Fabolous – Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever

Fabolous released the “Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever” on Black Friday and included several bangers to end 2019. Fabolous is one of the rare artists that can continuously make hits regardless of musical breaks.

The Summertime Shootout series began in November 2015 and Fabolous continues to provide irresistible songs in the cold months for his fans to enjoy during the holiday season.

As usual, Fabolous provides undeniable lyrics that make for perfect instagram captions. On the single, “Seasons Change” featuring Tory Lanez, Fabolous raps, “Got me in my feelings, like Shiggy in the Summer.”

One aspect of this Summertime Shootout 3 mixtape that stands out to me are the samples used on the records. Fabolous seamlessly combines the old school vibes with the modern voices of the Hip Hop game.

The artists featured on Summertime Shootout 3 include several top artists in the music industry such as Chris Brown, Meek Mill, A-Boogie, Ty Dolla $ign, Tory Lanez, Lil Durk, Roddy Ricch, PnB Rock, Davido, Jeremih and more. Only a veteran in the Hip Hop game such as Fabolous would be able to work this wide range of music artists.

“Thought I had you but I had to learn, I ain’t have you, I just had my turn.”

The songs on this project cover every occasion including club nights, romantic vibes and unforgettable times.

The reason I love listening to Fabolous’s music is because of the song concepts. His songs have a meaning and also have catchy lyrics embedded in the songs.

On the single, “Gone for the Summer,” Fabolous raps,

“Lets keep it 100, even Benjamin got a big head, Money changes small faces into big heads.”

Frenemies is a relatable song as most people have experienced friend betrayal.

One of my favorite songs on the project is titled, “Cold Summer” which also happens to be the first song on the project. The build up is perfect and the vibe defines New York.

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Trey Songz Ft. Fabolous : Freaky Remix

The duo are back at it again, Singer Trey Songz  and rapper Fabolous so a remix to Tory Lanez Freaky . In this song Trey gets freaky talking threesomes , singing on his mic and more . Mr. Steal your girl of course talks about stealing shirts and he states they lose hoes when I come to this city . In this sexy remix Fabolous had a swagged  out verse. Check out the new remix out now.

Fabolous & Jadakiss – “Rapture” ft. Tory Lanez

New York is sounding better and better, 2017 is definitely our year. “Rapture” is the newest hit single coming out of New York featuring Fabolous, Jadakiss and Tory Lanez. “We from the bottom but we trying to adapt to above” and “Here today gone tomorrow like a snapchat for thugs” are quotable lyrics from Fab’s verse alone.

Tory Lanez on the hook is perfect and then Kiss finishes killing “Rapture.” Jadakiss raps, “If you ain’t God it ain’t in your actions to judge, it is what it is turns into it was what it was.” He ties his verse up with others being caught up in the rapture of love.

This song is 4 minutes of perfection. Check it out and share!

Trey Songz and Fabolous “Pick up the Phone” ft. Mikexangel

Song starts off with Mikexangel as he spits his verse sitting next to KeKe Palmer. He sings about a girl he met at a party. His voice is refreshing and new to most of us. Fab comes through spitting his bars while on FaceTime speaking on building his shorty up. Last but not least is Trey Songz and his verse is about getting curved by a chick and her running game on him.

The video was shot at a beautiful home make sure you watch the full video!

Trey Songz & Fabolous – “Keys To The Street”

Trey Songz & Fabolous released their first music video for one of their singles, “Keys To The Street” off their Trappy New Years mixtape. In the song they talk about having their own success because they made it for themselves rather than looking for new heights through someone else’s connections. Fabolous starts the track off with,

“You ever been lookin’ for your keys and they’re right there in your pocket? See that’s what wrong, like, sometimes people lookin’ for everybody else to give them the keys, and they’re right there. See all you gotta do is kick it with your homie, or kick it with your shorty and see if they got their own keys to success or if they still lookin’ for somebody else to give them the keys.”

I love the video because it’s shot on a yacht in Miami showcasing the good life. This is a very positive and motivating single and even better video. To me it proves after hard work comes rewards and in this video relaxation.

Grind hard in 2017 and reap the rewards. Enjoy the video above and share it!

Fabolous x Trey Songz – “Trappy New Years” (Mixtape Review)

Fabolous and Trey Songz linked up together to put out a fire mixtape together for 2017. The mixtape features 6 freestyles from Migos, Future, Drake to Dae Dae beats. The tape is the best of both worlds as they rap and sing together to put a great collaboration into the world. My favorite singles are “All There” and “Use’ta This.”

Trey as usual keeps it raw on “Use’ta This” he sings, “Took a n**ga b**ch I’m so used to this, I got another whip I’m used to this.” They both talk about their unique lifestyle, money, and women on this record. On “Spend That S**t” Trey goes savage.

Fabolous on “Keys to the Street” literally drops keys for his listeners beginning the song with “You’ve ever been looking for your keys and they right there in your pockets, see that’s what wrong sometimes people looking for everybody else to give them the keys and they right there.” Fabolous does what he does best, keeping his flow tight and repping for NY.

As implied the mixtape is all trap music but they were able to successfully put this project together.

Fabolous – “She Wildin” House Party Music Video

Fabolous’s “The Young OG Project” dropped on Christmas Day, 2014 and the video for one of the hit singles, “She Wildin” was released on Christmas Day, 2015. You’re probably wondering why write about it now? Well, any fan of the House Party movies will realize re-enacting the “House Party” movie would be a great challenge, but Gerard Victor, the Director pulled it off.

Both Fabolous and Chris Brown re-enact the main characters, “Kid n’ Play” from the original “House Party” movie. The video is fun and resembles the house, both inside and out from the movie. Fabolous typically doesn’t dance in his videos but he busted a few of the classic “Kid n’ Play” dance moves with Chris Brown.

The most distinctive point in this video is the Director’s ability to modernize the past. The blend of new school “dab” moves and old school dance moves is priceless. The video vixens also played the roles of the original females in the movie.


The video is just clever and if you haven’t watched the original “House Party” movie …. what are you waiting for?

Enjoy and leave a comment!

Fabolous Mixtape – “Summertime Shoutout”

Fabulous mixtape dropped on Thanksgiving Day providing the feel good summer vibe that we all missed once the Fall season began. There are 12 singles on the “Summertime Shootout” tape; some will be familiar such as Tell Ya Friends, Trapline Bling and Sorry Not Sorry.

Some of the songs are trap songs while others are feel good songs such as “For The Summer.” Regardless of the content each song showcases Fabolous’s skillful bars and the reason he’s able to survive in this industry. It’s a great mixtape.

Let me know your favorite track and why.

Fabolous ft. Chris Brown – She Wildin’

EVERY PERFECT SONG DESERVES A MUSIC VIDEO SO I AM PATIENTLY WAITING. However, I still wanted to post the song up because it’s very catchy. I already wrote a Fabolous Review for ” The Young OG Project” so if you haven’t read it already be sure to check it out. Below is an excerpt from that article:

“The next track is called “She Wildin’.” Finally someone sampled Nas’s “Oochie Wally” beat. The beat alone is enough to make any Hip Hop lover dance but with the addition of Chris Brown’s voice this song is perfect. I am not even half way through the album & I’m in love already! This song is about girls who like jewelry and money and frequently switch from rapper to athlete. The girls mentioned in this song are not the type of girls you bring home to mom.”




New Artist: Lituation Freestyle by Giovani BanK

Check out this Freestyle by a rapper that goes by the name of Giovani BanK! He dropped bars on one of Fabolous’s hit songs from “The Young OG Project” called “Lituation!” In his lyrics he mentions Bobby Shmurda and shmoney among other topics many listeners are familiar with. Follow him on Instagram @giovani_bank718.