Lewi B Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Lewi B from Yonkers, New York and ask him in depth questions about his latest project, Lewi Season 2.

During the interview we discuss the song titles and concepts on Lewi Season 2. We discuss different experiences and personalities that inspired Lewi B to create Lewi Season 2.

Check out the interview above and below tune into his latest music video “Not So Bad” featuring Styles P and PJay Johnson.

Lady Radikal Exclusive Fashion Interview


I had the chance to interview the owner of Clothing Brand, Lady Radikal. The owner, Yur Majesty and I discussed the origin of his designs and upcoming goals.

Yur majesty started his clothing brand to create clothes for all individuals including tall individuals that had difficulty finding clothes that fit them properly.

His designs are original and creative and most importantly custom made. Some of his hoodies have circle cuts in the chest area to allow hoodies to be worn for not only comfort but sexiness as well.

He also has a veil design that allows women to wear a hoody and put their veil down if they would like some form of privacy. It provides a mysterious look for the person wearing the hoody.

If you see someone with a Lady Radikal piece of clothing don’t expect the same shirt or hoody to be sold to you because he makes one of everything making everyone’s clothes unique.

To keep up with new designs and purchase the right custom order follow the brand on instagram @radikalyfe_clothing_! 


CMazin Interview Talks About Music, 2020 Goals and More!

I had the opportunity to interview Cmazin. During the interview, I was able to find out when he gained interested in singing and when he began to take music seriously. His favorite music artist is Eminem and throughout the interview he also talks about his music videos.

CMazin just dropped his latest single on Valentine’s Day titled, “Bad For Me.”

To keep up with CMazin’s new releases, follow him on instagram @thegoldenway.


Justin Love Premieres Exclusive Hits at Private Listening Party

The misty weather couldn’t stop folks from leaving their homes to gather in efforts to hear new music from one of today’s most talented singer-songwriters. Down in George’s Basement at The Delancey, fans, artists, and creatives alike mix and mingle amongst one another preparing to take in Justin Love’s new work. Captured by the notable faces in the crowd, Justin exchanges a few words in the audience before making his way to take center stage.

“There’s a lot you have to sacrifice and do on your own to make it happen…”

It is here that Justin takes a sincere moment to thank everyone in the house and asks for celebratory participation. Glasses are raised, the background music is lowered, and people begin to gravitate towards the stage to hear more of what Justin has to say. As he thanks members of his team, the artist is joined on stage by media personal Boom Boom Knuckles (@boomboomknunckles) where the two sat for a heart-felt Q&A session. Here’s a short recap of the conversation.

Boom Boom: What was something that you accomplished that you were proud of, that made you say, damn, I did that! I made that happen!

Justin Love: The grammy writing. “Focus” made a really big impact in my livelihood. Not only my career but definitely my living situation. You know as an artist, I’m not going to flex like I’m a rich motherfuc*er because I’m definitely not. I have a mother to take care of, a little brother to take care of. I have a life of my own, you feel me? It’s like damn. There’s a lot you have to sacrifice but do on your own in order to just make it happen. I’m definitely proud of how I
made it.

“You either feel it or you don’t.”

Boom Boom: What is your recording process like? How do you know you have one?

Justin Love: How do I know it’s finished? That’s a moment thing. I don’t know, you either feel it or you don’t. You really got to practice your intuition and know something is something. That’s all on you. As far as my creative process, sometimes I go in there and freestyle something and something happens. Or I, what I call free mumble. I just mumble some words and some melodies. I’m probably not saying sh*t throughout the whole song. Afterward, I’ll listen to what I like the most and just write as I listen. And I’ll have something. I just keep going until I’m done. But I make sure every time I go to the studio I’m finishing a song, the whole song. Every time I go to the studio, I have a song.
Justin and Boom Boom continue their exchange where Justin peels back layers of himself to share an honest moment with the room. Once the two are finished, the real show begins. Justin takes the mic and riffs his way into the hearts of his fans singing along to songs unfamiliar to the crowd. Excitement erupts amongst the crowd as Justin seals the deal with more exclusive listens from his upcoming project. We may not have a release date as well but be on high alert, he is coming! Feeling withdrawals? The recently released track “Sober” is enough to hold you over until then.

Listen to “Sober” below.


Pretty Boy Lude Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Pretty Boy Lude this past week in his hometown Peekskill, New York. Pretty Boy Lude is a music artist who loves to create and began rapping at the age of 3. On Youtube, there is a video of Pretty Boy Lude rapping to the popular Jingle Bells.

Pretty Boy Lude is an artist who also paints and skates. His favorite rapper is Lil Wayne but I also learned about 3 other artists he would like to work with.

His story is very unique as he has overcome several challenges in his life.

Pretty Boy Lude is 19 years old and here to stay.

Instagram: @prettyboylude


Bandhunta Izzy Exclusive How To Rob Interview

I had the chance to interview Baltimore rapper Bandhunta Izzy and discuss his new project, “That’s Pretty Gangsta.” His viral hit single “How To Rob” music video currently has over 4 million views. 50 Cent posted on his page respecting Bandhunta Izzy’s homage to his 1999 single “How To Rob.”

During the interview, we discussed his favorite lyric in “How To Rob” and explored the expected reaction from fans. Turns out on the 9 single project there is only one feature, YFN Lucci and we found out how this collaboration came to life. Bandhunta Izzy talked about crazy yet funny fan stories, how to give a girl his all and more!

The “That’s Pretty Gangsta” production include DJ Clue, CM$, Pyrex Whippa, and more.


Check out the full interview above and leave a comment on your favorite moment of the interview.


Exclusive Interview with Jimmy Dinero

Interview Shot By: @justprophet

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jimmy Dinero, a music artist originally from New York. He moved to New Jersey during his early years and gained musical inspiration from various artists both new and old. Jimmy Dinero’s music is a blend of multiple genres including Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Pop and so much more.

The best way to describe Jimmy Dinero’s music is feel good, have fun and live life to the fullest. His most recent single, “Bless Me” is below.

Follow Jimmy Dinero on instagram @jimmydinero.

Nathaniel The Great Interview at his Retro Tape Vol. 1 Release Party

I had the opportunity to interview Nathaniel The Great (@nathanielonline) at his Retro Tape Vol. 1 Release Party!

Nathaniel The Great has worked with several artists in the music industry and one of his recent remixes include Roc Nation’s own, Casanova on his record, “Tear It Up.”

Nathaniel’s vocals are incredible and hard to forget!

Find out about his favorite record on “The Retro Tape” and his experience at his release party through the exclusive interview above!

Nathaniel The Great – The Retro Tape

Make sure you check out the project and let me know what’s your favorite record.


Exclusive Interview W/ Recording Music Artist R3ADY

R3ady is a music artist known for creating unmatchable lyrical vibes. I had the opportunity to interview him and talk about the creation of his name, love for music, future goals and more! Visit Sicarah.com to check out exclusive interviews from new music artists, actors, reality television stars and more!

Check out his music links below and be sure to leave a comment!

Rome HYH – Exclusive Culture Entertainment Interview

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Rome HYH from Mount Vernon, New York and I was able to find out about his music career and what led him to gain interest in the music industry.

Rome took the time out to explain a funny but pivotal moment and lesson learned in his teenage years that led him to pick up a pen and start writing lyrics. Growing up he played several instruments including the violin and piano. He has made several music videos throughout his career and has a great sound for music. He even discovered Ella Mai’s instagram page in 2015 before the world knew who she was in efforts to solidify a collaboration.

The music videos on his Youtube page are both original singles as well as freestyles. Throughout the music videos, you will see landmark images and areas of Mount Vernon, New York. Rome mentions the competition of music artists in New York and his ability to keep true to his personal image helps him stand out from all the other rappers. There’s also images of his clothing brand in the interview HYH @hyh_apparel.

Rome will be performing tomorrow, March 2nd in Mount Vernon, New York at the Alamo.

Subscribe on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9OOxnkOvBbKnEKWkHNglA and Follow his Instagram @romello914_hyh to stay tuned with his conscious yet catchy singles!

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