Haze Milli – Wocky Music Video

Haze Milli released a new visual for his hard hitting single, “Wocky.” In the video Haze Milli raps about his city and a New York lifestyle that many can relate to.

Always staying true to original New York energy, he raps “I’m with the gang wherever I go, n__a I’m dragging my nuts.”

Haze Milli is known for making records that get people hype. His previous music video, “Brim Walk” received over 100,000 views.

His most recent EP, “Mixed Emotions” showcases his versatile music style with songs giving off a smooth R&B vibe.

Haze Milli has performed at various venues including the legendary SOB’s in NYC.

To stay tuned follow him on Instagram: @Haze_Milli.


Haze Milli – “Trenches”

Haze Milli released a hard stomping music video titled, “Trenches.” Throughout this music video you will feel high energy comparable to the DMX grittiness provided in the 90s. The no filter bars in combination with the video effects will keep your eyes locked on the screen.

Haze Milli mentions his city and also some of his experiences giving credibility to the title, “Trenches.” ┬áThe music video was directed by Director_Picaso.

To read more about Haze, check out his article on Hype Magazine and click below to hear his music on Soundcloud.


Haze Milli – “Count Me In” and “Brim Walk”

Some talent just can’t be counted out! Haze Milli dropped two new music videos recently including “Count Me In.” He lets everyone know he is here to stay and you can never count him out. His high energy and multi colored luxury vehicle keeps viewers engaged while listening to his steady flow.

“I’m trying to leave the hood, these ni**as is stuck in it.” The lyrics in “Count Me In” are goal driven and focused on money and success.

His second recent release is “Brim Walk” which is a Plug Walk Remix/Freestyle. Plug Walk is a song originally released by Rich The Kid.

To hear more music by Haze Milli, you can follow his soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/haze-milli.

Instagram: @Haze_milli

Haze Milli – NEW HEAT!! Finale 4

When the beat drops you know it’s that time! Haze Milli has arrived with his latest floor stomping EP FINAL HAZE! This is the music that we need, this is the new addition to the New York Sound we love.

The 4 tracks on this EP are called Steph and Klay, Target Practice, Put Ya Hands Up and Field Goal! Nothing compares to the beats in combination with Haze’s flow. Along with the originals on this EP he takes it back in time on a freestyle.

Words aren’t enough to describe this project so here is the link.

Here is the link for Spinrilla. https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/haze-milli-finale-4
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/haze-milli
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HazeMilli_59

Haze Milli – Ring Ring

Haze Milli started 2017 off with his new single, “Ring Ring.” He raps about various women on his line that he often declines and being a king. His lyrics are comical, relatable and catchy. He raps, “Run them over that’s road kill, throw the wait up on the coke scale, bag it up and hit the lobby, don’t f**k with niggas I’m a nazi.”

This song is fire, check out the song above and share if you like!










Haze Milli – Reeskee

Every town has a legend and for Yonkers aka Y.O. that person would be Reeskee. Haze Milli, created a single called “Reeskee” and released it on July 4th. Although, Reeskee was a well known artist from Yonkers he was also known for a particular dance move which is referenced in Haze Milli’s new record. This song pays homage to the fallen artist by keeping his name and legacy alive through Haze’s lyrics. Haze Milli raps, “We don’t shmoney dance we don’t milli rock, we just hit the Reeskee then we diddy bop.”

Haze successfully blends the similarities between his life and Reeskee as he talks about his hometown, the strip. The song is catchy and provides a familiar name for many Yonkers residents. At the end of the track Haze cleverly incorporates Reeskee’s actual theme single, “I see you, you see me, now everybody do the Reeskee.”

Check out Haze new single above, and listen to the original single by ReeSkee below.

Haze Milli – “Jordanz”

Haze Milli released his new music video “Jordanz” last week just in time for the NBA draft pick. Jordans is a well known sneaker created by former basketball player, Michael Jordan. Haze Milli is known for his love of music and basketball, especially through his most recent mixtape release, “First Quarter.”

The “Jordanz” music video was shot in various basketball courts all throughout NYC and produced by Fly Saucer. He raps, “I need the 12’s, I need the 8’s, I got the 5’s, I want the breds.” Between Haze’s flow and wordplay he’s able to capture and maintain an audience easily especially when talking about such a well loved sneaker. “I got the 6’s, I got the 7’s, I got the 9’s and the 11’s, I got the four’s, I got the ten’s I just copped some jordans once again” is only one of the sneaker dedicated lyrics on the single.

Check out the video today!

SOTG Kills The Stage at the Move The Crowd Tour

Straight Out The Gutta better known as SOTG is a popular group of artists from Yonkers, NY. SOTG members, Julzz Grandeur, Haze Milli and August Rush each performed at Santos Party House this past Saturday for the Move The Crowd Music Concert Tour. The flyer stated a special performance by Cashflow Harlem and other performances by Trav B Ryan, Prom Knight, Indigo and more.  Above is footage from their killer performance. Check it out above and leave a comment!