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Trey Songz sued for 10 Million? Who’s telling the truth?

Trey Songz is back in the headlines but this time he is being sued for $10 Million. There has been allegations in regards to sexual assault and this is not the first time. However, the details of the current situation involve a female stating the singer touched her inappropriately specifically placing his finger in private areas.

He is known for making sexual music and having the ladies by his side. The past allegations were taken lightly as his fans are extremely loyal and his music always surpass the allegations. However, this start to 2020 is not going well as many people believe this story could be the real deal.

The problem with artists and fans is the disconnect. If you are a fan, you are essentially a stranger. The artist doesn’t know the fan, and most of the time the fans see dollar signs and beautiful vocals. There is no trust and no relationship. In business you can barter services or pay for what you want. In a friendship you are there for your friend. What is the relationship between fan and artist? Should it be a selfie and keep it moving?

So how do we know who to trust. I wasn’t there, you weren’t there. On one hand why would she lie about being sexually assaulted. But then again, suing for $10 Million dollars whether it took place or not is a lot of money that would help anyone’s bank account.

I would personally like to think he can have almost any woman he wants and wouldn’t violate someone especially with the vast amount of woman he’s been with.

It’s sad there has been so many stories, not just about Trey Songz but male entertainers in general because women have rights. They should not be afraid of going out and being sexually violated.

If Trey Songz is innocent, this is tragic because now the public is going to have a “bad taste” in their mouth whether its true or not because the story is literally everywhere. He makes really good music and I hope a resolution is found and the rest of 2020 turns out better for him.

To solve this common problem, there should be more barriers between artists and celebrities and the fans. Look social media gives you all the access you need, when you go to the club with the artists or wherever cameras need to be rolling. Protect the artists and the fans, everyone is getting to close. If they knew each other she wouldn’t ruin his reputation and he wouldn’t sexually violate her. Simple.

In 2020 keep your circles small…. Periodtttt.