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French Montana New Music Video Featuring City Girls – “Wiggle It”

I love sampled music because it brings back old vibes representing good times and blends the timeless moments with the new generations. “Wiggle It” is the perfect summer record because it promotes dancing and free spirited mind states.

The music video is full of bright colors, lavish styles and of course, Twerking! This is a song that can liven up the party at any moment. The plaid sequences, smiles and high energy of all participants is what made this music video stand out.

The choreography is well planned out and the camera angles are unique. The mix of close up shots and wide shots are incredible.

One thing I admire about French Montana is his ability to take long breaks from releasing music without losing his touch. Every song French Montana touches is a hit. “Unforgettable,” “No Stylist,” and “Pop That” are hit records because French Montana’s lyrics are catchy, fun and relatable.


French Montana can easily make a song that represents passion and purpose or release a party anthem.

Yung Miami from City Girls looked amazing as always wearing black with lime green nails. She continues to keep the City Girls in the spotlight with her lyrics and southern swag.

The City Girls are two artists from Miami, Florida. Yung Miami and JT are the rappers that make up City Girls. Yung Miami is 25 years old and JT is 26. JT is currently in prison but Yung Miami continues to  keep the City Girls relevant. Yung Miami performed on stage at the BET Awards this past June in Los Angeles and as you can see continues to make music and create music videos.

Besides the talent displayed by both French Montana and City Girls the music video is creative. In the beginning there were people spying on the house with the pool party trying to bust French Montana. However, by the end of the music video these guys were dancing and in the pool with the girls having a great time.

This was a very enjoyable music video. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.


French Montana – “Slide” featuring Blueface and Lil Tjay

Too much heat on one track! 6 million views on Youtube in less than a week and that is due to pure creativity and unparalleled talent. French Montana’s latest music video “Slide” features two of the hottest artists out right now, Blueface and Lil Tjay. 

French Montana is no stranger to hits and success. Every time French Montana drops a record you can expect it to hit the charts. Blueface is a new music artist who is very popular for his hit single, “Thotiana.” Lil Tjay is a successful music artist who became known after his single, “Brothers.”

The “Slide” music video is full of vibrant colors and fun creativity through masks and stylish dancers. As you watch the music video you will not want to blink as the editing is quite phenomenal. 

All three artists all bring something new to the track, but the catchy and memorable lyrics will have you repeating the chorus all day. The beat is also a factor in the popularity of the record. 

The three artists are wearing suits with either bright colors or plaid designs which is unique for a Hip Hop music video.

This video is sure to have multiple generations of music lovers sliding.

Some of the notable lyrics in the 

“Won’t you bust it for a real ni**a.”

“Get the money, told T get the butter.” 

“Bish Slide.”

Below are links to some of the three artists previous hit records and music videos.

Blue Face Thotiana Remix featuring YG. 

Blue Face – Thotiana Remix Ft YG

Lil Tjay Performs at The Draft 2019 and Releases New Music Video, “Pasto”


Be sure to leave a comment about your favorite part of the “Slide” music video. 

Jay Critch – “Hood Favorite”

Jay Critch’s highly anticipated mixtape, “Hood Favorite” just dropped featuring 12 tracks.

The project begins with a high energy track titled, “Smutty.” The beat is fun yet his bars are still hard hitting.

“Before I had a blue check, I was fucking new hoes, she think that she wifey but i don’t really do those.” 

There are definitely a few money making themed records such as, “Way It Is” and “Peso.”

“I count cash all day, bad bitch look like JLO.”

His recent hit single, “Ego” is on “Hood Favorite.” The “Ego” music video has over 4 million views on Youtube.

Offset, French Montana and Fabolous are featured on the project.

“Try It” features French Montana and is my favorite record on “Hood Favorite.” All three artists went off on the beat, speaking all facts in regards to people talking with no results. “You say you gonna do it why you ain’t try it then?” 

Fabolous raps, “I collab with real niggas, not ballots with goofies.”

I’m also a big fan of “Real Alcoholic.” This song is about an attractive female drinking to the point she’s going to be a real alcoholic for the night. This is definitely a turn up song for a night of pure fun and no limits.

You definitely want to check out this “Hood Favorite” mixtape showcasing various lyrical abilities for the Brooklynite, Jay Critch!

Diddy and French Take Over Story in Miami!


Diddy and French Montana spent a night of fun in Miami at Story Night club. The two famous high profile celebrities were in Miami for the Annual Revolt Music Conference. Diddy has curated the Revolt Music Conference a few years back and every year the conference expands. The conference is filled with successful entrepreneurs and epic performances. The conference is held at the Eden Roc hotel and this year some of the major performances were by Lauryn Hill, SZA and 2 Chainz.


Check out the video above and feel free to leave a comment!

Dip’d In Coke – Juelz Santana ft. French Montana and Cam’ron

New music video called Dip’d In Coke by Harlem’s own Juelz Santana was released this week. Honestly, Juelz Santana is a beast because he has been in the game forever along with Cam’ron yet their music is still lit, it’s really like they never left the game.

I mean they have music for days I’m talking “Oh Boy,” “Hey Ma,” “Girls,” “There It Go..” and the list goes on. French Montana is the hook king and once again he lived up to his potential on his new single, Dip’d In Coke.

Juelz Santana said, “Life’s a chess board, but for this dough I play Connect 4, Check after check I collect, tryna collect more.”

Check this vid for yourself and leave a comment!

French Montana and A$AP Rocky Collab on “Said N Done”

The Coke Boyz and the A$AP Mob come together on the “Said N Done” music video. French Montana and A$AP Rocky represent their crew wearing very like pattern designed shirts. The two stars are laying up in a crib with a bunch of women but their doors are next to each other so they each have their own room.

Women continously come for either A$AP Rocky or French Montana but if they knock on the wrong door they take each others women. It’s quite hilarious and reminds me of the Brandy and Monica “He’s Mine” music video.

The swag and style of the music video is of another decade, very old fashioned. In the music video you’ll find vintage TV’s, old hair styles, women ironing, hairspray you name it they got it. They also add some new school to the video showcasing Ciroc and Belaire bottles. Towards the middle of the video the two men have a conversation with each other and decide to swap rooms. So now A$AP Rocky enjoys French Montana’s women and vice versa.

Long story short they look like they were having the time of their lives. Check out the full video above and let me know what you think!

Keyshia Cole drops “You” Music Video ft. Remy Ma and French Montana

Keyshia Cole made her return last night premiering her new music video “You” ft. Remy Ma and French Montana during the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part 2. This music video comes as a surprise because  she has not released any new music in over a year. The wait was worth it this video, her lyrics and image has come together well.

The video begins with Keyshia talking to police officers saying her man hasn’t come home in 24 hours. They ask her personal questions about her relationship about fighting, affairs and him leaving home frequently. However, she lies and tells the police officer no to all of their questions.

In the next scene we start to see why Keyshia lied about the whole situation. She opens the closet and appears the missing man strapped and tied to a chair. This song is about cheating and Keyshia standing up for herself. She sings, “You picked the wrong one baby.”

The song starts off like an ordinary R&B song but then the bass drops and the lyrics become more intense. She smears her birthday cake all over his face and the b-roll in the video features Keyshia and back up dancers.

She literally tortues the man in the video by writing on his face with an eye pencil and more shockingly throwing him off a balcony into a pool. The man did an involuntary dive.

Now Remy Ma is everywhere and she kills the verse as usual rapping, “I spend the night with your bro out of spite cause.” Although, the lyrics are great the video is the best part because the whole rhyme Remy Ma has tools in her hands that doctors or dentists would use. She is waving the tools in the man’s face which makes the audience question what’s next.

French Montana’s scence is even better because he finds out his girl was cheating on him too and he links with Keyshia and Remy to participate in the revenge. French Montana’s lyrics were funny, “Real one hold you down like a real army, but I picked the wrong one like Steve Harvey.” Another great line was, “Coming with them same lines like Trump’s wife.”

Make sure you watch the full video above!

French Montana – “No Shopping” ft. Drake

Apparently there’s a beef going on between Drake and Joe Budden. Although, Joe Budden has bars it’s clear Drake is the worst person to start a rap war with but either way let the games begin. I don’t speak much on gossip but this single “No Shopping” is great for the club, great for the diss related punchlines, and as usual, French Montana bodied this record.

Drake begins his verse with Pump it up which is the record Joe Budden is most known for. Drake takes several shots rapping, “I’m not a one hit wonder, they know all my stuff, you let me turn into the nigga that you almost was.”

Tell me what ya’ll think!

French Montana ft Zack – “Last Of The Real Ones”

French Montana latest Music Video premiered on WorldStar Hip Hop for his single featuring Zack, “Last Of The Real Ones.” The video begins with a black and white establishing shot of a busy crossroad of highways. There’s several artist cameos in the video including Diddy, Lil Durk, Fabolous, Rotimi and more. The concept of the song is literally the title of the song, the last of the real ones. It’s clear those in the video are people French or is camp prove to be genuine. Majority of the video was shot back stage at a concert and we even see video clips of French performing on stage. It’s a simple but accurate video of French’s life behind the scenes.

Watch this video dedicated to the real ones right now!