Single, “Hold On”

Lil Tjay released a new single titled, “Hold On.” The message behind his new single is to trust the process, he’s very successful but still continuing to rise up. Lil Tjay doesn’t miss, when he releases new music his fans gravitate  automatically.

As a successful 18 year old artist from the Bronx, Lil Tjay goes by the name of “The Prince of New York.”

It’s 4th quarter, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Stay tuned on instagram: @liltjay!

5 Hip Hop Artists Under 21 Taking The Hip Hop Industry By Storm

Lately, there has been a surge of amazing talented young Hip Hop artists who’s name has already blown up or is well on their way to the spotlight. 5 artists to look out for 21 and under are below. Thank Me Later.

  1. Lil Tjay 1.6m – Lil Tjay’s hit record, “Brothers” went crazy on Youtube with over 59 million views about a year ago. To date he’s released several music videos that have millions of views.  His latest music video, “FN” has amassed over 16 million views and it was uploaded to Youtube only a month ago.
  2. Lil Tecca 1.9m – Lil Tecca’s album, “We Love You Tecca” is doing phenomenal numbers. Lil Tecca blew up off of his single Ransom which has over 200 Million plays on Spotify.
  3. TJ Porter 177K – TJ Porter, Harlem’s own is not only a music artist signed to DEF Jam but also a basketball star. He’s branded himself as “The Voice of the Trenches.”
  4. Yung Bans 993 K – Yung Bans is a melodic music artist from Atlanta, Georgia. His unique voice and beats keep his fan based steady and in tuned. You will find several of his music videos with millions of views on the Lyrical Lemonade Youtube channel.
  5. Lil Gotit 334 K – Lil Gotit just did an interview today with No Jumper. Lil Gotit has a southern sound that gives that Gunna and Future edge.

Burgh – Dope Boi Bag

Burgh recently released a music video for his single, “Dope Boi Bag.” The concept of the single is about street life. In the new single, “Dope Boi Bag” Burgh specifically raps about  women, cars and of course dope.

The music video displays a neighborhood in Pittsburgh showing off the houses, corner stores and local restaurants.

On August 17th Burgh will be performing at Level Up Studios in Pittsburgh at the award show and showcase.

Burgh was recently featured on the Hot Mag Online Radio News! Check it out the interview and article below.


You can follow Burgh on social media through the links below.

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Female Rapper Trice Talks Music and Basketball Career During Interview with Sicarah.com


I was fortunately able to chat with Trice, a female rapper from Texas. She was on tour with Ghostface Killah and she was also featured on VH1’s televisions show, “Couples Therapy.” She gives advice to upcoming artists about tour life and provides ideal characteristics for that lifestyle. She even discusses her basketball career.

Leave a comment if you are interested in having a basketball or music career.