K Goddess releases her brand new EP, “The Arrival”

During this pandemic many artists has rose to the occasion to keep their fans and listeners alike intrigued with their music.

K Goddess released her EP, “The Arrival” this month featuring 5 tracks. “Project Baby” is the first track which touches on a few topics such as freeing people who are behind bars.

“Trust Nobody” is a whole vibe and the song is about a past relationship that started out great but ended badly. This is a topic many women can relate to. The best part of the song is K Goddess showcases both her singing and rapping skills on this track.

“Never trust nobody, I was told never trust nobody, Never love nobody, but I still got to love somebody.”


I like the spin on the final record on “The Arrival” titled, “Pimp.” In this record K Goddess compares herself to a Pimp as she raps about walking with a limp and getting paid on time.

Check out K Goddess new EP, “The Arrival” today and be sure to leave a comment.



Tashanee “Uncovered.” EP Release Party


Tashanee is an incredible recording music artist who recently released an EP titled, “Uncovered.”

Above is exclusive footage from Tashanee’s EP release party for her latest project “Uncovered.”

The EP features 6 tracks by Tashanee including 2 records featuring music artists Eddy I. and Tyrone Briggs.

Tashanee’s heaven sent voice is one of a kind. Check out the full EP and let me know which song is your favorite. 


Boss Karrot – Protect Your Heart Private Listening Session

Boss Karrot recently held his private listening session for his EP, “Protect Your Heart.” The overall vibe of the project is smooth and several people came out to hear his new vibes.

The Brooklyn raised rapper Boss Karrot released 6 songs on the project with one feature from Janelle Mack.

Above is a quick glimpse into the private listening session. The footage and photos were shot by Korey @kpren1.

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Below is the link to Boss Karrot’s iTunes profile. His instagram is @bosskarrot.


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Kiki Devii Exclusive Interview on New EP, “Femocracy”

I had the opportunity to interview Kiki Devii on her new EP “Femocracy.” Kiki Devii told me about the message behind “Femocracy” and how she wants her listeners to feel after hearing the project.

Kiki Devii is a bold and inspiring music artist that is very passionate about women empowerment. She really wants everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. She will be releasing more visuals soon.

To stay tuned with her music, follow Kiki Devii on Instagram: @kikideviimusic!

King Combs – Cyncerely C3 EP

King Combs, Hip Hop lyricist just released “Cyncerely C3” featuring 9 bumping records. Cyn represents his team with songs featuring Kai Ca$h, Bay Swag and Trey Living. Some of the features on “Cyncerely C3”  include none other than Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Tee Grizzley, City Girls and Smooky MarGielaa.

King Combs really opens up with this project. Some songs show a romantic side, while others are swagged out. “Surf” is the club record on the EP while “Heaven Sent” will give you the perfect old school vibes sampling Foxy Brown’s “I’ll Be Good.”

The whole EP is good vibes. Above is the music video to “Heaven Sent.”

Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment!

Where’s Jane? Series 1 EP

If you’re looking for good music, then you’ve come to the right place. Jane Handcock has delivered a bomb EP you’ll be sure to love.
Let me tell you how much I loved Wheres Jane? Series 1 There’s a magical moment that unfolds when you discover a new song by an artist that blows your mind. It’s hard to explain the euphoric feeling that washed over me when listening to Jane Handcock’s new project but this is one gem you can’t afford to miss out on. Setting the tone for August, Jane Handcock releases her four song EP titled Where’s Jane? Series 1. Experiencing a slight moment of déjà vu, I realized that Jane was the mastermind behind Adrian Marcel’s 2014 hit smash “2 AM.” Stepping in front of the mic, Jane Handcock is here to give you a taste of her genius.
The talented California songwriter has unleashed a snippet of her artistry and we’re so glad she did. This four song EP is exactly what the doctor prescribed. “No Doubt” is a great example of how wickedly nice Jane’s pen will surprise you. Featuring a rendition of R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ On Yo Booty”, Jane’s playful persona brings the track to life. “Heyyy” is a mid-tempo relaxing R&B track that is hard to forget. The electric guitar solo at the end will run laps around you. Don’t sleep!
“Function”, a more light-hearted track allows Jane to share her vocal range as the song transitions. Jane’s beat selection is so diverse, the songs independently live on their own yet somehow belong together— like cousins! Jane’s lyrical cadence resembles that of Missy Elliot and it makes it that much more exciting to watch where she goes next. Flexing her impeccable pen game, it’s hard to say which track reigns supreme but this project is a certified hit. Take a listen for yourself. Dive into Where’s Jane? Series 1 today!

Josh Clarke – “24 Hours” EP

Josh Clarke of Toronto, Ontario is a singer and songwriter who recently released a new EP titled, “24 Hours.” Josh Clarke’s music gives you that old school r&b and pop vibe that the world can really use to set a both romantic but fun vibe.

This first track “12am Interlude” gets you in a real r&b vibe. The next single, “Whats Luv” took me by surprise because it has a hint of reggae mixed with the pop and r&b flow of Josh Clarke’s music. This song creates a good vibe because it makes you want to slow dance while Josh asks “Whats luv gots to do with it?” The song is really about loyalty with a special someone.

Josh Clarke has one feature on the project by JYDN for a single titled, “Backseat.” “6pm Interlude”  is also mood setting to match the momentum of “Backseat.”

What I enjoyed the most about the “24 Hour” EP is the variation in songs and topics. Opposite of “Backseat” Josh Clarke has a song called, “One Night” which is actually about a girl not into a one night stand. The beat of “One Night” and “Everywhere We Go” will literally have you ready to dance on the dance floor.

My favorite record on the project is called, “Magic City” because of the edge. As you probably guessed from the title of the single, “Magic City,” this song refers to the strip club. The bounce on the track in combination with the bottles, dancing and money references is perfectly mood setting for a Saturday night trip to the club. Not to mention, this song is beyond catchy.

The various interludes, “12am Interlude,” “6pm Interlude,” and “6am Interlude” provide a way for listeners to have a full circle connection while listening to the “24 Hours” EP.

Make sure you listen to the full EP below and follow Josh Clarke on IG: @joshclarkemusic.

Aerial – Sad Girls Club EP


Aerial is a singer who recently released an EP called, “Sad Girls Club” featuring five songs close to her heart. The first single is called “Good on ya.” I like this song because it’s basically about a guy treating her like she wasn’t good enough so now she’s not interested.

The next single, “Be Down” you may have heard before because she’s made a unique music video for this single not too long ago. She’s interested in a certain guy and she’s willing to loyally be by his side. However, he’s not quite there yet.

“Motion” is a song dedicated to a night full of passion. She sings about going back and forth and riding the rhythm and curves. Her transparency is dope because i think many females can relate to her lyrics. She talks about avoiding getting this close.

The best beat on the EP is for the single, “1000.” This is my favorite single from the lyrics to the flow of the song. I call this single the boss record.

“Every action is a reaction to what you may or may not be doing.”

Last but certainly not least is “Selfish.” The content is unique because many people aren’t honest enough to discuss this topic. She talks about deciding to be how she wants because following the rules doesn’t make a change.

Check out my review of the “Be Down” music video by Aeriel.

Aeriel – “Be Down”


Chaz-H – “A Dirtey Mind” EP

Chaz-H from Brooklyn recently released his EP, “A Dirtey Mind” featuring 7 original tracks each beat produced by himself, and the full project recorded and mixed by Chaz-H. The first record is called “A Dirtey Mind Intro” which provides a welcoming door into his versatile Hip Hop musical content as he raps, “One of my customers died and I live with regrets.” His beats are uncomparable to any other artist I’ve ever heard.
Instagram: chazhazgraamz
The topics in his music is refreshing because it’s different. “Waitin to Roll” is a beyond self confident record that he uses to explain all that he can do for women while “Wine So” is about his obsession for a girls dance move and appearance. “Wine So” is a great song for the club that’s all about a good night, “champagne running, spades in the bucket.” On “Jason’s Lyric” he really showcases his bars “You in love with your boyfriend but he be all up in her ….. sneaking out to get freaked out so you creep like T Boz.”

In summary, Chaz-H seems to have the ability to rap on any beat both with a fast or slow flow. Let me know your thoughts!

From The Woods – “The Fall EP”

From The Woods, is a group from New Hampshire that create instrumentals. Their new EP, “The Fall EP” has 10 instrumental tracks, each with a distinct haunting feature. They also created a promotional teaser for the EP which provides visuals to match with the vibe of the overall EP. The beats are laid back and chill but have a stranded in the woods storyline. It’s scary but I guarantee you’ll want to continue listening.

Check it out and leave a comment below!