Future releases his 2nd album in a week introducing “HNDRXX”


Future just released his self titled album and now he’s out with a new album called “HNDRXX.” The self titled album is a body of work showcasing his trap musical style but HNDRXX is a whole other ball game introducing his R&B talents. The new album has 17 tracks the same amount of tracks on the first future album dropped one week ago.

HNDRXX is a smooth album that I feel equally appeals to both males and females. He collabs on his second track “Comin Out Strong” with the Weeknd and the mix of Future’s talent with the soulful Weeknd is impeccable. The only other feature on the album is Rihanna on track 15 called “Selfish.”

The beats are slow yet fast making a perfect combination of sounds on the album. Several of the song concepts focus on relationships and there are some lyrics referring to his ex Ciara as well in the song “My Collection.” If you are curious to know what the lyrics are that he spit about the beautiful CiCi click this link: http://www.bet.com/music/2017/02/24/future-ciara-my-collection.html.

My favorite tracks are “Damage,” “Testify,” “Keep Quiet,” “Sorry” and “New Illuminati.” He explores with different musical beats on tracks like “Use Me” and “Incredible.”

The artwork is a distorted image of himself in a white shirt and black bottoms with a printed jacket. The artwork for his self titled album was also distorted but it was a close up shot of himself instead of the medium shot on “HNDRXX.”

I’m curious to know if he’s dropping any music videos off of this album and if so which ones will be first. I vote “Sorry,” “Damage” or “Testify” will be the first music videos to come off of the album.

Make sure you listen to the full album and comment your favorite track! Also, let me know which song you want to see a music video for.

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Future Releases “Draco” Music Video

Future just dropped the second music video for his single “Draco” off of his self titled album. As everyone knows the video is designed to increase interest in the song and make more people drawn and that is exactly what Future did. This music video is creative and intense.

In the beginning of the video we see a young boy playing a shooting game at an arcade and he’s winning. Shortly after a young girl walks over to him and then we see another young boy with flowers crying. So basically the boy playing the shooting arcade game just stole another young boy’s girl. Why? because she was drawn to him. This concept reminds me a lot of the axe commercial actually.

Shortly after we see a couple arguing outside and Future walks past and the girl leaves the guy and sits in Future’s Mercedes Benz. In the chorus of the song he sings “you ain’t never gon get your bi*** back.” Future definitely showcases this principal in the video because the woman who sat in his car becomes the same woman holding his money and guns. But it gets better because this woman kills her man’s enemies. She strangles one guy in the bedroom and shoots another guy in the back in an outside area.

Similar to the first scene with the young children, later in the video we see the old boyfriend crying who by the way is dressed in a preppy style. It’s funny because in life many women rather have the swagged out styled man over the prep.

Later we notice there are three main ladies in this video and they continously do all of Future’s dirty work. They use their image to easily distract the men into thinking the situation will go one way but it really goes the opposite. These men end up dying everytime.

Check it out for yourself.

Future Drops First Music Video From the Future Album titled “Super Trapper”

Future released his self titled album “Future” last week and his first video release off the album is called “Super Trapper.” First off the word Trapper refers to the root word trap, which according to the urban dictionary means “the act of going to a place in order to make money by selling drugs or other items, most often illegally.” A well known fact is drug dealers make a large amount of cash rather quickly and therefore have all the money they need to purchase whatever they desire. Of course Future is a successful professional Hip Hop recording artist and makes his money from his music and that is why “Super Trapper” is all about the money. He raps in his chorus, “My pockets on Fat Albert I’m a Super Trapper.”

The video is shot in a lavish mansion definitely not your ordinary Trap house. When he starts rapping he’s sitting on marble floor steps with brown wooden railings. Along with the beautiful visuals of the location of the video are close up shots of his jewelry as he raps about Cartier with diamonds. There are also super fast foreign vehicles in this video about 4 actually. The song lyrics include lamborghinis, Porches, Mercedes, Maybachs and more.

There are two main women in the music video one near the money and the other with Future in his King size bed. On top of all the stacks of money, cars and women he includes a scene of him and what appear to be his crew.

Future has it all and is not afraid to show it. In every video we see him living the life and “Super Trapper” is no different. The title makes perfect sense because he’s on another level he’s not on a trap level but living a Super Trapper Lifestyle.

I love this video and if you do as well leave a comment!

21 Savage x Metro Boomin – X Ft. Future


21 Savage dropped a new music video for his single “X” featuring Future. The music video begins with his ex kicking him and his freinds out of her apartment. However, he then goes to an abondoned mansion that looks amazing on the outside but empty with a large amount of cash, matresses and rats. Honestly, the rats confused me but I assume they are in the video for a reason I just don’t know what it is.

He has plenty of women in his company throughout the video and he shows his ex with a broke guy in a hooptie. I like the song more than the video but that’s just me.

Let me know what ya’ll think.

DJ Khaled – “I Got The Keys” ft. Jay-Z & Future

DJ Khaled as everyone knows is the official king of social media, in particular Snapchat but he still competes better than no other in the Hip Hop world. His carefully timed release of his latest music video, “I Got the Keys” was epic. The hit single and even better video features icon Jay-Z and Hip Hop star Future. DJ Khaled really out did himself with this one.

Jay-z and Future slayed this song and turns out Future’s hype trap sound mixed with Jay’s untouchable flow is major key. Anyone who is a fan of DJ Khaled or follows him on snapchat will be familiar with certain phrases such as “Major Key,” “Cloth Talk,” “Special Cloth Alert” and more. The three artists make sure to incorporate the famous terms in their lyrics to make an impact.

The superb part about this single is it’s more than a swag filled record speaking on the hustle and beauty of their lifestyles but touches on something larger such as slavery and uniting as one. Finally we have a video showcasing unity and black males sticking up for one another. It’s one thing to rap about a concept but everybody knows actions speak louder than words. This video is an automatic classic because of the dynamics. All the hottest male rappers of today are featured in this black and white music video dressesd in black tuxedos with white shirts. Many recognizable faces in the music video which include T.I., 2 Chainz, Swizz Beats, ASAP Ferg, Fabolous, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T and more!

Future’s lyrics are disgustingly aka incredibly catchy. On top of that Jay-z’s lyrics are really excellent on this track I can’t quote them all but below is one lyric that truly caught my attention.

“Real life I’m like HOV
Real life I’m life goals
In real life they’re like me?
In real life I’m like, “No.”
My swag different, that bag different
My wife Beyoncé, I brag different”

Visit Tidal today to watch the video!

Future Drops New Mixtape, “Purple Reign”


After the success of his latest studio album, “DS2” and the release of “56 Nights” and “What A Time To Be Alive” last year, this new “Purple Reign” mixtape was unexpected. Future’s “Purple Reign” has 13 tracks with no features and executive produced by Metro Boomin and DJ Esco.  The project features several producers including Moon, Southside, K Major and more. His Purple Reign Tour will begin in February.

Stream the mixtape and leave a comment with your favorite song below!!

DJ Khaled – “You Mine” ft. Trey Songz, Jeremih, Future

This video is the hottest video of 2015 thus far. DJ Khaled, Trey Songz, Jeremih, and Future are all featured on the “You Mine” record doing what they do best. The video is shot on a yacht with several women, and fabulous weather. Trey Songz is seen on a bed with two ladies singing about his sexual experiences with his lady. Future on the other hand talks about the different type of women he has and describes both their personality and physical attributes.

As Jeremih, sings the chorus, “You Mine” bel-air bottles are opened and the ladies seem to be having the time of their lives. The view from the yacht is remarkable too. The video looks like an incredible vacation so prepare to relax as you watch the new video!

P.S. There’s an extra song at the end of the video by Future so make sure you watch the video in its entirety!

New Music Video: Ty Dolla Sign ft. Future and Rae Sremmurd

“Alcohol and Chronic is all we want,” are lyrics at the end of the new “Blasé” record by Ty Dolla Sign featuring Future and Rae Sremmurd, but the lyrics perfectly sum up the record. The whole song is super chill but all about having a good time mainly under the influence. The music video on the other hand is wild and outrageous but I loved every second of it. The video was shot differently from most modern day music videos and at first I wasn’t sure if it was the official release because it was that distinctive.

You will find some cool guests like Tinashe and Dej Loaf in the video making it more popping than it already is. It’s a very enjoyable and catchy song and I think that’s because Blasé is a word that’s rarely used. Therefore, when it’s repeated over and over again it’s a nice surprise. If you’re looking for something original, watch the new “Blasé” music video above!